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Talking of business on web, conversion is factual king. Out of the strong need, an entire discipline Conversion Rate Optimization has been destined to convert traffic into transactions.

And, driving traffic to your site with content, social media, and paid campaigns is only half the battle, you need to get more specific landing pages, or immaculate them so a visitor considers buying.

Landing Page optimization is one of the ideal ways to raise your conversion rate and thus, to improve ROI.

Here, we toss 12 tricks you can act on to maximize any of your landing page conversion:

1) The most convincing headline

Majority of people ditch your landing page within 8 seconds; so you have these many seconds to capture your visitor’s interest. How it can be done?  Headline; frequently your unparalleled shot at convincing them to stick around as it is the first thing a visitor sees. Be apparent and concrete in what you’re offering and what visitors will get out of the deal.

You need to sum up it in five words or less, so be precise, be concise and be compelling. Start with your focus keywords and put up emotional triggers around it.

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2) Include a video

Including videos on your landing page can be very influential as it is a superb way to strengthen your general messaging and branding. Studies say that landing page videos may augment product purchases by 144%.

Try & use a video that demonstrates the benefits of the product in action. It is an ensured approach to allure and engage a visitor. Focus on video thumbnail too. You can embed your video in header or show it in other formats.

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3) Long-form content

With long-form landing pages, more leads come in. The pitch gives you more chances to craft compelling copy and get higher keyword saturation for exploration.

The long-form landing page improves the probability of driving organic traffic and escalating conversions. There are a few tricks to make the task less demanding such as making an outline of goals; using keyword research; analyzing higher-performing pages to get new ideas, etc.

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4) Building greatest number of landing pages

It’s been shown that when you have as many as of the landing pages, you get more & more leads. There’s an entirely solid relation between the number of landing pages you have on your site and lead generation. Here are a few of the explanations why the more landing pages, the better your leads number:

#More landing pages means more conversion opportunities

#More Landing Pages Means More Variety

#More Landing Pages Means More Marketing Collateral

#More Landing Pages Means More Targeting Opportunities

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5) Stop making mistakes with your A/B Testing

You’ve got a landing page, but do you know how to A/B test your landing page for conversions? If not, trust me it’s costing your business money. For those of you simply dunking your toes into the sea of A/B Testing, let me give you a speedy breakdown of what to do.

A few mistakes you need to stop making with A/B tests:

#Testing more than one element

When you do this, you wind up combining excessively information; making it significantly complicated to understand. The test becomes a “multivariate test” and it’s a great deal to get right. Things get a little more complicated here.

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#Ending a test too early

Numerous marketers end test as soon as they see positive outcomes. You should in its place give campaigns 3-4 weeks or more to gain an extensive point of view.

#Giving up after one test

Try not to give up after you’ve run a winning A/B test. If you’ve found that one image works superior to alternate, does that mean you have the supreme image? Just by running more tests you will find out.

6) Make load time super-fast

Studies have shown that even one-second delay in page response causes a 7 percent drop off in conversion rate. Visitors want to discover the information they are searching for rapidly.

If your landing page is frustratingly slow to load, examine your content and do whatever it takes to speed it up. To test your site’s mobile and desktop speed, you can use Google PageSpeed insights.

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7) Place your CTA as per the campaign type (Above the fold or below the fold)

Putting your CTA on landing page should rely upon which sort of campaign you’re running. Generally when CTAs are found on top of the page, it becomes simple to digest in that first eight-second look. It instantly draws your visitors’ attention to your major message and contact button, which performs better for conversions.

However, when your product is somewhat complex to understand, you have to give your visitors the required details so they’ll click on your CTA. To buy the product, they need to understand it.

8) Never present multiple offers

You should have one exact offer for each landing page as it keeps your prospect concentrated on one thing at any given moment. Displaying different offers on a single landing page is not best practice.


When you keep your landing page focused on a solitary offering recommendation, with your page CTA’s imparting it, and your message is clearly conveyed. Having numerous calls-to-action or USPs on your page weakens your message and confuses the spectators. Pages with numerous offers get 266 percent leads not as much as pages that give stand-out offer, so you can see how important this is.

9) Include a short contact form

Keeping form necessities short and showing just the basics is key to boosting conversions.

It’s significant to respect your user’s time, as they would prefer not to stay there filling out a dozen fields.

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10) Create a sense of urgency

Use scarcity strategies such as a restricted supply of your product, restricted time for your offer, or limited numbers for offer.

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11) Make your landing page mobile-friendly

As per the recent studies, mobile traffic usage has exceeded desktop traffic usage worldwide and the fact is enough to make us understand how to be ahead of the game. In case you’re not thinking mobile-first; you’re already headed for last place.

A good mobile site can twofold conversions as the sheer power of mobile is indisputable and so, websites must change in accordance with the portable pattern yet.

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12) Keep the messaging consistent

This appears to be really obvious, but when you’re running a marketing campaign, ensure whatever your promotion about continues as before through your sales funnel. This incorporates your landing page. Keep your list of profit and unique selling points same all through your online advertising and promotions. Take a look at Air Canada’s consistent landing page campaign below to understand the idea:

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The easier you make it for your site visitors to see your identity, what you’re putting forth, and what you’re asking consequently, the more probable is that individual will convert.

In terms of your website, enhancing your landing pages should be a top priority. Now that you know these 12 tricks to build a perfect landing page, reach there and start winning over customers.

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