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Do you have leads which haven’t yet turned into sales? You can nurture those leads into sales by winning their trust through effective emails.

In lead nurturing you stay connected with the email addresses you have collected as leads until they are ready to buy. Emails which work the best for conversion are never too desperate or pushy.

To help you better understand what kind of emails you should send. We have gathered 11 lead nurturing emails examples for you to let you know what you should bring into practice.

#1 Chubbies

This email encourages readers to go through the mail even if they do not want to buy anything. It contains both the elements information and fun in it. The copy is relatable to audience with attractive visuals that speak volume about the brand.

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#2 Tony Robbins

This email of Tony Robbins is for their Leadership Academy. The visual template is focused entirely on one single goal. And, the best part is that it generates curiosity by only revealing half of the story to know the complete story you need to click. The video thumbnail is attached at the end of the mail to provide readers more value.

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#3 JetBlue

The email highlights the brand’s commitment to engage with customers and retain them. It not only contains great puns but is valuable and helpful too. Even the copy is effective with the motive to turn current and past customers into JetBlue members.

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#4 Canva

This email of Canva displays less text to grab the attention of the user. They focus more on cool design and visuals. And, the call-to-action at the bottom of the email is an opportunity for the brand to get more leads. The pleasing colors of the posters prompt readers to view the article.

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#5 Airbnb

The email clearly displays the goal brand have in mind that is wanderlust. It has a clear CTA, ‘start exploring’ and also highlights dazzling destinations to travel. The content of the email has a personalized touch and it is curated as well. And, at the bottom of the mail they also give you an option to earn travel credit.

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#6 Delhi School of Internet Marketing

This email has a personalized touch as it starts with the users’ first name. The copy is simple which prompts user to take a decision. It also contains the links which provides the detailed knowledge of the training program brand runs. And, at the bottom of the mail webinar’s video is attached which provides additional benefit & value to the subscribers.

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#7 Crocs

The copy of the re-engagement email is simple yet effective. It not only persuades customers to keep in touch but also humanize the brand. They have also kept a short message at the bottom of the mail about Crocs Cares regarding shoe donations to remind you that the brand believes in charity.

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#8 EMyth

The email provides the readers with a question element by keeping quiz instead of the article. By placing an option of interactive quiz they get to engage with their subscribers. The chances of conversion increase through such mails. With the quiz you get to know that whether you are attracting the right customers or not.

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#9 GoToTraining

This re-engagement email has the first name personalization which instantly connects the readers. It has bold and clear-cut call-to-action in purple color. The top of the mail contains an interesting element that grabs the attention of the user that is you can save 25% with GoToTraining.

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#10 Zapier

This email is a perfect example of lead nurturing with a CTA button that suggests the lead to start a free trial. The copy also explains that what Zapier actually is and how it can be helpful for you. So, it builds the trust of the customer and prompts them to try the free trial.

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#11 Handy

This email has combination of clear call-to-action buttons which draws the attention of the viewer. The mail is full of information about the service they provide and a nice photo of smiling customers makes it more effective.

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We hope that you got the right inspiration from the examples of the brands mentioned above. So, do not stop here use what you have learnt from these lead nurturing emails to turn your leads into sales.

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