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We all are using tools to make our professional lives work easier. These are effectively accessible, reasonable and enable us to work more productively, gain insights, analytics or make reporting much more simple and easy.

For digital agency, tools are a lifeline as performing their extensive tasks i.e. collecting all data, organizing it, creating charts and reports every day for customers.

So, now create reports fast and easily for different clients with different KPIs and reduce the amount of time you spend collecting data and reports.

In this article, you’ll find 12 tools that every digital marketing agency should be aware of.

#1 TapAnalytics

tap analysis

TapAnalytics is a cloud-based business intelligence software solution that provides digital marketing reporting and analytics for ad agencies, media companies and enterprises in industries such as automotive, travel and real estate.

It allows users to combine their marketing campaigns and performance results in a unified digital dashboard.


  • On-demand analytics
  • Comparative scoring
  • Advanced trending insights
  • Data visualization
  • Custom calculations and report metrics
  • Cross-platform data mapping
  • Generate ad hoc reports with one click



tap analysis2


#2 Megalytic


Megalytic is a web-based data gathering solution that collects data from different sources of information and transforms them into different formats, from traditional spreadsheets and CSV files to very beautiful and customized charts, graphs, and maps.

It is used by digital agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs for faster, more insightful and better-looking analytics reports.


  • Preset and Custom Report Templates
  • Vast Customization Options
  • Powerful Widget Library
  • Integration with Popular Data Sources
  • Logos, Cover Pages and Room for Text


Free (14-days Trial)/ Paid


#3 Whatagraph


Whatagraph is a tool that automatically converts website and social media metrics into visual reports for a quick performance overview. Create visual reports from Google Analytics, social media platforms, or e-commerce analytics. 

Marketing agencies which chose to use Whatagraph managed to save on average 4h on each report they create!


  • Necessary data is gathered with a single click;
  • Hundreds of visualization widgets to choose from;
  • Reports can be updated simply by changing the date;
  • Compare results across multiple data sources;
  • Price can be adjusted – pay for the integrations YOU use!
  • Customize the settings for every single client you’re working with.


5-day free trial. Select the integrations your marketing agency needs and we’ll adjust the price accordingly. 

#4 Contractbook

contract book 1

Contractbook is a cloud-based advanced contract management software that proffers an automated solution for contracts of all types and sizes.

The platform allows corporations to manage, store, and simplify the lifecycle of all arrangements. Also, it seamlessly integrates with existing CRM and tech tools to improve absolute business profitability. 

Contractbook is the best choice for legal teams, startups, sales professionals, and freelancers.


  • Smart Contract Creation
  • Contract Storage
  • Collaboration
  • Automated Workflows
  • Compliance and Security
  • Renewal Management
  • Integration and API


Flexible pricing model

contract book 2

#5 Calendly


Calendly is one of the scheduling software that supports its users to streamline their appointment schedules. It allows users to set their availability preferences, and then send out their own personalized invitation link to arrange meetings or appointments.


  • API access
  • Team availability dashboard
  • Calendar integrations
  • Pooled team availability
  • Team scheduling
  • Team availability dashboard
  • Real-time notifications
  • Reporting & statistics


Free (14-days Trial)/ Paid



#6 Tenscores


Tenscores helps you to improve your client’s Adwords quality score and get a cheaper cost per clicks.

It is a tool that performs a simple & powerful functions. When you link your AdWords account to the software, you’ll be able to monitor your individual quality scores and their historical performance.


  • Keywords’ quality scores
  • Reporting tool
  • Email alerts for quality score
  • Track the progress


Free (30- days Trial)/ Paid


#7 PandaDoc


PandaDoc allows you to create proposals, contracts, and business docs in a beautiful template.

It is an ideal platform for managing organizational documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, and more. It boosts your company’s revenue by accelerating the way it transacts.


  • Legally binding electronic signatures
  • Documents tracking and analytics
  • Real-time commenting and collaboration
  • Upload and customize virtually any file type
  • Workflow automation
  • Seamless editing




#8 WorkExaminer


Work Examiner employee monitoring software gives you the ability to track employee activity from your own computer.

It helps you not only gather significant data but also track working time and block access to certain websites and content.


  • Website tracking
  • Web filtering
  • Instant messaging capturing tool
  • Email recording
  • Detailed reports


Free (30-days Trial)/ Paid


#9 Uplead


UpLead is a B2B prospecting tool that provides you instant access to 30+ million contacts. You can filter by 50+ criteria to find your ideal next customers and download their direct contact information to excel.

Uplead is different from other similar tools in terms of accuracy (it’s one of the only providers with real-time email verification ensuring 97%+ accurate contact data), depth (you can search by 50+ criteria including industry, title, revenue, location, technologies used and more to find your ideal next customers and push their direct contact information to excel or CRM) and affordability (it’s built for small businesses and it’s really affordable with no long term contracts).


  • List Building & Email Finder
  • Data Enrichment
  • Technology Tracking
  • Accurate & Verified Data
  • CRM Integrations


7-day free trial +Paid


#10 DataHero


DataHero is a truly self-service data analytics tool. It focuses on data authorization and visualization that does not require the knowledge of coding.

It automatically decodes your data and shows you the answers you need through dynamic visualizations.


  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Data visualization
  • Prebuilt connectors to cloud services
  • Data Decoder
  • Matching algorithms
  • Drag-and-drop cohort analysis


Free (14-day Trial)/ Paid


#11 Beacon


This tool has well-designed templates to choose from, you can customize colors, layout, etc. and it makes it way easier for copywriters to put together the entire lead magnet. This speeds up the launch process and saves your money.


  • PDF reporting
  • WordPress to Lead Magnet
  • Online proofing
  • Tag & keyword search options


Free/ Paid


#12 AuthorityLabs


Authoritylabs is an easy to use online Keyword rank tracking tool. You can automate SEO monitoring for their clients, track local rankings, and recover keywords with this leading SEO software.

It is useful for SMBs, web development shops, and internet marketing consultants and digital agencies.


  • Flexible Reporting Options
  • Organize All of Your Keywords
  • Track Mobile Rankings
  • Track Your Competitors
  • Group Related Sites Together
  • Graph Rankings Over Time


Free (30-days Trial)/ Paid


#13 Constant Contact 

Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s Email Marketing tool makes it easy to create professional email campaigns with no technical skills required for digital consultants and agencies to support their SME clients.


  • Customizable email templates
  • Email Automation
  • Contact management
  • Track real time success
  • Mobile responsive templates


Free/ Paid

Constant Contact 2

#14 Klipfolio


Klipfolio is a full cloud dashboard application that allows real-time visibility into the data and KPIs behind your business, so that you can improve performance, insistently.


  • Attach annotations to reports for others to see
  • Integrate multiple data sources in a single report
  • Add as many users as you need
  • Manage access rights to important information
  • Many branding options such as logo replacement
  • Self-service KPI editing platform
  • Easy to use threshold indicators


Free (14-days Trial)/ Paid



The above-mentioned tools help you to minimize your workload and better metrics. Now, you can spend more time on building high-performance campaigns.

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