By now you have understood how important Instagram is for your business escalation.

Every day your audiences receive a number of videos and photos on their timeline. That is why I have suggested you to curate captions which drive engagement.

But, nobody is going to notice and read those captions if the image is not attractive. Your users will just keep instinctively scrolling down your post.

I have found that some companies hire photography experts for their better Instagram posts.

While I applaud the endeavor, but at the same time, it is waste of money. You can also become your own photography expert and take your photos without recruiting a professional.

You can invest that to be wasted money in other business aspects to focus on the latest marketing trends.

Instagram offers tools that allow users to edit their photos and videos in real-time on the similar platform. This could be good for general users, but for business purposes, you should avoid it.


Just not to be the part of the rat race.

Instagram editing tools are available for all of the 800 million monthly active users. If you are practicing the same, how do you expect to look different?

There are other applications which edit your photos and make you stand out. But, they are thousands in number, so it could be tough for you to find out the most useful ones.

Therefore, I made it simple for you by bringing the best photo and video editing apps for you. You can now take your business Instagram to the next level-

I’ll take you to all of my favorite apps and show some pivotal features of each one-

1. Afterlight 2


Afterlight 2 proffers unique filters including collections of preliminary and vintages ones. These are definitely way ahead of Instagram editors.

They also include some cool effects and designs which allow users to add text and different typography to your images-

You can even put part of your text behind elements within your photo. This feature is perfect for businesses.

Now you can put some of the parts of your text behind elements in the photo.

Also, you can attract your followers by putting a catchy headline straightforwardly over your image in comparison to writing a caption. This is a huge opportunity for all of you to something like below-

  • Promote a sale
  • Advertise a new product
  • Publicize an event
  • Run a contest
  • Make more followers
  • Drive towards to a link present in your bio

Afterlight 2 is downloadable just for $2.99; this is the only amount you have to pay for this app. They won’t ask for additional charges to get their best feature or have any other in-app upgrades.

2. Snapseed


Snapseed offers best results for your editing effects. You can precisely filter and apply effects to chosen areas of your images without any hindrance-

Snapseed has amazingly cool editing feature known as a perspective tool. This helps you in automatically removing any skewed lines present in your images.

Let’s accept it, a picture taken by hand never be completely perfect. You might find them appropriate, but that would rarely happen. So make them perfect for Instagram with Snapseed.

Snapseed is free!!! And it is definitely worth checking tool since; it does not involve any risk.

3. Aviary Photo Editor


Adobe brings an avid tool, Aviary Photo Editor. If you have used Adobe software and experienced its brilliant performance, you should try this one as well-

The editing features on Aviary allow users to saturate colors inside their photos as well as they can sharpen areas for getting an effect.

Aviary has multiple stickers, frames, and other overlays to adorn your images. You can even draw caption by hands across other pictures.

I prefer Aviary just because it allows me to fine-tune my photos. In just a few clicks, you can remove blemishes or illuminate shadows to make your photos livelier.

The tool saves your image to the cloud and if you are an Adobe user, you can find your images from anywhere and edit from your laptop even.

You will find this feature handy when taking and editing photos as a team. You can store everything in one place.

4. Vintagio


Vintagio, the name certifies its features. If you want to add a vintage look to your videos, this could be the best one.

For a fashion company or E-commerce store that sells clothing, this app proves to be pivotal for promoting products from remote areas even.

If you want to schedule your video, Vintagio video filters can help in doing that. That way, you make your audience aware that your video isn’t supposed to be of that (present) day.

This app also helps in trimming and parting together different video clips.

And you change the backdrop of your video if you want to create classic by adding something from the 1950’s.

Vintagio also comprises outstanding soundtracks from different eras and the speed and timing are adjustable. You can add several other effects to your video clips too.

Combining all these elements together will help you make a unique Instagram video.

When these features combine together, you will find a classic Instagram video for your purpose.

5. Average Camera Pro


Average Camera Pro, the name delivers the definition and enables Instagram users to edit their photos like professionals.

While other apps are just editing photos only, this app has an in-built camera function. You can click photos as well as set time for its publishing.

You would find the app with high-quality and pricey cameras. But, you can install them on your phone for just $0.99.

The camera works best when you want to click photos in low-light settings. As you are increasing the time of exposure, you will find brighter images which normally appear dark on a phone camera.

Sometimes, it happens when you make efforts to brighten a dark photo, your editing skills get visible to your audience and won’t look appropriate at all.

But when you are using Average Camera Pro, there would be no such effects.

6. TiltShift


TiltShift brings focus to a particular area of an outdoor scene. So if your business is all about dealing with physical forefront, you can take the help of app in bringing your location to life.

The effects are so great that your photos appear if it’s tiny. This app is far advanced than Instagram’s tilt-shift feature.

If you are fond of taking several landscape views and outdoor photos, this app is worth for you in $1.99.

7. Superimpose


Are you looking to change the backdrop of your image you took? Instagram does not facilitate you for this, so you would seek the help of Superimpose app.

Superimpose helps in removing the backdrop from an image.

Then, you can add it to another image. This is splendid from a promoting perspective.

Want to click pool photo by sitting in your office?

It’s possible.

Find out these create photos above. The app allows its users to mix images together or change an image that is completely unrealistic, for instance, a man with four hands wide opened.

Use of Superimpose in photo editing will make your brand stand distinctively on Instagram. You can create photos which are exciting, creative and fun as well.

It makes smooth final products that look believable and reliable. Your pictures will never expose your unprofessional crop and paste skills with this app.

It’s available for download in just $1.99. You will start uploading new photos to Instagram just after installation and certainly, your followers start talking about you.

8. 8mm Vintage Camera


If you are looking forward to find a great app for shooting and editing lengthy videos, then, the 8mm Vintage Camera is here.

You will find really cool video effects like:

  • Flames flickering
  • Dust
  • Light leaks
  • Scratches

These above-mentioned qualities will make your videos more reliable.

The app was also used in capturing an Oscar-nominated movie.

If this could best for filming such a large scale movie, think about editing your Instagram videos. You can download in just for just $1.99 with some additional premium themes available with the purchase of the app.

9. Cross Process


If you love filtering your images, but tired of using the similar ones, upgrade it now. Cross Process brings 70 filters.

I have seen numerous businesses using the similar one or two filters again and again on Instagram.

Isn’t it boring?

Your followers will find you unauthentic very quickly. Once this happens, they start ignoring or may start unfollowing your posts.

If they are unfollowing you, you won’t be able to share your promotional information with them which brings engagement and gets conversions.

This is preventable by editing your photos with new filters offered by CrossProcess.

10. PicFrame


Instagram facilitates its users with a feature to upload numerous images to one post. The only issue is that you will depend on your followers to scroll through each of them.

This is not always the case.

If you are looking forward to blend different images into a single, you can do it easily with the help of PicFrame.

One of the best parts of using this app is to apply diverse filters and effects to each photo within your collage against having one tone across the whole image. That way, each of them will remain unique and look different from each other.

This app will also help in adjusting the color and patterns of your photo.

If you really want to enhance your collage, PicFrame has lots of bonus features like stickers, shapes, text, and even music.

If you really want to make your collage fabulous, PicFrame gets numerous additional features like shapes, text, stickers, and even music.

I think it could be a worthy product at $2.99 price.

11. Facetune 2


If most of your Insta photos focus on accommodating people rather than any product or landscapes, then Facetune 2 is highly considerable.

You may not have a perfect face or skin and could be affected by blemishes, breakouts, or acne. After a long exhausting night, you may get bags under your eyes.

But, these flaws shouldn’t stop you from posing for a photo.

Everyone can make its photos flattering with the help of this app. Sometimes, you may need to check or adjust to the lighting.

The app offers specific filters created for selfies. Sometimes, the front camera of your phone doesn’t click the best pictures; in that case, you can apply any of filters to do the makeup.

With this app, you can easily:

  • Brighten your teeth
  • Transform your eye color
  • Eradicate wrinkles
  • Remove shine on oily skin
  • Turn dull skin look vibrant

The app is completely free, so there is no reason for stopping yourself from using it.

12. Tiny Planet Photos and Video


Tiny Planet enables you to click images and capture videos with a fisheye lens effect.

This effect draws the appearance of a “tiny planet”, the name of the app.

Have you explored your Insta account today? How many images have you seen that makes you remember about this?

I’m sure you haven’t seen any. I know I haven’t.

If you want to create fun images, get this app now. The circular and warped images created by this app can also be utilized as background images on computers, phones, and other devices.

You can also suggest this to your followers.

13. Quick


Quick offers cool fonts which you can add to your images.

This app has simplified the procedure of photo editing. Quick adverts itself in a way it has been designed by using “just a thumb”.

So you don’t need to open your computer or do anything extra to make your photos fabulous.

You can add your edited photos directly to your Insta or other social media accounts with the help of this app.

As it would viewable for you from the above examples, their text overlay features are best for captioning an image or listing the cost of products in your e-commerce place.



The comprehensive purpose of the DXP Free app is to make different exposures on one photo.

As such, your images will look classical. See these examples-

Insta doesn’t proffer such features.

You need to be a little bit patient and precise while using this app. You need to understand the concept of blending, or you might frustrate while editing.

But, once you have understood with more uses, it will become easier to create the desired image. As the name suggests, it’s free to download.

15. Tangent


Tangent helps you in adding textures, patterns, and geometric shapes to your photos.

It’s another way to let your creative ideas flow.

There are some other features in this app which helps you in adding overlays to your images.

Tangent allows you to express yourself. If your organization has audiences which recognize creativity and art, the app enables you to impress your Instagram followers.


In the world of fashion and promotion, you need to be perfect. Allow your camera to become more flexible with the help of these brilliant apps.

You can captivate your Instagram followers with amazingly edited photos and videos.

Give a try to these apps with fascinating your phone camera.

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