An interesting session with Shashanka Manakonduru, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and now, Digital Marketing Media Head with Paanini Ad Ventures, Hyderabad.

Read on the post to know how DSIM’s training helped him to get a 6 lacs/annum job offer.

Q1. Hi Shashanka,great to hear you got a job offer with Paanini Ad Venturs, Hyderabad. Let us know the details and also a bit more about you.
Ans.Thanks! Yes, I recently grabbed a job offer with Paanini Ad Ventures as the Digital Media Marketing Head. My indeed thanks to you people.
I am a B.Tech CSE graduate from JNTUH. I started as a freelance Content Writer, making contribution to a few National and International newspapers. Later on joined ‘My Home Group’ wherein I was into System Administration, handling typical IT works. Somehow, the experiences in calculation helped me to understand the subject energetically.
Q2. A very obvious question, why digital marketing even after being an Engineer? Why you went for this career alternative?
Ans. It’s all about Passion, Belief and Desire. I always wished to learn Digital Marketing and so, went for it.
Q3. You belong to Hyderabad; let us know why you chose DSIM when there were other digital marketing training institutes present in your own city?
Ans. Trust me, I have many answers to share with, yet I’ll be precise. It’s because DSIM has really showed its strength in Delhi and this is further being carried to other cities. And, the course curriculum has been a reason too. What DSIM’s training covers, not a single DM training program in India does.
Also, one more factor which drove my attention was DSIM’s blog and the mails which I receive in my inbox. Entirely killer information and subject lines!
Q4. So, how was the journey with DSIM?
Ans.I for myself believe that the standard DSIM has, no other institutes can have it. Great trainers with great curriculum! I see the experience as a transformational leap in my career. All because of resources DSIM has. Overall it has been a learning procedure laying my personal growth.
Q5. This is really incredible, a jump from 2.5 to 6 lacs per annum. Did you find DSIM’s training helped you to get the offer?
Ans. It’s amazing! Absolutely! I wasn’t sure about it, yet was having a firm belief that it would happen one day. DSIM’s training program helped me in seeking the knowledge and the technical stuff. And, I was able to win over the interviewers out there.
Q6. How was the interview procedure; just to get an introductory idea?
Ans. I had previously worked as a part time Content Writer for Paanini Ad Ventures. They have really liked my work. With the clue that I have gotten DSIM’s digital marketing certification, one of the personnel got in touch with me. Then, I appeared for the interview.
Q7. What helped you most to get this surprising hike in your CTC?
Ans. The knowledge that came from the interactive sessions held by trainers at DSIM.
Q8. What would you prefer to give while rating DSIM’s training program (1-10 marks)?
Ans. Calculating the overall experience, I will give 9 out of 10. Not less than this!
Q9. What you see your future has for you?
Ans. I would be ready for any opportunity if it comes under my stance.  And, I wish to have my own Logistics venture, so would preferably invest and work towards this project in nearby future.
Q10. What you think of Digital Marketing and what are the benefits it will bring with the years?
Ans. Digital marketing is the thriving sector now. And very soon the remote areas of our country will also get conquered by this. What I guess is within coming 6-8 years, we will start living a complete digital life.
Q11. Your suggestion to individuals who wish to find bigger career opportunities, altogether with big names?
Ans. If you want to be successful or you want to earn more, be Different! Do differently!! And you will see the difference!!! And if you want to make your career in Digital Marketing or any sector as per your preference; leave all the conditional excuses and focus on your dream.
Q12. Your message to young fellows who wish to get ahead in digital marketing?
Ans. Learn more to earn more! Digital Marketing has already become the biggest thing, make your goals and stick on to it. This is relatively the only future of marketing and you cannot hop over it.
Q13. In one sentence if you have to say something about DSIM?
Ans. The best Institute for Digital Marketing Training in India.
It was really great to have a candid conversation with you! Best of luck for your future!
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