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Want to build an affiliate marketing website?

Need examples to ideate from?

In this article, you’ll come to know the top 20 affiliate marketing websites and you can learn a lot from them.

1) Nerdwallet


Nerdwallet is one of the topmost affiliate websites and definitely a preferred choice of plenty of affiliate marketers.


  • A long-lasting affiliate website.
  • Does well in one of the most competitive markets.
  • Content is extremely useful.

It is a review affiliate website for financial products and its products are credit cards, mortgages, and insurance.

Apart from stellar content, the website reveals an exceptional user interface and an outstanding marketing team.


Gold standard of affiliate sites
  • Niche– Consumer finance
  • Objective– Help people choose the best credit cards, loans, insurance, etc.
  • Key Challenge– Extremely competitive market.

How They Make Money

It’s a 100% affiliate site. They don’t own ads or sell any of their products.

2) Money Saving Expert


Money Saving Expert, as the name, suggests helping common people take better decisions. The website acts as a financial educator to the masses helping people a better idea to get more bang for their buck.

This website was incepted by Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, in 2003. Today, it is one of the biggest consumer affiliate websites in the UK has more than 8 million visits per month.

MoneySavingExpert is a reliable platform in the field filled with doubtful knowledge and self-serving information because of its content quality and dedication to help consumers.


It was sold to Money Super Market in 2012 for £87 million.

  • Niche– Personal finance
  • Objective– To help common people take superior financial decisions.
  • Key Challenge– To provide accurate, genuine, and updated financial information.

How They Make Money

MSE explains its money-making process on its “How this site is financed” page, it’s only monetization method is affiliate links. The site doesn’t take advertisements or sponsored, as well as it also doesn’t offer any paid products.

3) The Wirecutter 


If you want a review affiliate website for electronics, consumer goods, and gadgets, then no one would be better than The Wire Cutter.

Brian Lam, the former editorial director of Gizmodo started this website. Brian and team put all reviewed products through arduous and innovative tests. This was so impactful that the site is sometimes called “Mythbusters for gadgets”.

Since its inception in 2011, the website has grown into one of the leading 6, 000 sites online by focusing on finding the best product in each category.

  • Niche– Consumer product reviews
  • Objectives– To enable people to get the best product in every consumer category
  • Key Challenge– To create innovative tests and choose the best product possible.

How They Make Money

The website explains its monetization model on its webpage, “How to Support Us”. The model is very simple- affiliate commissions, chiefly through Amazon and BestBuy. The site doesn’t take any sponsored post or advertisements.

Some different tactics and tools it uses to monetize include:
  • Product recommendations-“Best of” product pages for each category is the bread and butter of Wire Cutter. Each recommendation includes an associated Amazon link.
  • Answer Questions-The Wire Cutter earns for its answers, the reader ask questions such as “which headphones should I buy?” and it takes a cut from any product sales.

4) Dating Advice


As long as internet marketing will exist, the dating niche will be wildly lucrative. Sadly, it is also filled with lots of scamsters and spammy sites made just to send traffic to affiliate offers.

But, this site is a breath of fresh air in this messy niche. It is clean and doesn’t portray any sleazy thing that defines so many other dating affiliate websites. Since the site focuses on “expert advice” and emphasizes on answering real questions, it brings dating downstream.

  • Niche-Dating advice and dating website reviews
  • Objective- To help people get the best dating advice and real dating reviews
  • Key Challenge-To become outstanding in a niche heavily cluttered with spam and sleaze

How They Make Money

The site makes most of its money by referring people to dating websites like eHarmony and Match. You’ll find that all its recommended sites offer a complete, mainstream image, which fits its target demographics.

5) PC Part Picker


PC Part Picker is an affiliate site that deviates from the traditional affiliate site model.

It provides extreme value and basically, it markets itself.

The front look of the website reveals it as a tool for people who want to create their computers, chiefly gaming computers.

If you’ve never done it, then you should know that the difficult part of creating a computer is almost the research.

New computer parts are arriving regularly, so you need to find out the latest parts that fit your budget and also attuned to each other. The research work is a pain in the ass.

The site solves these problems and enables you to find the latest PC parts based on performance and budget. It also automatically cross-references them with each other to check their matchability.

So the site is a tool, but started going beyond the tool and act as a nice blog for its audience.

  • Niche– Computer parts
  • Objective– Help people create computers
  • Key Challenge– Low commissions

How They Make Money

The website is monetized through affiliate links.

  • User-created PC affiliate links
  • Expert-created PC affiliate links
  • Reviews of individual components

6) 50em.Com


The difference between and above-mentioned websites is the later has well-established teams, larger budgets, and also celebrity founders with existing audiences. has just 7 pages.

50em offers two important automation tools, Ontraport and InfusionSoft. Its audience can choose any of them.

These tools bring hundreds of dollars every month and represent a big spend for any marketer.

  • Niche– Automation software reviews
  • Objective– To help marketers pick between InfusionSoft and Ontraport
  • Key Challenge– To get traffic and establish credibility in a hyper-competitive niche with expensive products.

How They Make Money

The monetization method for 50em should be clear enough: it makes money through affiliate commissions.

The site earns through affiliate links of its two expensive tools- InfusionSoft starts at $199/month while Ontraport goes for $297/month.

7) This Is Why I’m Broke


This is Why I’m Broke is one of the oldest affiliate websites, and it was one of the first websites which did gift and novelty aggregation angle well.

The site taps into the internet and pop culture gather the strange waste that appeals to people’s sense of fun.

For example, the very first entry to the website is an alcohol vaporizer slot machine on sale for just $900.

  • Niche– Novelty items and gifts
  • Objective– Find weird products to splurge on
  • Key Challenge– No clear theme (for search engines)

How They Make Money

This site earns money almost through affiliate offers, and most of the money is made through the Amazon Associates program.

8) Making Sense Of Cents


Making Sense of Cents is an indigenous finance site, and it was built & run by Michelle Gardner.

The owner herself writes all the content on the blog, making the angle more personal advice, and all come from personal experience than a big site with a team of experts. Her efforts have paid off for her big-time.

And that has paid off for her big-time.

Michelle showcases her income reports on her blog, as per the latest income report, her monthly revenue was $125, 000.

Michelle is a successful individual blogger in the world of affiliate marketing.

  • Niche– Personal & Family Finance
  • Objective– Help people know about saving money
  • Key Challenge– Incepted as a personal blog with low resources

How She Makes Money

She generates most of her revenue through affiliate marketing and selling her courses.

Michelle also makes money through display advertising, it represents a rather small percentage of her entire revenue.

9) The Points Guy


The Points Guy is one of the biggest finance and travel affiliate sites which has cracked social traffic with as much success as they have earned organic traffic.

The site discusses credit cards in travel. Especially, it focuses on leveraging the advantages which credit card & travel companies give you for doing different financial activities to help you travel cheaply.

  • Niche– Credit cards and travel
  • Objective– Travel and credit card hacking
  • Key Challenge– Extremely competitive niche

How They Make Money

The site generates money through credit card and travel affiliate programs. They mainly focus on credit cards that people can use to earn travel rewards.

10) Just A Girl An Her Blog


Just a Girl and Her Blog sell stuff through the Amazon Associates program.

A girl named Abby runs this blog, writing on DIY, organization, and crafts. The blog is extremely popular, and as she shares her income reports, we know that her monthly revenue remains around $40,000+/month.

Out of her overall revenue, she earns 75% from affiliate marketing.

  • Niche-DIY & organizing
  • Objective-Helping people beautify their lives
  • Key Challenge- A very general mix of content

How She Makes Money

She makes most of the money through affiliate marketing and selling her courses.

11) Compare Accounting


Above-mentioned websites make most of their money through affiliate marketing programs, but CompareAccounting scores by generating leads for companies even with a little traffic.

The site helps small-scale businesses to get the best accounting software for their needs.

Compare Accounting is a small and niche-driven site and is something any advertiser can recreate without using a massive budget.

  • Niche– Accounting software reviews
  • Objective– To help small businesses find the best accounting software for their needs
  • Key Challenge– To attract traffic and build credibility in a competitive but narrow niche

How They Make Money

The accounting software includes numerous stakeholders and is a huge product. Cost of Epicor accounting software is as high as $500,000 for some businesses.

12) Skyscanner


Skyscanner can more be said that it’s not an affiliate site, rather lead generating a site for major airlines which pay it a commission for sending visitors.

But, yes, as they’re getting a commission, they’re an affiliate site.

  • Niche– Air travel
  • Objective– To help travelers find cheap flights
  • Key Challenge– This site is literally parallel to major international airlines

How They Make Money

Skyscanner uses three different monetization methods:

  • Referral income from airlines
  • AdSense 
  • Internal affiliate

13) Safewise


Do you want your home to be safe?

But, how?

With home security products & services, but there are so many in the market, how can you know which one to choose.

There is one answer to all such hassles- SafeWise.

  • Niche– Home security
  • Objective– Provide detailed reviews and view on the best home security and home automation products.
  • Key Challenge– Establishing reliance to sell home security systems

How They Make Money

SafeWise’s most income comes from promoting OfferVault pay-per-call program like Vivint as they pay up to $560 for a qualified sale.

The site also sells smoke alarms, GPS trackers, and other similar niche products either on Amazon or Commission Junction.

14) Lucie’s List


This is a site which came into existence due to sheer passion for preventing other women do the same mistake as the founder did herself. Isn’t it sounding interesting and a bit weird at the same time? It does obviously, but what matters is how it became so big. Let’s find out.

Going through a miserable pregnancy as it is not planned but now waiting for the baby girl Lucie to arrive sooner. As this could only lead her to end up this misery state of mind. She came out of the idea to create a platform where women can get along with the real-life situation and named it “Crib Notes”. It is a weekly email newsletter founded to prevent pain.

Who knows this can turn out to be the fortune making for the founder? Meg is now successfully handling 430,000 email subscribers and nearly 240,000 visitors in one month.

  • Niche-Pregnancy
  • Objective- Making mothers familiar with the possible mistakes in prior and preventing them to do so.
  • Key Challenge-Fighting for traffic is very tough. There are numbers of baby and pregnancy bloggers emerging every day, so surviving the competition is what one has to work on the most.

How They Make Money

Affiliate marketing has done wonders to Meg. One can find the affiliate links to the site of Amazon, and other commercial pages on the front end. Along with this Meg also brainstorm with the digital product angle, self-publishing baby-related books on Apple, Amazon, etc.

What stands out to make it successful?
  • Baby registry basics– New parents get guided through easy navigation menu, where they can research and shop for desired baby items as diapers, carriers, and so on. This leads to improvise visitor UX and lead visitors to the shopping cart way faster than usual.
  • Gear guides– The site has “gear guide” which renders information about almost all baby-related products and support for grandparents. Through this, they also can look out for shopping instructions.

15) Snapsort


It is one of its kind data-driven site specially designed for those who follow photography for passion or profession. In the first look, it simply seems to be like a site for AdSense. But, contrary to that it has some affiliate marketing genius integrated to it, which make it so successful and popular.

What makes a good photographer, obviously skill, knowledge, practice, expertise and so on? But what about if you don’t own a nice camera, all the skills would be of no use? So, here, Snapsort comes in picture.

First, let’s have basic information about the site.
  • Niche-  Photography
  • Objective– Guide you find the perfect camera
  • Key Challenge- Offer more value than the competitors but the struggle is with the not so glossy appearance of the site. So, initial attraction is a challenge.

How They Make Money

Money comes from the combined effort of AdSense and affiliate links to Amazon.

The site could be browsed in multiple languages, which in turn increases the income potential of the site.

16) Dog Food Advisor


Do you believe in content rather than that of the fancy website? If yes, then this site is the perfect destination for all dog owners. Just like your thought, Google also doesn’t care about the site polishing instead lookout for the visitor’s interest. So, you can find it very popular.

The popularity of quotient and its significance position could be understood by the fact it gets over 500,000 visitors per month. It has earned ranks for around 146,000 distinct keywords.

  • Niche-Dog food
  • Objective-Help dog owners choose the quality food for their dogs
  • Key Challenge-To provide advises which are impartial and helpful in all context to the dog owners.

How They Make Money

One won’t find any such advertising stuff here, and it seems this has done purposely by founder Mike Sagman. He seems more interested in affiliate marketing and it is actually making him money, so why go for other fusses.

The affiliate links are featured as “Buying Tip”. In addition to this, the site may have thousands of mailing list contributing to the income.

17) Fatherly.Com


Do you have a hint of how affiliate marketing has made its foray in a different medium and with distinctive style? This site sets a perfect example of this. It has been designed exteriorly as magazine format for millennial parents. But, the actual game is on as affiliate marketing engine operating behind the exterior.

You can find articles which have blog posts with affiliate links. Other monetization methods are also associated in similar ways.

  • Niche-Parenting for millennial men
  • Objective-Empowering men to become successful parents and lead more satisfying lives
  • Key Challenge-Remaining “current” with consistent up-gradation to a fast-changing market.

This site offers a solution to those issues which are delicate and needs extra care to handle as it is all about kids. Like, if a child asks for a smartphone just like their friend have. It becomes extremely tough to make the kid understand the adverse impact of using so.

Why not take a middle way. Buy dummy phones to your kid which has amazing features, learning program, in short fun to use. Here, the site helps you a lot. As it offers you the options of dumbphones from which you can choose the suitable one. Likewise, you would find many parenting support from here.  

How They Make Money

Affiliate links and advertising are used to generate revenue. The site uses content.

One can find here the product reviews and comparisons under Gear category which helps in affiliate monetization.

18) Shut Up And Sit Down


This site is a distinctive combination of board game review site with a Twitch channel and strong YouTube audience. So, yes it’s a novel twist but the perfect recipe of affiliate marketing site is ready.

The challenge lies in convincing people to start playing board games.

Most of the marketing is through social media and having a great grasp over it, is the strength which has brought success.

  • Niche-Board games
  • ObjectiveGetting review and promotion for a range of modern board games
  • Key Challenge-Competing with digital gaming

How They Make Money

A smart team of marketers is the working brains behind this site.

Either talk about the affiliate links for income or through PayPal donation, all run in smart ways.

After you get added in Twitch and YouTube audience, there you go. You got them two more additional revenue systems.

19) Website Setup


Website setup is a great aid for those who want to build a website. It’s a perfect example of a tightly focused niche site in a profitable market.

Robert Mening, the site owner has created a perfect affiliate marketing storm as he has identified an eager market which has high-paying affiliate programs and also offers EMD (Exact Match Domain) for his site

New people are typing this keyword into Google every single day.

  • Niche– Web hosting
  • Objective– Help people build their first website
  • Key Challenge– Operating in a highly competitive market

How They Make Money

The site makes money purely through monetizing content with affiliate offers. It doesn’t use AdSense or any such contextual advertising.

They highly promote Bluehost, and this is their actual source of income.

20) Headphones Addict


In general, affiliate sites are not given perfect layout and banner ads crammed into every available space.

Then you’ve Headphones Addict which stands out from the crowd.


Because it doesn’t look or feel like a typical affiliate site, even though it is one.

It achieves this by featuring news stories as well as product reviews.

Because, after seeing the site, you won’t find a common replication of affiliate sites, although actually, it is. But they do make an effort to be that bit more impartial than most affiliate sites.

Most of the money made by the website comes from Top x” style product reviews, but they also focus on their affiliate marketing programs.

  • Niche– Headphones
  • Objective– To provide genuine and objective reviews of the best headphones.
  • Key Challenge– Competing in the highly competitive product review website era.

How They Make Money

The site is not involved in display, contextual or banner advertising.


If you’re keen to build an affiliate website, you should have a proper idea about the layout, color-combination and other stuff of the website.

Here are 20 awesome examples of affiliate website that will certainly leverage your website development plans.

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