1. By 2021, the combined market size of augmented and virtual reality is expected to reach $215 billion.
  2. Augmented Reality is expected to acquire $1 billion users by 2020.
  3. $20 billion is the total virtual reality industry revenue to be generated by 2020.
  4. Facebook spent $2 million to acquire Oculus Rift.
  5. 44% of people interested in purchasing virtual reality devices are Millennials.
  6. 64% US consumers believe that augmented reality enhancements would benefit workplace.
  7. 291 virtual reality headsets are currently available for purchase on Amazon.
  8. Only 14% of virtual reality device purchases are made by Women.
  9. 77% of virtual reality executives agree that VR technology will impact the gaming industry most.
  10. 3 million Samsung virtual reality headsets were sold in one year.
  11. By 2025, the worldwide user base of AR and VR games is expected to grow to $216 million users and will be worth $11.6 billion.
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