In a business, delighting your customers is one of the most important drives as it helps you increase your sales and build brand trustworthiness. To meet the purpose, you cannot skip over your thank you pages.

And, so we have brought here a good mix of various Thank-You Pages for you, each with different flavor, but effective on their own.

1) NatureBox

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Why NatureBox has completely nailed it?

  • Coupon code is pushing interested parties down the conversion funnel
  • Personalization in the design takes your relationship to the next level
  • Social sharing links are a great touch

2) Orbit Media Studios

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Why Orbit Media has completely nailed it?

  • A perfect example of a low-tech thank you page that converts
  • An uncluttered design
  • The primary call-to-action gets delivered with the help of seven words only (“get our best advice every 2 weeks”)
  • Catches subscribers quick by explaining the benefits of subscription

3) ClickZ

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Why ClickZ has completely nailed it?

  • This form works like a great small-scale research tool
  • Brings a detailed picture of people taking interest in you
  • You can draw lines between communication preferences (email) and demographic characteristics (industry and job title)

4) Punchbowl

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Why Punchbowl has completely nailed it?

  • It has brought an additional link to download the resource which is actually a good idea to provide a safety net against errors.
  • An exact explanation of brand’s persona
  • A chance for increased engagement with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Trends Blog.

5) Social Triggers

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Why Social Triggers has completely nailed it?

  • A page full of social proof immediately reaffirming the decision to download the Ebook
  • Image of founder works towards building trust
  • It offers clear instructions of what to do next, how to receive the offer
  • An additional link adds the safety feature

6) Robo Form

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Why Robo Form has completely nailed it?

  • Added connection through referrals
  • Social Media pages present over here encourage customers for further engagement
  • Don’t you love it when you connect with your leads? Of course yes!

7) SiteTuners

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Why Site Tuners has  completely nailed it?

  • Provides a lot of relevant offers including white papers, case studies, a book by the company’s CEO and other resources
  • This is an overwhelming experience for visitors.

8) Conversion XL

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Why Conversion XL has completely nailed it?

  • It gives multiple options to receive the offer
  • Leads can click a link to view content as a blog post or to download the content as a PDF, this brings extra bit of delight
  • Provides a surprising bonus
  • The signature brings a personal touch

9) HubSpot

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Why HubSpot has  nailed it?

  • The layout is smart as it includes an additional form pushing leads down the funnel
  • Helps to find out qualified leads interested in HubSpot’s demo
  • Links to another relevant pieces of content

10) DSIM

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Why DSIM has completely nailed it?

  • Congratulations with name brings personalized touch
  • Helpline number brings a prominent way to get your queries listened up
  • Additionally, it offers a link to download its complete course curriculum

11) AWeber

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Why AWeber has completely nailed it?

  • It clearly lists the time and date of the webinar
  • By giving an option, “Add to your Calendar” it has minimized the risk of letting people forget the event
  • This page tells you exceptionally how to build anticipation.

12) Marketo

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Why Marketo has  completely nailed it?

  • With one click, “Download Guide”, you can download 70 page whitepaper
  • Plainly sighted navigation menu helps you gather more information
  • Delivers value

13) Impact

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Why Impact has completely nailed it?

  • Sends you immediately to the download page
  • Ebook has social share buttons
  • ‘Email to a friend’ brings an additional contact
  • Even it has a secondary CTA, through which you can chat with them

14) Leadpages

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Why Leadpages has completely nailed it?

  • You don’t need any sort of extra work on your part for integration
  • The option to claim a free spot on their upcoming webinar helps them generate more leads and sales
  • A message of thanks confirms that you did something right

So, till now if you have been operational with the side that thank you pages are not to serve much of your business purpose, except to ensure that someone has successfully made the presence.

The big deal about thank your page is that it marks an essential moment in the customers journey. Thereby, enjoy these places of interest as the best parts of striking thank you page examples that have made it right.

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