Twitter has 645,750,000 users worldwide and study says that every day there is 135,000 users signing up. Every month there is 190 million unique visitor visits this site and 58 million is the average tweets per day. If this data is about any social networking site then you can guess what’s there, which is not possible. You know, companies have already started using twitter to promote, connect and build brands. I am sharing one simple line that say a lot about the twitter.


Twitter is as simple as you think but can do wonders that you can’t imagine. Here are the few things that are important for your business.

Get connected with customers

112 Twitter use can get you connected with people for your business who are using twitter. It has now become the part of our everyday life. Here people can tweet anything and everything. It can even be an off-putting comment for your company if they are not satisfied with any of its product that they used. Looking at the brighter side, this can help your company to serve them better and help you convert brand opponents to brand proponent as well, if handled prudently.

211 It is not important that you should be a big brand to tweet and to be on Twitter. It is advisable to have a personal account if your company is not recognized. Ask Why? It is because people don’t feel good to talk with an LOGO unless it’s a famous brand. Everyone wants to connect with a person. Isn’t that?

Customer feedback


36 Customer is the God for us! Am I wrong? No ! Right? One satisfied customer wins other customers for your company and the fission reaction goes on. So customers’ feedback on Twitter can improve your product, your services and brand appearance. And if they are unsatisfied it is very important to pay individual attention and this will help you improve your customer service. Turning them into a happy customer will help you in the future.

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45 In the present world of advertising and branding twitter helps you market your product or services to more people and the best part is it comes for free and saves you from a lot of hassles at the same time.


54 To give all the latest updates you have one good place to start and that is your twitter account. The symbol like @ and # are very popular on Twitter. Let’s take Jet Blue Airways for example they will be on their twitter account as, @jetblue.

Give away coupon codes and promotions

64 Nowadays offering coupons to the customers is very popular to gain sales. These coupons codes can be tweeted as well. Customer loves to have good deal at best discounted price, such things not only motivates customers to buy more but also make them more loyal towards the brand.

Twitter is Viral


72 As you know that there are nearly 150 million users on Twitter everyday so you can guess how fast things can be viral. In the beginning you’ve to work hard to gain popularity with your twitter account then you will know how fast things can go viral on twitter. It can be one of the best of your marketing strategies that you can use in the future. Dell has succeeded in making their tweets viral with their promotional tweets.

Helps you have a look on your competitors

81 Your competitors always keep you ready to pull your shocks up. If you come to know that your competitors are planning something really very good and that it can actually ring more customers, you need to think for you as well. On Twitter, you can see such information easily by using twitter search. Here at twitter you can see everything including what customer say about you and your competitors.

Increase Sales


92 As obvious you will earn more money on more sales. Every company earns money after sales and Twitter can help you to rush out your entire inventory. Company like Dell is one of the best examples who have increased their sell on twitter. Can you imagine the figure? It is 6.5 million dollar in sales as reported by Mashable.

Brand loyalty

102 Once you have made a place and established yourself as a brand then all you need is to keep your customer loyal to you. Loyal customers bring new customers making the future better for you. Hence, use twitter and focus on your customers.
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