1. The Stalker: They have nothing to do in life but to message you all day and sometimes all night. They don’t get tired or bored they continue to stalk…

2. The Emoji Lover: They Just don’t speak.They just love emoji, they like to put emoji to every emotion.


3. The Creeps:
These type of people have got your number randomly from somewhere, probably from the entry register of some building you visited. These people message you randomly mostly at worst hours of the day


4. The Chain Messenger: Good Morning, Good Night, Chain Message, Threat Message like if you don’t forward this message to 5 people something bad will happen and so on they just keep messaging you everyday every minute.


5. The Groupies: These people just love to make group for every occasion they want to plan and then add a hundred people to it and expect everyone to respond but half of the people leave immediately cuz (a) They dont want to be a part of the group; (b) They don’t even know who added them to the group.


6. The Meme Lover: They just just the images and memes. every question you ask everything you talk about they have the image or meme for that.

meme 1

7. The one word replier: These are the most irritating one Whenever you talk to them you feel like you’re talking to yourself because you’re the one asking qquestions and answering them too. They only reply like Yes, No, Hmmm, Ryt, Ya, Yo.

one word

8. Status Stealer: They Saw a status, they liked it, they copied and then they pasted it. End of Story

status stealer

​9. Attention Seeker: They always look for attention and for that send random pics and videos thinking that its cool but in actual they’re not they really scare the hell out of us.

attention seeker

10. The Philosopher: They send you philosophical or inspirational quote images videos everyday to boost your morale and confidence. They either want to be parent or Baba Ramdev in your life


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