Do you endorse your brand on Twitter?

You would be using multiple hashtags for your outreach, isn’t it?

But, the method or types of hashtags you use are worth doing your endorsement?

Here are 11 hashtag tools that will multiply your outreach on Twitter.

#1 Hashtagify


One popular Twitter hashtag tool that can work for you amazingly is Hashtagify.

The tool is known for searching and locating trending hashtags and helps you to get the most relevant one for your purpose.

With a daily updated Hashtag Lab, Hashtagify allows its users to monitor it with the help of their social expert team and you can jump into a trending discussion in no time.

Hashtagify also has Instagram tracking feature.

It will not only be helpful in trailing conversations or discussions made by those hashtags but also will track other kinds of engagements happening on the same platform.

#2 HootSuite


HootSuite is the next hashtag tool for Twitter marketing.

A big name and multi-purpose tool like HootSuite is perfect for scheduling your content across different social media platforms.

With regards to the brand endorsement on Twitter, the tool will allow you to add a keyword module to trail a particular hashtag and applies for a specific time period.

#3 Twubs 


Consider your tweet with no hashtag.

Do you think it’s going to trend on the social media? It won’t.

Adding hashtags to a post makes it significant and expand its outreach.

Twubs, also known as hashtag hub empowers the users to share their personal videos, photos, and tweets and also edit their Twub information related to the hashtag, and get a wide view of the loop.

#4 Talkwalker


Talkwalker, your social listening tool is ready with its help for Twitter marketing purpose.

With the tool, you can trail brand and trending hashtags and mention them in your tweet.

You can also track keywords off Twitter or other social media, and make daily or weekly alerts so that you can get the mention of your keyword in the news.

Twub hashtags often jump out of social media and make you popular on other sites. But, it happens often.

#5 Tint


Hashtags are measures that spur conversation around a trending topic and release user-driven content (engagement as well).

What if you got UGC?

Here comes the role of Tint, a social gathering tool that will get all the most trending and impactful user-generated discussion or subject.

You can modify that discussion and show it anywhere on your account.

This moderated content can also be used to build a community and drive conversion.

Tint 2

#6 Exporttweet


While looking for a hashtag tool, you want to know its utilities and features.

Therefore, ExportTweet aggressively brings its features in front of its users to help them in tracking keywords, hashtags, and accounts.

Only this much?

No, not at all. You can further find it in getting top tweets, influencer data, related hashtags, geographic location, and more.

If you have the free tool, you can locate last 100 tweets, but the paid one unlimited tracking time and report downloads.

#7 Tweetreach 


Tweetreach is another tool that makes its presence in the seventh position in this list.

It offers statistics and analysis opportunities for brands and marketing professionals.

You can find a keyword or hashtag or a user account to know its social popularity.

The tool doesn’t take time in analyzing your query and submitting the report. The analysis will comprise retweets, impressions, top influencers and estimated reach.

#8 Tagboard


Tagboard is an aesthetic hashtag research tool and each “Tagboard” you created specifies a hashtag for tracking your events or tweet-chats going on your account.

You can easily analyze your all posts comprising your hashtag.

#9 Rite Tag


RiteTag can provide you ample reasons to use.

The first one is; it gives a number of trending hashtags on its site for being used in a way to take benefit of real-time marketing.

It also provides feedback on your hashtags when you type, indicating the power of your Twitter hashtag.

#10 Socialert


It’s on the 10th position in the list of 11 hashtag tools for Twitter marketing and bags its place for true potential.

The tool enables you in tracking all hashtag posts related to campaign, content, tweet-chats or events.

Socialert helps in pegging the popular Twitter marketing influencers with its colossal metrics for a particular keyword.

#11 Keyhole


Keyhole is a different kind of tool that you have seen till in the list.

It has a dashboard for showing the numbers of Twitter users posted with your hashtag.

It also displays the number of likes and retweets generated by your post.

It again helps in tracking powerful influencers in your network engaged with your brand. Now you will be able to target them with the help of your content and expand your brand’s outreach.


Here is the list of 11 hashtag tools useful for Twitter marketing purposes.

Using them will keep you in the loop of discussion and also in association top Twitter influencers.

These tools are right measures for brand promotion on social media.

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  1. all these tools are very awesome with all the detailed information but among them all I personally like Exporttweet is the best for tweeter analytics and I use this one.good job for this article.

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