It is a fact that Google’s algorithm, which is a software Google uses to rank your web pages, increases the importance of a page if that page attracts links from the other pages. Google uses links to assess the authority of web pages. More the number of inbound links better will be your ranking in search engine results pages, which will finally lead to more and seasoned traffic coming to your site and in the end getting sales for your business.

However, at the same time, you need to be a little bit careful with link building especially after the panda update by Google. There are certain guidelines that must be followed while link building. You cannot simply go ahead with link spamming after Google revised it algorithm. However, there are so many techniques that you can effectively follow to get good results on building links. Let me share a few primaries of them.

Create good and informative content

13 effective techniques for building links 1It is obvious that people would love to link to your content if it is a good source of information. Hence, try creating high quality, immaculate, informative and entertaining content to get good number of inbound links.

Impersonate competitors’ inbound links

13 effective techniques for building links 2There are so many tools in the market like, Yahoo’s Site Explorer and more that lets you know about the competitors’ inbound links. You can go ahead and impersonate them where possible.

Guest Blogging

13 effective techniques for building links 3It’s a good idea to invite others to guest post on your blog as when they will promote their content to others in social media and other websites, they will bring inbound links for you. Besides, even when you guest post on other’s blog, you can include appropriate links back to your web pages.
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Press Releases

13 effective techniques for building links 4There are some sites such as and that allow links to be included with the release. These websites syndicate liberates to hundreds of websites which publish the release and the associated links.


13 effective techniques for building links 5It’s quite helpful in building links if you have the people already coming to your Blog. Go ahead and make it little bit easier for that sort of information or content to show up in their inbox as that is how you can drive traffic and drive conversion.

Local Directory Listings

13 effective techniques for building links 6Make sure you submit your local listing and include your company website on Google, Yahoo and Bing local directory. These are influential links for search engines.

Social Profiles

13 effective techniques for building links 7For instance, you can create a company’s profile with Linked in and link it to the employees’ profile. A fact that cannot be denied is as per the recent studies social signals are responsible for up to 7% of website ability to rank. Even if you set most of the links as no follow, Google can follow them. Besides, think about the social media outlet where people are spending their maximum time and try getting inbound links from there.


13 effective techniques for building links 8Although is not a very good way still you can tactically partner with similar companies and exchange links and content under co-marketing.

Clients and Vendors For Link

13 effective techniques for building links 9It is a good idea to ask your clients for links. Besides, offering up a testimonial for the vendor’s website and attaching a link with it is a nice way to ask for the link.

Article Submission

13 effective techniques for building links 10Article sharing is a wonderful way to build inbound links. Write immaculate and informative original articles and submit them to various articles sharing sites meant for your business. Although article sharing websites has got a hit after the Google’s panda update so won’t work like it did earlier still it creates inbound links and can be considered as an effective link building strategy. What matters is your content; make sure it’s as informative and flawless as it could be.

Community, Blogs and Forums

13 effective techniques for building links 11Never mistake between adding value and spamming. You can prudently share a link while interacting through blogs, forums and social media sites that will add value to the conversation.

Good Site architecture

13 effective techniques for building links 12Trust me, your website architecture matters a lot in bringing inbound links. Make it easy for people to link to your link site. Work on each individual piece of content on your site.

Make a few videos

13 effective techniques for building links 13It could be an easy way to get the people engaged through videos and get inbound links to your site. You are simply conveying the information and people get a lot of value out of it. You do that work ones and then it’s useful all the way down the line.

This is how you can go ahead with link building enhancing the overall authority of your website. Off page SEO activities like this one are little bit tricky but are quite result oriented and does wonders for your business if implemented the right way.

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