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1) The Educator: They teach you about everything or anything you do.


2) The Over Protective: They won’t even let you try new things as they would be knowing the consequences in advance.

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3) The Super talented: They are the favourites of your parents. Be it studies or extra curricular activities they are expert in everything.


4) The Live your life: They are pretty much cool with everything they encourage you for everything and tell you to  live you life your way.


5) The Superstar: Don’t go with the word literally they are the one whom almost everyone knows and love already.

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6) The ATM: Well they are you walking piggy bank you need money go to them and they will give you whatever amount you want.


7) The follower: They are the mommy’s favorite as they will follow you everywhere and then will give the detailed report of your day’s activity to your mother.


8) The Side-kick: They love you like anything and can move mountains for you, they trust you blindly and will do anything for you.


9) The Know-it-all: They know about everything on earth you have the  question and they have the answer. They are the best consultant you can ever have.

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10) The Annoying: They irritate you unlimited and bully you all the time for all the things.


11) The Bestie: They are you best friends and your soulmates. You  share all you happiness and your sorrows with them.


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