It’s no secret that editing and making of video content is an evolving process. Every day you get better options to create a mesmerizing video.

The videos are one of the powerful resources of marketing and offer quick responses. You can reach to a wide range of audiences in no time and so what more content marketers can wish for.

But to make your videos to get the purpose served, you would require some tools. These tools help you in creating videos which can show your objectives.

So, here are the 11 video tools for content marketers to create useful video content:

Ideation Tools

1) ContentIdeator


Start your product hunting with ContentIdeator. The tool allows marketers to discover their next favorite things before the competitors do. The tool helps you in content research covering all major content channels including social media, blogs, and forums, etc.

ContentIdeator along with content research allows creating video content that your audiences share and get engaged with.

2) Placeit


If you are looking for a video content tool that helps you in creating YouTube clip for a technical product, Placeit would be the right one.

It’ll also tell you about the practicability of the video and thus, you will be able to create technology-based content which your audience would love to see and share.

Become an expert in tech video making with the help of Placeit.

Video Creation Tools

3) Videoshop


If you are looking for a video tool that gets you best creation even if you don’t have knowledge of video editing, then Videoshop is the best one for you.

Videoshop brings several features for you, like, “Trim, Music, Sound Effects, Slow & Fast Motion, Display Adjustment, Merger, Voice Overs, Animated Titles, and much more”.

It’s a video editor that is surely made for people who are looking to create engaging content.

4) Wirecast


If you want to capture the moments of concerts, lectures, trade shows, and events, Wirecast is the tool for your objectives.

With Wirecast, you can start professional video making services. When you create videos with the tool, you can send them to Facebook Live and Twitter-like platforms, inserting transitions and animated titles like effects. These titles and transitions make videos more engaging.

Editing Tools

5) Animaker


Animated video is one of the high scoring marketing tools. Whether it’s engagement or share concern, Animaker videos accomplish the targets brilliantly.

What you need to do for making animated videos is “Click & Choose; Drag & Drop; Edit & Play”. You will find 6 video styles in Animaker to create your content.

It’s a great resource for content marketers allowing them to scale up their video content.

6) Animoto


Looking to create great videos in an easy way, try Animoto!!

Animoto serves lots of features in video editing when it comes to attract people. You can create numbers of videos, download them and share on social media. You can also access music library.

The video editing tool is simply marvelous to achieve a video that could gather more and more engagement.

The Animoto offers free as well as paid monthly and yearly plans. You can check the packages by browsing the site.

7) Magisto


Magisto allows you for online video editing. You can create smart videos with the help of the tool.

Videos are greatly helping in brand awareness and thus, businesses are taking video creation sincerely.

If you are trying to make an authentic video content that also gets engagement and leads, you can do it with the tool. With Magisto you can share an impressive video storytelling with your prospects.

Promotion Tools

8) Circulate.it


Circulate.it is the tool for sharing content with the team which and then, for publishing the post on social media with one click.

Using Circulate.it leaves you free to accomplish your other jobs as you aren’t the only person to fulfill the responsibility. Sending newsletters to the team or coworkers is quite easy with the tool that will further redistribute them in their social networks.

Browse the site to get started today.

9) JustReachOut


Media people are vital connections for content marketing purposes. So, reach out to professionals who could be an advantage if you want to say worthy to a broad audience.

JustReachOut is the tool that helps you to connect with journalists and bloggers independently. You can search them by using keywords, competitor names, niches, and publications, etc.

You can also use this tool for finding and participating Reddit and Quora threads.

10) Promolta


Promolta helps you in gaining popularity on YouTube. The tool allows you to promote your video to millions.

The process of using Promolta is quite easy; you just have to “Start Your Campaign, Get Seen & Gain Popularity”. You can enter the site by sign up process or through Facebook.

The best part of using Promolta is that the tool focuses on quality instead of quantity and shows your video to people who really want to connect with you. Your videos will be displayed on multiple platforms.

11) Stacker


Stacker enables you to publish and reply on social media. It offers you features like, “Universal Inbox, Auto Scheduling, Multiple Social Accounts, Reports, and other features”.

You can schedule your content to post on social media whenever you want. You can also invite collaborators in managing your social accounts. Also, analyze stats referring to your followers and then, proceed for the content you publish.

Stacker is managed by a young team of professionals who are passionate about bringing technical features to the platform.


Video tools allow content marketers in creating content useful for marketing purposes.

Above-mentioned tools offer you options to create videos as per your needs, in a best possible way.

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