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Marketers have to perform multiple tasks at a time with accuracy and efficiency. But, in a limited time, it’s not possible manually, but with certain tools they can achieve their target efficiently and accuracy.

Here is a list of 21 tools and apps for marketers that can make their work easy and comfortable.



SCRL is a free iOS app helping users create a panorama with text and images, and then slices your panorama into Instagram-friendly segments which are easy to swipe.

The resulting images can create a visual story that you can flip through.

With this app, users can diverse photos, background, and text. The app allows users to select photos on your Apple phone and arrange them in a sequence or collage.

You can also select from video options and in-app purchases are also available.

2) Podchaser


Podchaser is known for researching podcast appearances and topics. Users can show their appearances and browse an archive of all podcasts someone has published and on which you have been a guest.

3) Password Checkup


Password Checkup is a free Google Chrome extension enabling users re-secure accounts on sites which were recently impacted by a data breach.

This helps you when signing in a site through the Chrome browser, the tool alerts about the data breaching status of the site known to Google and tells you to update the password.

The extension is like 1Password’s Watchtower, but it is slightly proactive because the extension alerts you as you visit a site from inside Chrome.

If you want safe navigation at a site, you must be aware of data breaching, and this tool helps you there.

4) Excerpt – The Book Highlighter


Excerpt is another free iOS app helping users save and organize passages from the book you read.

You just need to have screenshots of physical books or eBooks, store them on your phone. Use this tool to share the passages on social media, or access the notes easily and quotes you want to review while writing.

To check which book passage is from, click a snap of the book cover and save it to Excerpt, which makes a folder for the passages you highlight.

Take the screenshot of the passage, and add the image into the book’s folder to save a passage.

The tool converts the passage you save to text on your smartphone. You can further share the saved text on social media or in the document from the app.

5) Songclip


Songclip is a different kind of free website and iOS app made to share GIFs paired with licensed song and make your GIF and music combinations.

If you want to use this app, enter into and then you’ll see a large section of trending GIFs and famous categories.

If you see an image, but don’t want that particular song, you can change it. The end time of a clip varies between 5-30 seconds and reflects many famous music genres.

6) Instaspacer


Instapacer is known for adding line breaks and white space in your Instagram photo captions.

Again, this is a free app and gives an ultimate alternative to workarounds like dots, dashes, and others/

After you create your caption in the app, click on the Convert button and paste the text into your Instagram post.

This is a free iOS and Android app.

7) PreTube


Alike Password Checkup, Pretube is also a free Google Chrome extension showing a helpful preview of your YouTube video in the Up Next sidebar, before the posting of video to YouTube.

As images and text in the sidebar are small, think about making your thumbnail and text making eye-catching would be tricky.

The app allows you to check how things appear so you can make any required changes.

8) Spectre Camera


The app can also remove crowds from busy scenes, which can help you take photos of busy places for your marketing.

If you’re looking to capture stunning long-exposure snaps, you need to have Spectre Camera in your phone.

Although, you have to keep the camera extremely steady so that effect looks good.

The app’s built-in AI offers a stabilization feature which makes taking long-exposure photos very easy.

9) Timeshifter


Timeshifter is a free iOS and Android made for analyzing user’s sleep patterns and help them how to prepare for an upcoming shift to the current time zone.

To do this, the app encourages you on when to be exposed to avoid bright light, get or avoid caffeine, go bed or wake up, and more.

In short, the app helps you overcome jet lag.

10) Life Lapse


Life Lapse is a stop-motion camera made for iOS and Android.

To build a stop-motion effect, the app collects together a series of photos which provides the appearance of motion.

Then you can export the sequences of clicks as a video and share on social media.

11) Swoot


Swoot is free and available for iOS and Android so you won’t exclude any connections based on the type of smartphone they use.

Swoot is a podcast listening app that helps to share what your friends are listening to.

The app can import your podcast subscriptions from other mobile apps, and then you can ask the app to find Twitter and Facebook connections, and also your phone contacts which use Swoot.

Then you can see each other’s subscriptions.

12) Fireflies.ai


Fireflies.ai is the tool which takes notes from your virtual meetings by recording and transcribing the audio.

Next, when you connect Fireflies to your calendar, it works with different virtual meeting apps, for instance, WebEx and Zoom.

When the meeting starts, the tool wants to join the meeting as an attendee and starts recording.

13) Stories Creator


Stories Creator is the tool that creates batches of images for social media stories like Facebook and Instagram.

Stories Creator is a free desktop browser-based tool that helps create a bunch of stories which is not possible on a smartphone.

This tool allows you to upload and design image on a larger screen desktop, download the last images, and send them to the person who will post the stories.

14) PhotoUtils


PhotoUtils does basic image editing for your social media concern.

To edit your images with PhotoUtils, you can do it in a desktop browser.

The process is very easy, go to the website, upload your image, and then bring your creative ideas to edit it.

You can crop, compress, resize, rotate, flip, or convert the image to a different file format with this tool.

15) LumaFX


LumaFX is an iOS app and works as an editor for recorded or imported video. It includes features like crop, color-correct, and rotate video.

The filters are quite similar to Instagram.

You can also merge them to make unique presets for video clips.

16) Removebg


Removebg has the ability to remove an image background automatically in 5 seconds.

This happens when you use this web-based tool to upload an image.

Then the tool’s AI removes the image background for you.

17) Sticker Mule


Sticker Mule is the best used for making magnets, buttons, branded stickers, or packaging. You just need to upload the photo and the app will take care of rest.

Prices for making stickers or magnets may vary.

18) Airstory


Airstory will clip the ideas and sources from your content.

This tool would be helpful for content marketer who works with lots of different content.

19) Infogram


Infogram is a tool that helps marketers make professionally designed infographics.

If you want to use this tool, you need to create an account. After entering into the app, you can create your infographic as you do with Canva.

20) Teleprompt.me


Teleprompt.me is a free Chrome browser tool that helps you read your script aloud for video or audio.

Just open the tool and grant access to your microphone. When you copy and paste your script into the box in the upper right, your text will be seen in the browser. The text would be large enough to read like it’s on a teleprompter.

21) Scrola


Scrola is a motion screen-grab tool scrolling through a web page into a video.

You can use this tool to show off products, product features, or a special area of your site.

You need to have an account to create a video with Scrola. Then paste a URL in the tool, choose the device you want to see, and choose the scroll speed.

The tool then processes everything and emails a video file to you. You can embed it to your site or send to anyone.


Marketers always look for tools to make their work get accomplished easily.

Here is a list of 21 tools master in different activities and sure!

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