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Content marketing is much more than the framing of the content i.e. you should know what to write and how to write.

It is necessary to offer your readers the content which not only educates but also entertains them. Apart from creating an engaging, interesting and precise content, you need to make sure that it reaches to your target audience too.

Content marketing adoption is on continuous rise as it generates tangible results for your brand.

Jumpstarting your content marketing campaign is an uphill battle if you don’t have the right tools with you. Here, in this article we have covered up different types of tools, which are essential for launching the campaign.

  • Content Discovery tools

1) DrumUp

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DrumUp is a double-purpose tool which lets you discover all the brain storming blog post ideas. The tool shows all the trending content based on the keyword you searched for, from different social platforms and websites. It can also be used for content curation and social media scheduling and, makes sure that the content you gather keeps moving forward.

2) Ahrefs

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This is more than one tool as when you sign up for it, you gain access to 7 different tools. It is a must to have while launching a content marketing campaign as it helps you in tracking backlinks, keywords, brand mentions and also lets you know, what your competitors are up to. With this it becomes relatively easier to discover the type of content, which will work within your niche.

  • Headline Analyzer Tools

Headlines make a greater impact as these narrate the essence of stories to readers and make them stop and then, finally they scroll through the entire content. Seeking the importance, we have brought these:

3) Portent’s Content Idea Generator

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Portent’s Content Idea Generator tool helps you find a unique title for your content. You just need to type a word in the search box and variety of unique and captivating titles will be generated related to the word you entered. It helps in bridging the gap for writing attractive blog post titles.

4) CoSchedule

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CoSchedule works as a free blog post headline analyzer. It scores the overall headline quality and also rates the ability of your content, to result in increased traffic, social shares and SEO value. It suggests a title which brings the best results. This tool also works as a marketing calendar too and helps you in organizing your content.

  • Tools for Marketing and Distribution

So, you are done with the drafting of content; what is going to be your next step. Promoting your piece of writing to the core increases its probability to reach its own group of audience. Let’s find out what we have:

5) Buffer

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Buffer is useful to schedule the content across different social platforms and helps the marketers in bringing the engagement to marketers and agencies. Simply creating high quality content is never enough; you need to share it with the rest of the world too. So, it keeps you on track with your content and helps in generating significant results.

6) BuzzSumo

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It is a content marketing tool that helps in finding the most shared content and key influencers, as it has the ability to quickly identify what content is working well for an industry. And, also helps you in finding the key influencers for promoting the content. No other tool provides the kind of insight that Buzzsumo gives. The tool is extremely easy to use and completes the search in a couple of minutes.


  • Tools for Content Editing and Visuals respectively

7) Hemingway Editor

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It works as a proofreading tool, identifies the mistakes in your content and helps you in fixing issues before you post. It points out if few sentences are difficult to understand and lets you to make your writing bold and clear. The tool rates the readability of your copy and highlights complicated structures and grammatical errors.

8) Venngage

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This tool creates free Infographics for blogs and social media. Use of creative graphics brings a drastic increase in social media engagement. Moreover, it provides a wonderful option of drag-and-drop infographics maker with lots of sleek templates, custom design elements, icons etc.


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Visual content generates more backlinks and traffic than any other form of content. The tool is used for creating and sharing visual ideas easily and it lets you go beyond the basic content. It provides you with thousands of templates to choose from and is easy for getting started.


  • Tools for Content Optimization

10) Curata

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This is one of the powerful tools designed for both the beginners and advanced marketing professionals. It is used for building a predictable content supply chain, for analyzing the impact of the content on sales and marketing pipeline and for streamlining the content production. One can easily improve the approach of content marketing with the help of the data present on Curata’s dashboard.


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It is an online automation tool which can be used by the content marketers for automating manual tasks like outreach and promotion. The tool monitors all the activities like scheduling the content for sharing, interaction on social media and mentions.

Content marketing is the core component for brand marketing, so to launch the content marketing campaign successfully becomes a need. And, the marketers looking for the content related solutions should try using the above listed tools; as these have been designed to make your work convenient.

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