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By now most brands are aware they need to be on social media, but many never get beyond Facebook and Twitter. By limiting yourself to only these two, you could be missing out on huge marketing opportunities presented by other social media sites.

Pinterest has emerged as a valuable social network for many brands. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks today as it has increased its active user base in 2014 by 120%, just ahead of Tumblr.

Here are 11 reasons for why your brand should consider joining the growing community of pinners:

1. Pinterest is #4 most popular social network
Pinterest has seen explosive growth over the past few years and now ranks as the fourth most popular social network behind Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The site’s 70 million users have created a staggering one billion boards and fifty billion pins.

2. Pinterest connect with Key Demographics
There are several important demographics that are disproportionately represented on Pinterest. Women make up 85% of the Pinterest audience, with 55% of women 18-54 using the platform. One third of millennial are on Pinterest and the visual platform is easy to use on any device. Pinterest also appeals to people who are on the go, with 80 percent of usage occurring on a mobile device.
If your brand appeals to women or young people, Pinterest could be a huge channel for you.

3. Pinterest could Become a Major Advertising Platform
Pinterest has started entering into advertising. They have rolled out promoted pins to certain brands and are expected to make them public within the next year or two. Promoted pins look very similar to regular pins, and show up in people’s home Pinterest feed. While we wait for promoted pins to become available, this is a good time to maximize your organic use of Pinterest. This will put you in the best position to maximize Pinterest advertising when it becomes available.

4. The introduction of Buyable Pins are taking social selling to a new level
Recently, Pinterest added feature of Buyable Pins, retailers have a unique opportunity to use the platform to generate direct sales. If a retailer has Buyable Pins enabled, users will see a “Buy it” button on all pins generated from their site. This feature comes at no cost to retailers, and is simple to set up.

5. Pinterest is a significant influencer of purchase decisions
Pinterest users tend to be some of the most engaged and loyal users of social media. And this engagement doesn’t stop at pinning and browsing images. The majority of Pinterest users rely heavily on the platform to help inform their purchase decisions.
According to recent research by Millward Brown, a whopping 87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product because of Pinterest. They also found that 93% have used Pinterest to plan for future purchases. This is a significant opportunity cost for brands that choose not to engage on the platform.

6. Pinterest Is Action-Oriented
Pinterest is more than a place where people passively look at pictures. Most pins are action-oriented. Recipe pins help people figure out what to cook for dinner. And fashion pins help people figure out what to buy. Pinterest is as much a catalogue and guidebook as it is a social network.
For many it serves as a mechanism of discovery, and not just their feeds. Because boards are organized by topic, it’s easy to search, browse, and discover pins from brands they’ve never even heard of.
It’s also easy for users to pin something to their own boards and save it for later. Pinterest functions as an easy way to bookmark products. Most Pinterest users are looking to do more than browse; they want to make a purchase.

7. Pinterest referrals have higher average order values than Facebook
While Facebook referrals still enjoy higher conversion rates than traffic from Pinterest, Pinterest consistently sees higher dollar values from orders. According to research by Shopify, the average order value from Pinterest referral traffic is $58.95, compare this to Facebook’s $55.

8. Pinterest users are open to brand marketing on the platform
According to Ahalogy’s research, Pinterest users are keen to connect with brands on the platform. When asked who they would rather follow their favorite brand/store or celebrity then 83% of Pinterest users said they would prefer to follow the former.

9. Pinterest gives you increased opportunities to get your products rankings in search
Branding your product on Facebook or Twitter is great, but it won’t lead to a direct increase in search rankings. Using popular and relevant keywords in your Pinterest boards however can have a significant impact on your search rankings, both in Google and in Pinterest’s on-site search.

10. Pinterest users have more purchasing power than non-users
If you want to connect with a high-income earning demographic on social media, Pinterest is where you need to be. According to a research from Ahalogy, active Pinterest users have 9% higher average income than non-users.
Brands who are willing to actively engage with these users on Pinterest can reach these users at a far lower cost than by advertising on traditional media.

11. Pins have tremendous potential for going viral
According to infographic, the average number of re-pins for each pin is 4.2; this means that every time someone pins one of your products, it has the potential to reach an additional 4 users.

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