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Social Media is considered as one of the most effective marketing phenomena. Majority of the brands run advertisement campaigns to drive audience towards their website.

Nonetheless, it can be achieved without even running ads. We have listed 10 ways in this article through which you can give a boost to your social media traffic.

1) Pay Heed to On-Page SEO 

Optimizing the content for search engines plays a crucial role in increasing the views on your website. It effectively increases the online visibility and also facilitates in strengthening your brand’s authority and domain. It helps you to connect with the audience directly.

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2) Look for Referral Traffic 

All the visitors who are directed to your site from other websites like social networking sites, blogs etc. are considered as referral traffic. It can be generated from social media, blog commenting and by publishing guest posts. This can efficiently help in increasing your viewers.

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3) Encourage Internal linking 

The interlinking structure greatly affects the reach of your website. While creating and publishing content, always keep an eye looking out for inbound links. This not only improves your SEO ranking but also works as a keystone for increasing views on your website.

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4) Focus on Analytics Data 

Examining the Google Analytics data is an important aspect to keep the track of your posts performance on social networks. Create social media objective to increase traffic. Accordingly plan your promotional and content strategies, pay attention to the posts which are popular and know from where your audience is coming from.

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5) Share content on Aggregator Sites 

Posting relevant information on your site lets you maintain relevancy and helps you in directing the users. With the help of this you can drive viewers as they can find all the significant information at one place.

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6) Pay Attention to Guest Blogging

The most effective way to enhance it is by doing guest blogging on your site. You just need to find the right sites which support your niche and accept guest posts. Writing a compelling blog post can efficiently drive clicks to your webpage.

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7) Leverage Influencers 

Influencers play a great role in promoting your content. It helps you to gain more visibility. Building social media influence helps you in getting the more viewers in the long run. Once you reach a certain status of influence then it becomes relatively easier to boost your posts.

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8) Get Social

One of the best ways to increase it is to be proactive. Different social platforms can be used for promoting the content. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest like networks should be used for socializing.

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9) Keep an eye on Competitors 

If you want to generate it then you must keep a check that what your competitors are up to. This way you can get a glance on topics that are resonating and make the rounds of different media. You can find out what is trending and emulate types of content that will drive you more traffic.

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10) Be Responsive by Blog Commenting 

Make your site responsive by commenting on blogs to boost social media traffic. The comments left on the section bring better results. Buzzsumo can be used to help you in finding the sites where relevant content is there.

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All it needs is just persistent efforts to generate a steady stream of traffic. If you apply different approaches, then, you can enjoy all the perks of well–trafficked site without even paying a huge amount on ads.

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