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What do we do while watching ad on YouTube? Most of us mute or endure the ad for mandate 5 seconds and then we skip it immediately, as we just want to get to the thing we are there for.

It’s no easy task to create an effective ad that is liked and willingly watched by YouTube audience. Your ad needs to offer something unique which typical advertisements don’t.

There are zillions of advertisements featured on YouTube in a year. To compete for viewer’s attention, it needs to be an enjoyable and impulsively shareable piece of content.

We have brought a list of 10 most watched YouTube Ads of 2016, so that you can get an idea what the users want to see in a watchable online ad and what worked well for advertisers.

Most Watched 10 YouTube Ads are as follows:

10) Skittles ‘The Portrait’

Skittles Superbowl commercial features Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler with a portrait of his likeness, which is entirely made from Skittles.

Creative agency of the ad: DDB Chicago
Media: Starcom/Mediacom
Views: 24.2 million

9) Pokémon ‘#Pokemon20’

This Superbowl ad celebrates 20 years of Pokémon with its cinematic flair. It displays a series of young kids and adults, as they train themselves in their respective field by getting inspired from one another successes. The final scene inspires the child, “Yes you could do that”.

Creative agency of the ad: Omelet
Media: Mediacom
Views: 25.3 million

8) Hyundai ‘The Chase’

The advertisement opens up on a couple who are racing through woods with two ferocious grizzly bears in closely chasing them. The thing which amuses the viewers most is that when their prey escape, grizzly bears plop down in an unexpected cartoonish conversation saying, “I was just gonna hug him!”

Creative agency of the ad: Innocean USA
Media: Canvas Worldwide
Views: 26.1 million

7) Always ‘#LikeAGirl – Keep Playing’

The optimistic ad ran during the summer Olympics which focuses on women empowerment. It features a group of young women and girls discouraging the comments they have got about being an athlete and motivating all other girls to stick with sports no matter what people say.

Creative agency of the ad: Leo Burnett
Media: Starcom Mediavest Group
Views: 27.8 million

6) Mountain Dew ‘Puppymonkeybaby’

Mountain Dew’s energy beverage ad got viral for its main character which was visually unsettling and that’s why gained attention. It is an unusual Frankenstein creation having a cute head of pug, torso of a monkey with human baby legs.

Creative agency of the ad: BBDO
Media: OMD
Views: 27.8 million

5) Clash Royale ‘Theme Song’

The appealing ad for Clash Royale, a multiplayer mobile game features a turtleneck-clad keyboard player energetically, the rules of the duel in a song.

Creative agency of the ad: Barton F. Graf
Views: 37 million

4) Samsung ‘Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: Official Introduction’

The ad introduces the consumers to the much-awaited Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The ad displays lot of information in such a way that it is into an easily digestable format having sleek graphics and a dramatic soundtrack.

Creative agency of the ad: Developed in-house at Samsung
Views: 45.8 million

3) Nike ‘The Switch’

This advertisement is a longest Nike’s film ever of nearly 6 minutes. But what makes the viewers’ stick to the end is the climatic ending and optimism. The ad features famous Portuguese soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo with a young fan.

The bodies of the characters get switched and the kid needs to learn a lot to be a good soccer player. And then he steadily raises the ranks of youth football.

Creative agency of the ad: Wieden + Kennedy
Media: Mindshare
Views: 56.4 million

2) Knorr ‘#LoveAtFirstTaste’

In this three minute Knorr’s ad, a group of singles are paired with each other according to their flavors like spicy, salty etc. And, then they are asked to feed a meal to each other matching the flavor preferences they share. The results were delightfully weird with a touching social message.

Creative agency of the ad: MullenLowe
Media: PHD, Mindshare
Views: 60.4 million

1) Mobile Strike ‘Arnold’s Fight’

The commercial stars former California governor and renowned action movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The advertisement shows a deadly fight for mobile ensues, and there comes a military tank crashing through the walls and marines rappelling from the ceilings.

This ad was released in February last year and gained the topmost position in the most watched ads of 2016 because of getting maximum number of views.

Creative agency of the ad: 215mccann
Media: 215mccann
Views: 101.1 million

These advertisers gained the spot and made it big because of their unique and amazing piece of content and ideas. Hope, you will learn what made these ads work in 2016. And, help you create better advertisements for your brand.

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