1. Influencers marketing increased 90X from 2013 to 2016 and it doubled in first nine months of 2017.
  2. Influencer marketing on this social media app is worth about $1 billion, but it could reach $2 billion by 2019.
  3. Instagram is one of the most popular networks for influencer marketing efforts and in 2018.
  4. The biggest influencer marketing trend in 2018 is the use of video content on both account’s timeline and stories sections.
  5. Brands earn an average of $7.65 EMV per $1 spent on influencer marketing.
  6. 57% of marketers have stand-alone budgets for content marketing.
  7. Influencer campaigns helped 67 % of marketing professionals reach targeted audiences.
  8. 82% of brands expect to spend more on video influencer content in 2017.
  9. Facebook was named the most important platform for influence marketers.
  10. “Metrics” was named the top pain point for influencer marketing by brands.
  11. Experiential marketing will play a larger role in the mix.
  12. As influencer marketing investment increases, measuring KPI & ROI becomes more vital.
  13. Video Marketing with influencers will become critical for reaching online audiences.
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