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Facebook Ad practices can be kept enhanced through two different ways:

  • Follow the Facebook ad examples by other brands; learn from inspiration
  • Come up with your own best practices; pave your way

And, nobody can deny the significance of doing some research and taking lessons from others’ work i.e. to find out what’s working for other brands.

Take a look at these 20 Facebook Ad examples we have listed here for you and learn from the mentioned takeaways. And, in the process to create your own Facebook campaign, you’ll be equipped with the first-rate Facebook ad tips & hacks.

 1) Hootsuite

Simplicity in the process

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This ad by Hootsuite talks of sharing social media business benefits, all together 5 in count. It’s refreshing saying it loud and clear with the help of its brand logo and bright yellow color. There are ideas unmentioned and conveys that the explanation would be available on landing page, a workable strategy.

  • Simplicity
  • It is not complicated at all, drawing people read the copy
  • The five icons used give more structure and draw attention.
  • There is an easy to reap the benefits availed by 15+ million people.

 2) BigCommerce 

Enter New Leads into Your Sales Funnel

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BigCommerce Ad is a Facebook Lead Ad, potentially letting you multiply the chances of getting new products. Lead Ads are a good way to ask visitors enter their contact details in exchange for weekly insights to 3x your revenue. Isn’t it a great deal?

In the ad, ‘SignUp’ has been used on the call-to-action button. This leads your prospects hear the message considered as a golden formula for a Facebook ad.

  • Collect emails with lead Ads
  • Share social proof
  • Repeat your call-to-action

3) CoSchedule

You simply can’t ignore the solution!

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This ad has get so many things right. Its bright design pops into our eyes making CoSchedule’s logo memorable. This results in increasing its brand awareness.

Through their Ad text, they have well-established trust, targeting their niche audience and successfully revealing the secret to task accomplishment.

  • Problem-solving tendency works
  • You get the answer of ‘how’
  • Promising benefits


Niche Focused Ads Steal the Show


DSIM‘s Facebook ad starts by saying, “Become a Google certified digital marketer.” Through the sentence, it has clearly stated what target audience it is talking to. The other great thing is the ad displays ‘Enroll now’ in the image text and CTA button, which works as a golden formula. Even better, it adds a time limit to the offer, making it more tempting to claim the offer.

  • Speak to a niche audience
  • Direct communication
  • Urgency matters
  • Repeating CTA works

5) SumoMe

Showing the results

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It’s always a great tactic to explain your product’s benefit in your ads. The example displays an impressive growth chart, making people get associated with the brand’s success. The purpose here is to make viewers curious and tempt them towards clicking through its website to know the details.

  • Mention symbols to your benefit
  • First mention the need; then immediately present the solution.
  • Social proof works, so add a pinch of it.

6) 17hats

Making it personal!

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The name here has used hero shots here in its ad. The strategy implied here is to make people gaze at the face shown in the ad, so that they can’t resist against trying to find out more. There are positive emotions and the brand is establishing relevance amongst offer and the target audience.

  • Begin with a question
  • Understand audience’s problem and address it right away
  • Hero shots work

7) Dineout

Let them trust you!

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Known for providing best restaurant deals, discounts and offers, ‘dineout’ has managed here to build trust by bringing in between celebrity chef Kunal Kapur. The image is refreshing and simple, letting you go through the checklist of 6 wonderful restaurants.

  • Influencers always work
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Energizing and soothing effects through image

8) Nike

Dare to play with the contrasts!

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Here Nike’s Facebook ad is so colorful that brings an entirely visual retreat to the viewers. Studies have proven that using highly contrasting landing page call-to-actions result in higher click-through rate, compared to a low-contrast CTA. The brand here has successfully drawn people’s attention through a colorful image and with a worthy ad copy.

  • Use contrasting color combinations
  • Create carousel ads (bring higher click-through rates compared to static sponsored posts on Facebook)
  • Include a link (a website URL in the ad copy)

9) Shopify

Offer something worthwhile

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The ad starts asking people, “What kind of person do you say you are to the world?”

This is our natural tendency to get praised and valued by the traits considered as important for them. Here, the brand reveals that using its product, an individual can turn into the person he has always wished for.

And, the point that states that you are in attempt of helping someone, that becomes a strong selling point.

  • Takeaways: Ask a personal question
  • Remind people of a possibility
  • “Sign Up” call-to-action asks straightforwardly

10) Venngage

Sharing others’ opinions

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Venngage’s Facebook ad example includes the statement, “Well we surveyed hundreds of marketers.”, which is actually a smart move. It has also emphasized the year 2017 which prompts timely content and let people understand that the information is relevant.

  • Outshine your efforts
  • Show visual impact
  • Share experience

11) Asana

Product = Benefit

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Asana’s Facebook Ad Message, ““Get Asana. Get Results” cuts straight to the point.

The ad has successfully resulted in making the readers associate the product with a great outcome.

  • Use a clear slogan
  • Keep it short
  • Improve the existing situation

12) AdEspresso

Explaining product with video ads

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AdEspresso here has included here a brief 1-minute video that talks of its product’s benefits and features.

Rather than clicking on the link to go to its landing page, audience can get the complete overview of product features without even leaving Facebook.

  • Replace images with videos
  • Keep it short (video)
  • Always add captions

13) SurveyMonkey

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SurveyMoneky is offering a chance to win $300 gift card or other 15 prizes and is asking you to take their surveys in return.

When you give rewards, it works in multiple ways. Also, there is another strategic goal that the brand wants to achieve, that is whenever someone goes for it; he’ll get an impression of SurveyMoneky in his mind as a go-to tool for creating online polls.

  • Offer a good prize
  • Expect less in terms of getting return
  • Display the reward/prize

14) Blue Apron

You must have seen the before and the after.

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The ad here is displaying the two versions of a product: Before and After.

You can see here both of the images, one of Blue Apron’s subscription box and the other of recipe cooked by using the ingredients.

The name has put in real efforts into the images that convey their brand message exceptionally.

  • Show the before and after
  • Make the first order free
  • Get them to say yes

15) 99 designs

Money back guarantee

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The ad successfully removes a massive possible threat as mentioning money back guarantee. It also includes the product’s full price and is taking full advantage of a bargain, ‘$499 for a logo + working website’.

  • Promise a money-back guarantee
  • No link description
  • Add price information

16) Intercom

It’s entirely about you.

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Intercom’s Facebook ad addresses customer as a friend i.e. you here talking of suggestions to improve results. The offer here is for you, not referring to them, or to prospects; a straightforward communication in an extreme personalized way, ‘you’.

  • Use the word you
  • Mystery riddles
  • Make the choice simple

17) GetResponse

Do it now!

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The headline: “Start Your Free Trial Now!” is immensely impactful. It is stating a clear command that the brand wants people to make. The words used here contribute to the sense of urgency and inspire people to take action.

  • Ask them do it now, right away
  • Basic design
  • CTA and prospects’ motivation match

18) Infolinks

To convince with testimonials

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Infolinks’ Facebook ad image shows up one of their customers’ quote: “I made an extra $500 this month from my site with Infolinks.” This ad holds lot of power using real photo of the client. Showing that regular customers are happy with your product and enjoying its benefits conveys that your product is worthy of trust.


19) Google

To serve you best

example google

The ad here looks at each possible benefit reflecting yours. “New domains that tell your story,” “Get your domain today,” “Find a domain name for your story,” are the headlines that leave no doubt that Google has best of the services for you.

  • Make the choice simple
  • Put in the feeling of being significant
  • Mystery challenges

20) Groupon

Hurry! The time is running out.

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Groupon sets a clear end time to a limited-time offer that brings urgency and scarcity. And, it prompts people to start making crazy decisions.

  • Add a promo code
  • Set the exact time frame
  • Use urgency to your advantage

When looking to create amazing Facebook ads, the ads picked up in this article can help get some inspiration and start with. Now, go through it and make your Facebook campaigns result-driven.

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