Link building strategies play a vital role in SEO.

The making to the analysis of backlinks enables a marketer to know which way the efforts are resulting.

Here in this article, we have featured 14 link building tools to help you in many ways apart. Let’s take a look-

1) Cognitive SEO


This is the SEO tool primarily known for increasing the traffic on your website.

But, the tool is not only traffic enhancement; it does many other jobs as well.

A marketer can do backlink analysis, penalty recovery, rank tracking, content vigilance, and market report making.

Cognitive SEO is much acclaimed and highly use backlink analysis tool and used by global marketers.

There are several paid plans and you can choose as per your requirement.

2) Fresh Link Finder


Fresh Link Finder helps you discover new links as early as they bring you traffic and manages existing link within 5 minutes.

The tool is free for the first 30 days and is available for use at $49.95/month.

Fresh Link Finder helps in identifying good and bad links both.  It finds the new links faster than Google.

3) LinkAssistant


It is one of the link building tools that is widely used. It’s a one-stop destination for your backlink outreach.

You can start by choosing your preferred prospecting method like guest posting or directories.

Then, LinkAssistant makes a list of all prospects. You can contact them through the app or check on the status of your links once they are life.

The tool also helps in making link building report.

4) Link Detox


As the name suggests, the Link Detox audits toxic backlinks and manages link risk.

The tool helps marketers from the penalty and enables to create new links.

The Link Detox also helps in disavow file audit, link opportunity audit, competitor analysis.

The tool comes with different paid plans and if you’re confused to choose, ask for help from the customer support team.

5) Linkio


Linkio helps you choose exact anchor text to use for your link building strategies.

Linkio has different features like “Anchor Text Profile Planner, Automated Backlink Importing, Anchor Text Categorizer, Backlink Crawler and Validator, Backlink Index Checker, Disavow File Management and much more”.

Linkio has lucrative paid plans that are “Starter, Standard, Plus and Pro” which all are useful for marketers and can be taken as per the requirement.

6) Link Miner


LinkMiner is a user-friendly backlink checker tool with 8 trillion-plus backlinks in its archive.

You can now mine the most powerful link with the help of this tool.

You can also save URLs with backlink opportunities for later use.

The basic plan for LinkMiner starts $29/month and goes further to $79 for the Agency plan. The Premium costs $39/month.

7) LinkOdy


LinkOdy is attributed as the most accurate backlink monitoring tool.

The tool allows you to easily track your link building campaigns. You can now know when lost or gained links.

You can analyze your profile using lots of metrics.

The tool also enables you to disavow bad links.

There are 3 paid plans, one is Webmaster which is $14.90/month, Advanced which is $24.90/month and Pro which is $49.90/month.

8) MozBar


MozBar is the tool provided by Moz and is the industry’s leading SEO toolbar.

With 420,000 installations and figures climbing, the tool offers instant metrics while viewing SERP or any page.

Apart from analyzing link building campaigns, the tool also provides On-page Highlighter, Page Overlay, Authority Scores, and other features.

There are 4 paid plans for the tool, Standard ($49/month), Medium ($79/month), Large ($249/month) and Premium ($999/month).

9) Ontolo


Ontolo is a powerful tool that finds for quality prospects to boost your SEO rankings like backlink opportunities, guest posts, and other marketable content.

The sheer ability of the tool enables you to automate your data mining.

The tool gets you hard-to-get information about the potential prospects.

10) Rmoov


Rmoov clears up the bad links and makes space for good ones.

You can do the following activities with the help of the tool-

  • Pause and edit link building campaigns
  • Add notes to domains
  • Submit requests through Contact URL
  • Auto-generate Disavow Reports ready for upload to Google’s Disavow Links tool

11) Scrapebox


Scrapebox is the favorite SEO tool of major Fortune 500 companies, SEO Companies, and freelancers.

The features offered by the tool include “Search Engine Scraper, Manual Blog Poster, Keyword Scraper, Webpage Meta Scraper, Bulk Anchor Creator and others”.

The tool is also described as the Swiss Army Knife of SEO by many users.

12) SEO Spyglass


SEO Spyglass detects the backlinks to any website on the internet.

Identifying the competing website links is the first step in planning how to decrease the rank.

When you’re done with assessing competing website links, go for analyzing your website as well.

13) SEOQuake


SEOQuake offers link examiner and gets all the details of all internal and external links on any webpage including their anchor texts, link types, and URLs.

The tool also offers features for SEO analysis of any webpage. You can do an SEO audit to fix the optimization issues of the website.

14) Whitespark


Whitespark provides a feature like Link Prospector. You can get more links and shares by finding new outreach opportunities.

You can easily and swiftly get useful link opportunities for link pages, niche directories and guest blogging like activities.

Whitespark provides advanced link building features for experts.


Link building opportunities are hard to find at the manual level, but the job gets easier if you use link building tools.

Here is the list of 14 link building tools that will not only help gain good links but also in different SEO activities.

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