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Many brands and businesses overlook the significance of the 404 error page, which appears as a huge slip-up.

A 404 error is a standard response indicating whether a Server is down, the asked for URL is broke or the requested content cannot be found due to file or domain removal

The 404 page error in spite of being one of the most common errors is a great tool & a second chance to re-engage your visitors as directing them back to the home page.

So, here we have made a list of 13 great 404-error page examples beguiling visitors to take on the experience more fairly and continue exploring the site.

 1) Pixar

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The world-famous Animation Studios ‘Pixar’ is known for its innovative storytelling and the same could be seen here on its 404 error page. It has featured its much-loved “Sadness character” here and it draws our attention right in.

Even, there is an adorable message written here based on the theme of its popular animated film.

 2) Hubspot

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HubSpot, one of the world’s leading marketing, sales, and CRM software is extensively appealing to a visitor’s emotions with this error page. The broken heart is perfectly slaying the phenomenon that it’s obvious that things we love & adore break sometimes. They are wholly trying to fix it up and are presenting alternative destinations a visitor can go for.

3) A-Fotografy

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A-Fotografy is a photography service platform where a user is offered personalized services and its 404 error page is depicting individuality, emotion and artistry, all together. The tired toddler is helping a visitor go on to browse the site seamlessly, avoiding this error.

There have been several choices offered to help a visitor know where to go next and the page resembles its brand’s value.

 4) IMDB

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Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the world’s most popular authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrities features quotes from characters of great movies on its 404-error page. Every time you come across this error, you see different quote on the page, which is quite interesting. It redirects visitor to the home page.

 5) Elative

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Elative, a creative agency has featured this encrypted image on its error page which is of a stuck astronaut. Alongside, the suggestion has been clearly made to return to its home page as keeping the theme relevant. Happy home coming for sure!

 6) Disney

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Disney’s 404-error page is featuring Mickey Mouse, one of the world’s most recognizable and loved cartoon character with a surprising expression. Yes, it’s saying that though you haven’t found the expected content; let us take you there where you wish to go.

7) Embrace Pet Insurance

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Embrace, a pet insurance company knows how to win over your clients relevant to their core dealing. Here, it has written that its dog ate this page, which is funny in its own way.

An example that makes you laugh and take pleasure in your 404-error experience!

 8) GitHub

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GitHub, a leading software development platform brings a custom example in form of its 404 page. You get a better way to work through error and figure out the info using presented search option. Also, ‘Contact Support’ makes the relationship perfect and routing easier.

 9) DSIM

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Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) 404- page clarifies how a web designer’s imagination, united with sound and quality copy, can turn an error into a conversion. A page that talks of super engagement and is presenting useful links to redirect visitors to other destinations!

10) Amazon

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Amazon on its 404 page has used super-cute Soju to help a lost visitor get back to home. There isn’t any option that you will get upset about this error experience. There is an effective approach towards re-directing a user and its short & sweet.

 11) 20th Century Fox

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An adorable 404 page design by 20th Century Fox! It features an engaging movie piece that evokes both humor and sympathy. It shows relevant pieces of text at the top of each video and triggers a wonderful memory every time you see it. The page appears in a very theme-focused manner and is fascinating too.

 12) Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard Entertainment 404 Page is reflecting its industry and brand message. An artsy page telling you that you have broken it. The message plays well.

13) Emailcenter

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Emailcenter is a driven email marketing platform for several biggest brands in UK. The interesting part is that it has gotten developers on board on its 404 page. With an option to fire one amongst four, you remain inspired to stay on the site.

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