1. The shaadi.com: They are always busy in match making. In the whole wedding they’ll be busy in looking for eligible bachelor/ bachelorette.


2. The free loader: They come to every wedding just to eat. they come fully loaded with their families and try everything on the menu.


3. The bappi lahiri: They come fully dressed in the wedding and give full competition to the bride

the bappi lahiri

4. The Drunkard: They’re full drunk doing naagin dance on the floor and drinking over and over again.


5. The Prabhdeva: They’re the dancers of the evening. They’re dancing since the baraat started and continue to dance until the DJ plays the last song.


6. The unpaid photographer: They’re busy in clicking pics of the whole wedding. They’ve taken more photographs then the official photographer.

unpaid photographer

7. The Unidentified: They’re the one whom no one knowin the whole wedding but still they can be found in every single family photograph, they even have few solo’s clicked in the hall before anyone else could arrive.

the free loader

8. Stalking photographer: Well, You all know them. they’ll follow you everywhere from stage to dinner table. they keep track of everything you do, what you eat, how much you eat and for how long you eat.

staking photographer

9. Water container: At the time of vidai she’ll cry even more than the mother of the bride though the last time she saw the bride was 10 years back.

water container

10. The complaint box: They’ll complain about averything in the wedding; From decoration to welcome ceremony, gift to food, they can criticize everything.


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