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Today, blogging is more than a familiar term. Many of us interact with blogs on a daily basis in one way or another; whether we write our own blog, contribute to a blog, or just enjoy reading and commenting on them, blogs are huge part of the online experience.

However, creating a wildly successful, lucrative blog is not an easy feat. The blogosphere is competitive, and it takes an extreme amount of dedication, a fair amount of talent, a good amount of business sense, and a whole bunch of luck for a blog to become one of the most popular in the cyber verse.

Here is the list of top 13most popular blogs of the world:

1. Huffington post

Alexa Rank: 108
Founded: 2005
Facebook: 5,210,821 Likes
Twitter: 6,119,174 Followers
LinkedIn: 185,955 Followers
Type: Political blog

huffing post

2. Business insider

Alexa Rank: 197
Founded: 2009
Facebook: 3,165,929 Likes
Twitter: 1,240,891 Followers
LinkedIn: 490,865 Followers
Type: Best Business & Financial Blogs

business insider

3. Mashable

Alexa Rank: 268
Founded: 2005
Facebook: 3,211,593 Likes
Twitter: 5,652,351 Followers
LinkedIn: 411,414 Followers
Type: News & blogging


4. Engadget

Alexa Rank: 300
Founded: 2000
Facebook: 1,155,100 Likes
Twitter: 1,424,422 Followers
LinkedIn: 270, 134 Followers
Type: multilingual technology blog


5. Gizmodo

Alexa Rank: 393
Founded: 2002
Facebook: 134,505 Likes
Twitter: 2,391Followers
LinkedIn: 884 Followers
Type: design and technology blog


6. Life Hacker

Alexa Rank: 392
Founded: 2010
Facebook: 2,093,196 Likes
Twitter: 2,900,169 Followers
LinkedIn: 240 Followers
Type: Blog

life hacker

7. Techcrunch

Alexa Rank: 457
Founded: 2005
Facebook: 1,847,652 Likes
Twitter: 5,523,156 Followers
LinkedIn: 224,979 Followers
Type: Technology news and analysis


8. TMZ

Alexa Rank: 545
Founded: 2005
Facebook: 5,705,843 Likes
Twitter: 3,454,332 Followers
LinkedIn: 23,153 Followers
Type: Celebrity news


9. Gawker

Alexa Rank: 619
Founded: 2003
Facebook: 944,034 Likes
Twitter: 561,904 Followers
LinkedIn: 28,108 Followers
Type: Blog


10. The Daily beast

Alexa Rank: 892
Founded: 2008
Facebook: 1,875,219 Likes
Twitter: 839,443 Followers
LinkedIn: 8,148 Followers
Type: News Reporting and politics and pop-culture opinion


11. Perezhilton

Alexa Rank: 2,157
Founded: 2001
Facebook: 1,716,575 Likes
Twitter: 6,105,105 Followers
Type: Personal Blog (covering gossip about celebrities)


12. Boing Boing

Alexa Rank: 2,548
Founded: 2000
Facebook: 265,953 Likes
Twitter: 213,603 Followers
LinkedIn: 3,229 Followers
Type: Group Blog


13. BeepeGrillo

Alexa Rank: 8,608
Founded: 2005
Facebook: 1,786,406 Likes
Twitter: 1,878,808 Followers
Type: Personal Blog

beppe grillo

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