Life Lessons You Learn From Popular Games 1

Life lessons come from the most unusual of the spots and it’s no big surprise we find games around us inspirational and coaching core messages of lives.
Life is made-up to be puzzling in a way these games are and to further grow, we need to beat the troubles.
Here are few games; favorites of all the time making you learn that it’s not possible to get improved without a little adversity.

1) Super Mario Bros:

‘Look before you leap and it’s healthy to have Mushrooms  in your diet.’
Developers: Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development, Systems Research & Development Co., Ltd.
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2) Candy Crush

‘Life is not generally fair. At times you get fortunate with, sometimes you don’t. All you need to deal with it.’
Developers: King
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3) Criminal Case

‘To pay attention to the tiniest details and wait for energy accumulation to work further’
Developer: Pretty Simple

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4) Counter Strike

‘Using your head rather than heart eliminates your problems faster.’
Developer: Valve Corporation, Nexon, Ritual Entertainment, others
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5) Farmville

‘You need heaps of persistence to bring a result.’
Developer: Zynga
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6) Angry Birds

‘We all are different in our abilities.’
Developer: Rovio Entertainment
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7) Temple Run

‘Failure is a knowledge experience; and never concluding and rewards are always there as a part of the journey.’
Developer: Imangi Studios
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8) Contra

‘Partnership, when taken in a right way, works exceptionally.’
Developer: Konami
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9) Driving

‘It helps you take in the parking accuracy.’
Developer: 9Game Flappy Bird
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10) Need for Speed

‘No matter what less than 100% concentration, it brings assured loss.’
Developer: Ghost Games
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11) Fruit Ninja

‘Nail it, whatever you are attempting to do.’
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
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We have dependably been included into playing games in our regular lives, however, this time we have to comprehend the genuine lessons these have. With the difficulties testing us and stretching us as far as possible, the games resemble our lives right from the earliest; so, it’s time to look for the secrets and do some quests.

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