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Discussing PPC campaigns, it becomes important to know what is going on in the marketing world and so, to keep up with the approaches being used by the top PPC experts.

Many of these experts quote and repost each other and fill in as an incredible source of information. Here is a list of the best 15 PPC experts that you should be following as it is a good idea to follow them to remain updated with the day-to-day PPC goings-on. Here we go:

1) Brad Geddes

PPC Geek & Official AdWords Seminar Leader. Author, Advanced Google AdWords.


Co-Founder: AdAlysis.com
Founder: bgtheory.com
Follow Brad on Twitter @bgtheory | LinkedIn

Brad Geddes is viewed as the foremost AdWords seminar leader and has spoken at more than 85 conferences worldwide. He is a book author and avid blogger, giving out his inside knowledge on PPC and AdWords.

2) Larry Kim

Entrepreneurship, AdWords, Facebook ads, Chatbots. Popularized Unicorns in Marketing.

larry kim

CEO @MobileMonkey_
Founder @WordStream, Columnist @Inc@Medium@CNBC
Follow Larry on Twitter @larrykim |LinkedIn

Larry Kim is an entrepreneur and master in digital marketing having expertise in AdWords, Facebook Ads, and chatbots. He is also seen as a speaker, columnist, and passionate tweeter offering followers insights on recent trends, stats, and actionable tips for practitioners.

3) Ginny Marvin

She writes about digital marketing & paid media: PPC, Display, Native, Video, Mobile, etc: @sengineland @marketingland @martech_today

ginny marvin.jpeg

Ginny Marvin is an admired professional columnist and speaker in Digital Marketing and Paid Media, such as PPC, display, native, video, mobile, and more with thousands of readers.

Follow Ginny on Twitter @GinnyMarvin | LinkedIn

4) David Szetela

Owner and CEO of FMB Media. Author, speaker and expert in PPC Advertising. Follow me for info about Google AdWords, BingAds, Social Advertising, etc.


David Szetela serves as the host of the world’s longest running podcast on PPC, PPC Rockstars. He is an author and active conference speaker.

Follow David on Twitter @Szetela | LinkedIn

5) John Lee

Learning Strategist @BingAds. Search (#ppcchat), Social & Display Advertising. Tech Obsessed. Trainer, Blogger, Speaker, Proud Husband & Father. Music Junkie.

john lee

John Lee is a speaker, writer, and paid search geek with focus on training for Bing Ads. He is an entrepreneur and is well-versed in several verticals.

Follow John on Twitter @John_A_Lee | LinkedIn

6) Aaron Levy

Growing businesses & people @elitesem


Aaron Levy is an industry writer and speaker and is known for sharing deeper insights on PPC and recent trends. He also takes dives on consumer psychology and buyer behavior and its impact on paid media.

Follow Aaron on Twitter @bigalittlea | LinkedIn

7) Elizabeth Marsten

Senior Director, eCommerce @commercehub. PPC speaker, Writer. Lynda & Web Marketing For Dummies author. #GoDawgs


An industry speaker, writer, and book author, Elizabeth Marsten specialize in e-commerce PPC, product ads, feeds and is an important authority on the inner workings of Amazon ads.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @ebkendo | LinkedIn

8) Michelle Morgan

Director of Client Services at Clix Marketing. #SMX and #HeroConf speaker. Aussie owner. I have golfed. I do my crosswords in pen.


An industry speaker and avid blogger, Michelle Morgan is known for her regular tweets on the nerdy nuts and bolts and secret tips of PPC.

Follow Michelle on Twitter @michellemsem | LinkedIn

9) Melissa Mackey

Search engine marketing pro specializing in PPC. Search Supervisor at gyro. Agency & in-house, I’ve done it all. www.beyondthepaid.com


Viewed as one of the most knowledgeable persons on B2B PPC globally, Melissa Mackey shares her knowledge via speaking, blogging, and on Twitter and Twitter chats.

Follow Melissa on Twitter @Mel66 | LinkedIn

10) Frederick Vallaeys

Former Google AdWords Evangelist; Founder of Optmyzr: AdWords Scripts, Reports, and Automations, Industry Speaker & Writer.


Frederick Vallaeys has served as a former Google AdWords evangelist and is the founder of his own company. He is also seen as an expert on AdWords Scripts, reports, and automations.

Follow Frederick on Twitter @siliconvallaeys | LinkedIn

11) Purna Virji

Senior Manager, Global Engagement @Microsoft. Keynote Speaker. @sengineland Columnist on #VoiceSearch #AI and digital marketing.


Seen as one of the most influential PPC experts in the world, Purna Virji holds interest in educating audiences on PPC, AI, machine learning, and voice search technologies. She is a keynote speaker and writer as well.

Follow Purna on Twitter @purnavirji | LinkedIn

12) Matt Van Wagner

Founder- Find Me Faster, Served as Moderator- SMX Conferences, Strategic Thinker.


Matt Van Wagner is a known speaker and writer on PPC. He prefers to offer creative industry presentations with real-life examples referring to his experience in the paid search industry.

Follow Matt on Twitter @mvanwagner | LinkedIn

13) Kirk Williams

Owner: ZATO PPC Marketing. Montanan husband & father of 4. Christ-follower. Write & speak on all things Paid Search.


Kirk is an eager tweeter, industry writer, and conference speaker, actively involved in Twitter chats such as #PPCChat

Follow Kirk on Twitter @PPCKirk | LinkedIn

14) Mark Irvine

@WordStream Sr Data Scientist. BU Alum. Bad Reality TV Junkie.


Senior Data Scientist and Analytical Lead at Wordstream. Trains and supports Wordstream’s Team of 180+ employees, managing 18,000 unique clients. Researchers trends in an every changing SEM market for our engineering, product development and marketing teams, as well as our CTO & Founder, Larry Kim.

Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkIrvine89 | LinkedIn

15) Andy Taylor

Associate Director of Research at Merkle



Andy Taylor is Associate Director of Research at Merkle, responsible for analyzing trends across the digital marketing spectrum for best practices and industry commentary. A primary contributor to the Merkle Blog, Dossier, and quarterly Digital Marketing Report, he speaks frequently at industry conferences and events.  LinkedIn


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