Do you have a Twitter account?

If yes, then do you want more exposure for your account?

With a few simple practices, you can increase the likelihoods that your Twitter account shows up in both Twitter and Google search.

Here are the 11 tips on how you can optimize your brand on Twitter; perfectly:

#1 Optimize your Bio

Your Twitter bio is your brand identity. Update your bio to include relevant keywords, hashtags and business related information.

Your bio should be compelling and engaging. Always use a link from your website or blog as your profile link, which can bring in more visitors.


Having a Twitter account that has all of your accurate information can help you get verified. And, this can help you point up in search more frequently.


#2 Header Image

Twitter header image gives you more advantage to show off a branded message. Change your header image monthly like a magazine cover page. (The ideal size for Twitter header is 1500×500 pixels).

Your header image tells a story about what’s happening in your brand. For example- Book Launch, Product Launch, Special Event, Special Offer, Trade Show


Be sure to optimize your all images with branded keywords to increase chances of being found in an image search.

#3 Perfect Profile Picture

You can use your company logo as the profile picture for your Twitter account. The ideal size for the profile picture is 400×400 pixels.

Ensure to adjust the background color of the photo to highlight the logo so that people can easily recognize your brand in their Twitter feed.

Also, think about color, image size, and how it will look from a mobile device.


#4 Insert Website URL

Add your website link to bring more traffic to your homepage. Also, think about some specific pages you want to send your Twitter followers.

You also want them to subscribe to your email list, download a free guide, or go to a landing page for Twitter users with a feed of your most popular tweets.


#5 Pin Tweets

Now you can pin your tweets selecting to the top of your Twitter profile. You can pin following tweets-

  • One of your best tweets
  • An upcoming event
  • A new announcement
  • A tweet that summarizes your brand and mission
  • A tweet that drives an emotion

You can think strategically when pinning tweets by including a strong visual, a clear call to action (CTA), related keywords, planned hashtags, and a link back to your website or blog for more detailed information.


You can also consider pinning a tweet that makes profile visitors feel happy, positive, funny, or amusing and you might start a chain reaction of sharing.

#6 Hashtags

Firstly, analyze which hashtags bring you the most engagement: clicks, retweets, likes.

Studies show Tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement but when it comes to the number of hashtags in a tweet less is more.

Prepare a special list of hashtags for any new campaign or event organized by your company. Validate that the hashtags are branded and use them when you tweet about the particular campaign or event.

You can use Hashtagify, tools to research the best hashtags to match your news and messaging.

#7 Ensure your tweets are re-tweetable

Twitter is a platform to bring out your brand’s soul and engage with customers.  So, every tweet counts. Retweets are the most effective method for expanding your reach.

You can make sure your tweets are re-tweetable and also check your spellings and readability.

Try to keep your tweets around 120 characters for more re-tweets. Use URL shorteners like to help maximize your character space.

Don’t just tweet a link and say nothing, write a short note or droll play on words.

#8 Add Location

Adding location in your profile is the easiest step. If you’re a local business, add your location in your twitter profile.

This way Twitter’s algorithm can match up your content with other locally based audience scenarios. Especially if you are in a specific location, this will also help you get found.


#9 Algorithms

Twitter launches new algorithm update every week or month. You can check your most interested Twitter feed thanks to the latest algorithm in March 2017.

The algorithm not only contains accounts you choose to follow but also content Twitter matches up based on your account connections.

The best way to use the algorithm is to be timing, location settings, appropriate hashtags & keywords, use astounding images, videos, GIFs, and polls. The more interaction and engagement you can stimulate, the more Twitter will support your content.


Follow relevant people but don’t follow too many relevant people.

If you want to attract a quality following, it’s essential to be active on daily basis such as bloggers, journalists, aware with your competition’s activity & hastags, listen to your customers and brand message and some generous followers in sharing other’s content.

#11 Twitter Chats

You can learn, grow, connect, and get brand exposure with Twitter chats.

Brands can start their own chat using a branded hashtag such as #MozChat. It is treated just like a weekly talk show on a committed day and time each week. You can find a list of industry Twitter chats here.

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