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The internet has become a really significant part of our day-to-day life.  It has made our life so much convenient and better by providing ease of doing and learning nearly everything by just sitting at home.

As of today, you will find several wonderful websites that have everything we need to acquaint with and absorb. But sometimes it could be a bit challenging to know every one of them.

Here are some of the utmost useful websites across the web that you possibly will not be aware of. Most of them will solve at least one of your problems well and they all have really simple website URLs that you can learn by heart so saving you a tour to Google.

Here is the mixed list of unexplored Valuable websites updated daily.

1) Zamzar.com

Zamzar is a free Online File converter, which lets user transform files without downloading any software tool.  It supports more than 1000 kinds of conversion. As soon as the conversion is complete, users receive an email with an URL through which they can download/save the converted file.

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2) CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy is an online platform that provides free coding lessons to learners in 12 different programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, CSS etc.  It has a Paid ‘PRO’ option as well to personalize your learning plan, projects and live chat from experts.

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3) TED

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a media association which shares online inspirational talk and ideas for free. Initially, TED’s major focus was technology and design, but later seeing the popularity it includes scientific, cultural and academic topics as well.

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4) CVMaker

CVMaker is an online CV builder that includes a group of specialists that work to bring the best CV templates on the Internet! With provided CV you will easily be outmatched other job hunters and show your exclusive personality!

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5) Password Generator

Password Generator is an online platform that helps you create strong passwords that are difficult to track or guess. It provides you 30 different tricks to prevent your password from being hacked by anyone and helps you to keep your account safe and secure.

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6) iwantmyname.com

iwantmyname is a domain management facility that offers a far better experience for domain searches to make it simple to discover, register and set up domains. With this platform, one can easily buy thousands of international Domains and connect their web address to the best web app and services from across the world.

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7) Marker.to

Have you ever used a marker pen to highlight the documents? Market.to will do exactly for the webpages. With this simple annotation tool, you can easily highpoint important text on the webpages with the help of a mouse. You can share it via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, IM etc. Or just bookmark it with your preferred bookmarking tool.

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8) Etherpad

Etherpad is a web-based editor that lets you edit documents collaboratively in real-time. It allows writers instantaneously to create/edit a text document, and see all the contributors’ edits in real-time, with the ability to show each writer’s text in their specific color.

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9) GTmetrix.com

Is your website speed is slow? And you are not sure how to make it quicker? If so, GTmatrix is a free tool that helps you to analyze your webpage’s speed performance. It generates a score for your page as well as a complete website report that helps you to find the bottlenecks.

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10) SimilarSites.com

Similarsites is a platform to discover finest websites and their alternatives on the web. It assists you to find correlated sites and topics similar to the ones you are looking for. To begin, you just need to put the domain of a site you love and you will get a complete list of similar websites.

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11) Chipin.com

Chipin.com is one of the establishments that fruitfully integrated internet technology into crowdfunding and raising money for a good cause. The aim behind the setup of this platform is to give in minor but significant amounts to a greater purpose.

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12) Stupeflix.com

Stupeflix is a web-based application to make unlimited free videos in a few clicks. Just handpicked a theme for your video and each theme will offer a different look & impression to your video.

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13) Minutes.io

People have meetings and generating well-ordered meeting minutes could be tricky and time-consuming. But Minutes.io streamlines this job very nicely.

The meeting tool gives you elegant and easy templates to let you take minutes/notes during meetings, not after. All your meetings are on your device, continually in reach, whether you’re connected to the internet or not. After the meeting, you can swiftly email the minutes/notes to all the attendees.

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14) Fiverr.com

Fiverr is the biggest marketplace for digital services across the globe. It’s a micro- job platform with more than three million services ranging between $5 and $500.  A service offered on Fiverr termed as a Gig. It is a freelancer’s secret weapon for earning more while doing less.

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15) Mixlr.com

Mixlr is the simplest way to broadcast, share and listen live audio online. Make your personal live audio content with built-inmic, or explore a growing world of musician, bands, DJ’s, radio stations, sports teams, journalists, comedians and podcasters who use Mixlr to share live audio.

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16) Pushbullet

Pushbullet acts as a channel between your mobile and desktop Operating systems. It allows you to push data (text, links, files, maps and more) from your desktop to the phone and vice versa. Not only has it permitted you to push data between desktop and phone, but you could also push data from one device to many others.

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17) PolishMyWriting.Com

Want to improve your writing skills? If so, PolishMyWriting might benefit you to write better and spend less time editing. Just simply paste or compose a document and click “Check Writing” option to get crisp feedback on your writing.

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These are few of the “undiscovered” websites fascinatingly useful for readers. Hope you enjoyed the list and wish to try it soon. Moreover, if you know other favorite but lesser-known sites that you find incredibly useful, suggest it by leaving its name on the comment box.

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