1. People can never pronounce your name in a first go.

pronounce your name

2. People think it’s okay to make fun of your name.

make fun of name

3. People don’t believe that it is actually a name.

people dont believe

4. You always interrupt people while pronouncing your name.

interrupt people thousand

5. You  get mini panic attacks when people ask your name.

ask your name

6. Whenever you introduce yourself to someone new you have to rectify them a thousand times.

introduce yourself

7. People make their own versions of your name.

versions of your name

8. Your name is often misspelled in official documents and email.

name misspelled

9. You are always asked the story behind your name.

story behind

10. You are good with names because you understand the pain of getting it wrong.

pain and i portance

11. You feel happy & excited whenever a stranger pronounces it right.

happy and excited

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