At some point or the other, most of us do meet people who have just started their business or are planning to start. While all of them share the same objective, i.e., to earn profit for their venture. However, all of them carry different attitudes and beliefs.

I’m about to give you all a reality check here.

BEWARE – Point # 3 will make you drool…avoid sitting on a chair while reading this!

1. The HUF entrepreneur

“ Mere papa ke chacha ji ki bete ka mota business hai…37 saal ho gaye!”

Even though the concept of Hindu United Families is almost disappearing from urban cities in India. Still, there are lots of hunks roaming around in giant SUV’s with their branded sunglasses flaunting off their graaaand-parental wealth.

HUF entrepreneur


2. The LANDLORD entrepreneur

Well, welcome to a new niche of uber-rich. Their fore fathers invested in vast lands lying barren decades ago and today they are earning vast amounts every month in the form of rental income. Beware of them, they might be under-educated!

Land lord entrepreneur



3. The NEWSPAPER AD entrepreneur

For him, marketing starts with newspaper ads and ends with very much the same. Every single thing, like a promotional offer or launching something new, the only single source of advertising is expensive newspaper advertising. (Well, he doesn’t realize that his advertising in newspaper does help, but only for cleaning car windows or as a anti-spill newspaper sheet while having brunch on Sunday!)


Newspaper ad entrepreneur


4. The WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur will slog all day keeping up with the daily routines of his business and at night he can be found in some downtown night bar, spending extravagantly on SAUVIGNON BLANC ( Don’t ask him to spell the name!)

work hard and party harder



5. The DIGITAL entrepreneur

This is the one who truly realizes the power and potential of Internet and the cost-effectiveness of the platform. We Salute Him!


The digital entrepreneur


6. The JACK OF ALL TRADES entrepreneur

Well, well, well…you are running a business and you come across something, you have no idea whatsoever. What would you do? Most of us would seek expert guidance in business matters. Well, NO, this kinda entrepreneur will GOOGLE the hell out of it and do it himself!

the jack of all trades entrepreneur



7. The MANIPULATIVE entrepreneur

The most dreadful of the lot and the hardest to discover. You’ll end up forgetting who you really are. His employees will just be a puppet to his/her strings and in the end, well, we all know what happens to all the characters associated with Ramadhir Singh in Gangs of Wasseypur, don’t we?

The manipulative entrepreneur


8. The WOM entrepreneur

He’s pretty good at public relations and will always offer you a tea or a cold beverage whenever you visit his store. Needless to say, his business relies solely on Word Of Mouth. His words denote his marketing strategy!

The word-of-mouth entrepreneur



There are 2 rules to success –

a)      Work hard and make money

b)      Marry a rich man’s daughter

The rich entrepreneur daughter entrepreneur



Everytime you meet him he has dozens of ideas to start a business but, he hasn’t put them in the groundwork to see them to fruition.

The wantrepreneur

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