There are many known and unknown e-commerce set ups across the world which take the responsibilities of offering an easy shopping module with the help of internet to their customers.

In 2018, there are trends that are going to come and help e-com giants in gaining exceptional profit.

1. Native Shopping

Native apps have already entered e-commerce sectors.

The use of native apps in online shopping ads has played a vital role as these let customers purchase from the same window.

Users don’t want to leave the platform which they are surfing and thus, want an option which would take them to the product or service directly. Thus, it will help them enjoy their shopping experiences.

Pinterest provides its native app that allows users to see products at the same time and access them in one click.

Pinterest Shop the Look has been quite famous among its pinners which help them to become a buyer.


2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality allows users find their products boarded in their homes with the help of an app.

The app also helps users in judging the appropriateness of the product with the color and ambiance of the place.

Similarly, Virtual Reality or VR takes the users to conceptualize a high definition imaginary world of products. They find a new picturesque of the products that encourage them towards buying.

AR and VR are two prominent to-be choices for e-commerce sectors in 2018.

The data shown in below images reveals that AR value for shipments will grow 16x in 2018 than 2015 and VR device sales will be 90% more in 2018 than 2015.


3. Automation and Chatbots for Online Ordering

The social media platforms incur billions of active users and they find the platforms easy for online ordering.

Thus, targeting those users through similar base can be handy and offering chatbots and automation like options will encourage them to become end-users.

In this example, two categories of users have identified on different bases and stats show their reviews about using chatbots.


4. More Voice Searches

There are numbers of voice-activated devices which are picking fame. There are numbers of companies which offer their custom voice search tools to allow users for having convenient searching experience.

If you see the below image you will find voice search is growing year on year.

There has been the serious transformation in the rate of voice searches in the last three years and the difference is of 30% i.e. 11.63% to 41.6% (within last six months).


5. Mobile vs. Desktop Uses

Over the years, mobiles have become an assured means for going online.

In recent years it has been seen that the usages of mobiles has increased in comparison to desktops while surfing online shopping stores.

62% of mobile users have made online shopping investment through their smartphone app within last six months.

Since it (mobile shopping) tends to grow, it’s great chance for e-com giants to target audiences through mobile devices.

In the data shown below, mobile users are way more than desktop users.


6. ROPO (“Research Online, Purchase Offline”)

Calculating the conversion of digital endeavors into offline sales can be tedious.

Fortunately, ROPO is the tool going to transform and enable retailers to measure their digital promotion contributing in bringing customers to the store.

ROPO comes with information collected from different resources in-store inventory, payment history and much more to conclude which ads and campaigns motivated them for in-store purchasing.

The below-mentioned image suggests that 92% of all in-store purchases are influenced by online research and much more.


7. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Examples of machine learning are easily available today and the best one is Netflix.

The way Netflix used this opportunity for providing its services is recommendable.

In 2018, other e-commerce is soon going to take advantage of which sort of product to be served to which category of customers.

Use of machine learning in e-commerce has explicitly been done in the following image. The comparison has been shown between US and Non-US virtual assistance devices shipments worldwide.


8. Image Search for Better Selection

Buyers have gone smarter since the e-commerce sector has given them the opportunity for image navigation.

These buyers now have started clicking the image in store and comparing them with similar images online.

Since e-commerce is moving towards mobiles, companies will start offering choices to go for visual searches for products by using personal photos or online photos.

This comparison helps consumers in finding cheaper products. Therefore image search will help retail stores to attract their consumers in a better way. It’s could be possible that by 2020, image and voice search will contribute to 50% of all searches.


9. High-Quality Product Videos

High-quality product videos are always recommendable for online shopping. These videos especially help in brand promotion and thus, can prove to be valuable for e-commerce giants.

The high-quality videos help in bringing an escalated and engaging form of product to viewers.

In the following image, you will find many stats regarding the use of videos-

The data shows the amplification of videos from 2014-2019.

Product Videos

10. Same-Day or Next-Day Delivery

Buyers look for quickest possible delivery either on the same day or next day. The trend of same-day or next-day delivery is going to be more prominent in 2018.

Retail stores will look to satisfy their consumers by serving them same-day delivery service.

In the context, Amazon opened its numbers of shipping centers in major cities to provide same-day delivery.

Similarly, many online giants are trying to give competition to Amazon for the same service.

In the below-given image, you will find various stats about same-day delivery.


11. Community-Driven Brand to Rise

The community-led brand was an idea in 2017 and is going to boom in 2018 as well.

Here, brands will sale very-well made products and offer their customers a way to discuss products on social or at actual meetings.

There is a nutrition startup So Shape which used the idea for its targeting purposes. With this initiative customers of the brand keep on sharing the results of diet and as such the company made a new Instagram account- @soshaperesults.


This initiative not only helped the company to convince new customers to join them and buy products but also they give replies to question because they feel they’re the concerned person for this.

12. Easier Payment Methods

Easier checkout is the payment option getting traction and you can find numbers of service providers offering an app for this service. Few big names are Apple Pay, Paypal, Android Pay and much more.

The earlier form of payments will be seen lesser in comparison to new one. One-click purchasing will also be making online shopping easier and quicker.

See the example of Paypal Pay that resolves the problems of online payments.


13. Brands focusing on diversity

Diversity is going to be a benchmark in ecommerce in 2018. The brands will try not to compare the people of two different complexion or genres.

They will try to bring specific products in order to satisfy their personal needs.

“ColourPop” is the beauty and cosmetic brand that came up with the first example for this.


14. Brutalism design aesthetic

Brutalism that entered the mainstream in 2017 will be used by more e-commerce giants in 2018 as well.

Brutalism web design incepted as an ironic design, but now getting gripping the industry.

Brutalism design has proved to be more bold and attractive for the images used in e-commerce. They use analog-style design elements along with the little animation.


15. Customer loyalty schemes

E-commerce is nothing without customers. Winning their trust and presence on the site is like a brand’s ultimate reward.

Thus, customer loyalty schemes are surely the means of brand promotion as well customer loyalty winning steps.

You may find various offers, coupons, contests, quizzes working brilliantly for gaining the attraction of targeted customers and taking them on the platform.

In 2018, customer loyalty schemes will prove to be an advantage for e-commerce giants.



Trends in e-commerce always help the retailers to use them for gaining benefits.

These above-mentioned trends are expected to rule 2018.

Hope you will find them useful for your goals.

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