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Your homepage works as a virtual front door, if your visitors don’t like it, then they are most likely to step back, as the bitter truth is most of the people still judge the book by its cover.

Your blog’s homepage is undoubtedly the most important element on your website, as you never get a second chance to make a first impression all over again.

To help you get on the track and design a converting homepage for your blog, we have compiled up the elements you should keep in mind while designing, so let’s check them out.

1) Pando

It is known for its well-designed blog that explores the startup cycles and uses different tones to highlight different sections of the site.

Why it works?
  • The main reason that the blog stands out for its design is due its consistent colors, as color boosts brand recognition. These consistent colors unify the diversified elements of the design.
  • It uses several different fonts which look seamless together due its cohesive color scheme.
  • Certain areas of text and bars are highlighted to attract user attention.

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2) Design Milk

Design Milk is an online contemporary design outlet which is known for its simple yet effective layout.

Why it works?
  • The social icons are present at the top, so they are easy to find. This makes it easier for the readers to share the content they like on other social networking
  • In the right sidebar, thumbnail images of new articles are present to prompt the users to read more.
  • The blog follows internal linking strategy with the help of which they are able to keep their readers engaged for longer duration of time.

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3) Videofruit

The blog is managed by Bryan Harris. Its homepage is designed as such that it converts. He refers to it as an ‘Upside-down home page’.

Why it works?
  • The homepage is dedicatedly working for one purpose that is to convert the visitors into subscribers. And, it has kept five different CTAs throughout the page for this purpose.
  • He has removed every kind of friction by keeping all the navigation links at the footer.
  • The best thing about this homepage is that he has given it the look of landing page to grab the attention of visitor.

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4) GrowthLab

The blog is managed by Ramit Sethi. He has a persuasive homepage for his blog by showing the images of happy customers, because people look forward to other people similar to them while making decisions.

Why it works?
  • It has a blue color call-to-action that prompts the readers to read the full story right beneath the statement of satisfied customer.
  • The homepage also provides social proof by displaying the number of readers and paying customers they have acquired in 11 years.
  • It has also kept a sign-up form at the end of the page to collect the email addresses of the visitors.

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5) Social Triggers

Derek Halpern manages the blog who is one of the smartest Internet marketers. The homepage is all how you can build connections with your visitors and turn them into subscribers.

Why it works?
  • He has used the psychological principle by showing his image on homepage, as people pay more attention to human faces.
  • The page has different call-to-actions throughout the page for fulfilling its purpose of list building.
  • He has featured a big testimonial on the bar to influence people, as social proofs always work well.

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6) Help Scout

Help Scout is customer service software which uses a simple and unique design on its blog homepage which is readable and clean.

Why it works?
  • The best part about its design is that it embraces negative space and limits the use of visual and copy.
  • It uses simple yet effective colorful feature images for its blog post which easily draws the attention of readers.
  • To signal the readers that what the post is about it uses different icons.

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7) Smart Blogger

The reason Smart Blogger stands out for its homepage is because of not having a fancy design. If you are able to build your email list and trust through your simple design, then what is the need to hire expensive web designers?

  • It is evident from its feature box that there main focus is to increase their number of readers and build the email list. And, it is easily able to fulfill its purpose quite well, because as soon as the visitor lands, they want to see more posts and it directly takes them there.

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8) BarkPost

Bark Post is a blog which is dedicatedly for dog owners and its purpose is enough to grab the attention of readers.

  • The call-to-action is present right above the featured content which makes it very easier for the readers to subscribe.
  • The social share icons are noticeable, as they match the brand’s trustworthy color blue.
  • On the top, the sister companies of the brand are also displayed which are owned under the Bark & Co portfolio of brands.
  • And, the best part about its homepage is that it works as an informational resource for dog lovers, parents and owners.

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9) Mashable

Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company which is known for its attention grabbing homepage design.

  • It instantly catches the reader’s attention with its bold colors, wiring overlay and contrasting text.
  • To help the readers decide that which news matter to them the most, they follow a three-pronged approach.
  • And, it also provides a great social proof by showing the number of shares on every post.

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10) Neilpatel.com

This is the main blog of Neil Patel who is a content marketing giant who has built many companies like CrazyEgg.

  • It is not just a homepage which has a pretty and cool design, but it is much more than that as it actually converts email subscribers.
  • It is a perfect example of conversion optimized homepage.
  • As soon as, the visitors lands on it, he grabs the attention with his playing video and fulfills its purpose to make them register for a free webinar.

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11) Crew

Crew connects you with freelancers for web designing and developing for hire. And, it has a unique minimalist blog design.

  • It features one blog post with a large subtitle and little description with the name of the author.
  • And, it displays the popular posts of the blog on the right side of the screen.
  • At the end of the page it offers an option to subscribe to the blog.

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12) Razor Social

The founder of this amazing blog is Ian Cleary who is an internationally recognized expert on online marketing.

  • Builds a connection with readers by displaying his big image.
  • Simple design with all the elements that are must for a homepage like sign up form and social proof etc. to win the trust of the visitors and collect email addresses.

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So, if you’re looking forward to grow your business with your blog, then you can start modeling your homepage by incorporating some tips and tricks from the above mentioned examples.

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