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In today’s time, you’ll find so many of consumers having a basic cynicism about brands and companies and you as a marketer are responsible to put them at ease, taking on the value of trust.

[pullquote align=”normal”]“The feeling of trustworthiness is like a security blanket. It provides the feeling of safety.” [/pullquote]

From a marketing angle, trust has always been important and social media works as an extraordinary approach to help you understand the buyer’s need for reliability. Today, we’ll discuss Facebook and so, in this post, we have covered up 13 requisites compulsory for boosting the credibility of your Facebook page.

#1 Add the Facebook verification badge

Yes, very much similar to Twitter, Facebook also brings a feature where you can verify your page in terms of being a brand/ media company/public figure.

See the example below, the blue tick appearing next to company name proves that it’s not a fake account.

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How to get your Facebook page verified?

Check out the steps below:

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#2 Using identifiable branding elements

Facebook brings a great opportunity to highlight your brand and it goes well with trust building. By using your core branding elements such as a formal logo, recognizable color scheme, style, etc, you can build your solid presence.

Taking J.Crew as an example:

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The brand has used its signature black & white logo; incorporating familiar elements “apparel and accessories” ranges.

#3 Make your about page better

A company’s about page is important for building trust and increasing conversions as studies have revealed that “more than 52% of people” want to see it on a website’s homepage. This valuable space keeps viewers for longest and is the web page that gets the most of them. You need to concisely fill visitors in on your key info and so, should make a robust Facebook about page.

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#4 Include your contact information

Yes, you heard it right! Good contact information makes you look accessible. And that in turn makes people trust you.

So, mentioning contact information on your site becomes even more important than having an About page. Most of the people want to get your contact info after arriving on your homepage.

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You should include as much info as you can. Preferably, include your phone number as this tends to be a major trust factor. Looking for contact information is one of the top tasks on many websites and so, ensure to get it right.

#5 Link to your website

Linking out sends traceable traffic and whenever you create a link pointing to your website, you end up creating additional opportunities for referral traffic. It makes your site a more valuable, scalable resource as adding trust users can sense from your Facebook page.

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#6 Post behind-the-scenes content

Take your audience behind the scenes

There is lots of value in it as it positions you as a provider of value and we all know that value-driven content builds trust, sparks associations and grows deep connections with your prospects.

Give them a glance of what’s bubbling beneath the surface and let them connect to other people.

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#7 Connect with influencers & feature them

The success of a brand’s marketing effort relies on its ability to build trust online and one of the powerful & effective ways to do it is to recognize influencers and use their voices to impart your brand’s message.

In 2017, associating your brand with an influencer in your specialty is assured to lift up your trustworthiness. The greater they are; the greater impacts.

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Though, it turns into troublesome especially if you’re a new or small brand. But, if you can pull this off, it can profoundly affect on how much your audience will trust you.

#8 Post media coverage

When you include any type of media coverage you’ve received, it increases your trustworthiness notably. Reputation matters for online businesses and when your prospect gets to sense it on your page, they are more likely to trust you and make purchasing decisions.

Below is a snippet of Neil Patel to be seen as an example:

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#9 Add videos

Video content has pretty much become a must of a brand’s online presence, counting social media channels and Facebook isn’t any exception.

Over the last few years, mobile video has seen a gigantic rise.

By adding video to your Facebook page, you can increase engagement while establishing yourself as a trusted voice in the digital marketing sphere. So, start investing a good amount of time and other resources into videos on your page.

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 #10 Use Facebook Live

Like several other social platforms Facebook has also rolled out its live stream feature. Facebook as the default live video platform gives you the most eyeballs for your content and the greatest responses.

Now, people can watch your videos in real-time and get to know you closely, and you can without delay answer to their questions and comments.

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#11 Follow a consistent posting schedule

Contrasting to other platforms, like Twitter or Pinterest, where posting several times a day is suitable and even encouraged, one post a day tends to work best on Facebook.

A research performed by CoSchedule wherein 10 different studies were analyzed says that the recommended posting frequency on Facebook is one post per day.

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#12 Respond to comments

To foster ongoing trust, you must respond to people comments. It lets you show to that you care about them and are committed towards improving their experience. And, when your existing customer or prospect sees that you are actively engaged with people and addressing their concerns, he or she gets that you/ your brand is attentive, transparent and reliable.

Moreover, when getting a lot of engagement on Facebook, it’s a win-win situation for you.

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#13 Ask for followers’ input

You can actually ask your Facebook Followers to help you with the ideas. This works as a great way to carry out market research, key up engagement and make your audience feel valued. Go ahead by asking the right kind of questions to encourage your fans to engage.

See the examples below:

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How have you set up your Facebook page? Let us know in the comments below.

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