bing ad stats

  1. Bids on Bing tend to be lower, and the competition for keywords is lower.
  2. Bing’s share of desktop search market is 15.8%.
  3. 142 million unique searches on Bing network.
  4. 15 billion searches Bing processes monthly.
  5. 130 billion of ads Bing rejected in 2016.
  6. 175,000 of advertisers Bing banned in 2016.
  7. 500 million of Twitter tweets that Bing indexes daily.
  8. Bing and Yahoo ads allow you to use 40 characters in your title.
  9. Bing shows more ads at the top of the page than Google for most searches.
  10. You can import your AdWords campaigns directly into your Bing Ads account.
  11. Bing Ads allows you to target search partners only.
  12. B2B campaigns can often drive more traffic and achieve higher ROI in Bing.
  13. Bounce rate for Bing-generated traffic is 8% lower than the site’s overall bounce rate.
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