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Seeing the digital changes taking place at fast pace, there’s dependably a new trend on the top assuring to skyrocket our results.

And, as marketers we are most keen on trends making the most impact where counting conversions.

Here, we have whittled down the 19 most capable landing page trends to go for you:

The ideal way to find out the worth of these trends enduring during the time is to test it out, you are recommended to do as such:

You’ll find the trends here referring to effective categories such as design, imagery, CTA, Social Proof, etc. So, let’s go & figure out whether these trends are worthy of getting considered beneath CRO tricks or not?

1) Longer form design

Studies have discovered that both long and short form landing pages work while winning conversions.

Though prior short form page length with everything pushed above the fold was trending, whereas now we are moving more towards the long in length page form.

With the layout, you need not to crush everything into the top to score that conversion. Also, you get sufficient chances to place several CTAs strategically.

Here’s an example of a longer landing page by Highrise that resulted in 37.5% more conversions:

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The idea behind this particular layout working is visitors want to find out more insights about the options presented and it meets their needs.

2) Simple & Clean

You need to smarten up & keep things super easy to ingest for visitors. And, so the basic and unfussy landing page design trend is here to stay. Keep your page clean & uncluttered as it’s a way to avoid having your visitors thinking excessively.

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3) Split Screens/Two Columns

This one is likely trending & less common.

Split screens design visually arranges info and thus, it becomes convenient for brain to handle the several varieties.

Here is an example from ‘Stitch Fix’ that worked exceptionally as helping visitors gulp down the info quickly when looking left for the visual clarification and looking right for the readable content.

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4) No navigation links

In an optimized campaign, your attention ratio should be 1:1 i.e. with one goal, a page with one CTA; one place to click.

This trend allows you to better achieve this.  The practice of excluding distracting navigation bars and footers cleans up the landing page and keeps your visitors focused on the landing page goal.

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5) Headlines Answering “I want to” naturally

Gone are the days of using vague salesy euphemistic headlines. Businesses are now using super clear and obvious headlines speaking to the basic needs of their visitors.

Here, you have to answer referring to your visitors’ ‘I want to…’ super simple and straight to the benefit way to explain your USP from your audience perspective.

Also, another way to display your landing page headline is by making the message so clear it doesn’t feel like a headline. The trend differentiates and can be referred to example consisting of a question and a direct answer about the solution.

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6) Dedicated to Mobile App

Dedicating a landing page to the mobile app is a significant trend as there is a build-up of mobile users we can no longer ignore. You must get into reaching these visitors on mobile and it can be done by making your offers live out there.

People are jumping on the trend and for those having a super useful mobile app, getting a mobile specific landing page is needed.

Here’s one such example by ‘Pearr’:

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However, the trend of using a dedicated mobile experience that’s only optimized for mobile traffic has become an effective trend.

People are more likely to convert out of their better & faster experience on mobile devices.

7) Tailored to visitors’ behavior on Social Sites

To create landing pages specifically designed to reach your audience spending time on social media platforms is becoming a popular trend.

Your visitors feel and behave differently on several social media platforms and here, you get an opportunity to address that by tailoring your designs & message.

Below find an example of Big Commerce’s social media ad:

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And their matched social media landing page

8) Explainer video on your landing page

This is proving to be an effectual way to communicate to your website visitors. Here, you tell your story through your landing page video and nail it super-fast as signifying the benefits of product or service you are marketing in a crisp, engaging and helpful way.

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Apart from this, autoplay full-screen video (contextual video) has also become a latest trend. This is so because these videos help set the mood for the conversion as visitors are triggered emotionally with the subtle imagery and are persuaded to click the CTA button.

With full screen videos, you get the chance to include more than a single image on your page, which results in more than one conversion opportunity.

9) Keeping real images & experiences

Now, individuals are more inclined towards seeing exclusive real humanistic images and experiences, instead of stock photography. The purpose is to find information they can relate to and it has resulted in making custom photography an emerging landing page trend.

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10) Emotion evoking background images

The landing page trend of including an evocative background image is rising. It’s a way for brands/marketers to communicate to their visitors without taking excessive landing page space.

Also, the written content easily glides over the background image, making it effective.

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11) Illustrations are trending

Illustrations bring an artistic alternative to using images, aiding companies to be more creative & unique. This quirky way often results in improving your landing page performance.

The branded illustrations help you become playful and stand out from your competition, being custom and artsy.

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12) Imagery of product being used

When you allow individuals to witness social proof through imagery, it easily shows off your unique value proposition to them, without having to use words.

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13) Use of cards

It’s a trending concept to use cards on landing pages. This works well as organizing info on the page by surrounding content. For ecommerce sites, the trick goes exceptionally when showing the product options and direct links to them.

Here is an example by Clarks that has proven to increase the brand’s conversion rate:

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14) Entrance pop-ups/welcome mats

These days, pop-ups and welcome mats are becoming popular as you find it as a workable way to engage your audience once they’ve already arrived at your page.

While designing your entrance pop-up, make it relevant to the content of that specific landing page.

How it looks like?

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15) Experience-oriented CTA

CTAs speaking to the user experience, action-oriented; whole phrase even short ones are in.

See an example from Instapage to understand the trend more precisely:

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16) Two CTA buttons

Though, the trend goes against the best practice of having one single goal per landing page. But when done properly can have a steady, yet winning effect.

Here, both of the CTAs are presented as addressing different steps. One is for visitor still researching options & the other is for the visitor ready to engage.

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17) Multi-step forms

Businesses nowadays are opening up to the multi-step landing page forms idea, where they add to the number of form fields, increasing the number of form steps.

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18) Free tools

A free tool is a huge one if it’s workable for you to afford the development cost. It works by affecting visitors’ psyche; when they receive something for free with no strings attached, the need to return that favor surges.  Here, they naturally feel like owing brands/marketers the sign-up as by taking advantage of the free tools.

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19) Thank you page optimization

Thank you page also comes under the landing page experience and the trend is good to prevail.

Its better not to forget to close the loop and consider the effort stops after the conversion happens. As you have made someone to click on your offer, it doesn’t mean that the user experience has come to an end. Now, it’s time to let them know your awesome qualities and the benefits of being your customer.

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So, let’s find out which trends are here to stay. Give these landing page trends a bustle and come to know which ones tested & brought up the best for boosting your conversion rates.

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