No matter how big your business is and how bigger your expectation is when it comes to the traffic that’s being driven to your website, search engine optimization is going to be the life blood of your website and is a must do. To get the SEO done for your site you have two options either you do it yourself or hire a professional. However, if you want to do it all yourself you need to have the core knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. Or else if you are hiring a SEO professional you must know what to look for in a SEO consultant to invest your money smartly and judiciously.

SEO involves a cosmic array of knowledge and skills and luckily there are many companies in the market who offer professional SEO services. Let me go ahead and discuss with you about important characteristics of a skilled SEO consultant and the requisites that you need to look for.

Good experience in the market

seo 1 Make sure the SEO consultant you are going to hire to conduct your SEO campaigns has good experience in the market as it takes years of committed experience to know and master effective SEO. Besides, in order to stay updated with the ongoing search engine changes, a constant research is required. Well! There are different goals and challenges associated with different websites and experts will recognize the individual needs of the websites by looking at it.

Ask for the clients references

seo 2 The next important thing that you need to consider is to ask for at least three clients’ references from the SEO consultant and investigate them. A good SEO consultant who is actually able to achieve marketing targets for you will never deny in giving the references. After getting the references and while investigating them confirm it with yourself if you are satisfied with their accomplishments.

Make sure you are not being guaranteed for page one ranking

seo 3 Although it sounds opposite of what we are looking for but yes make sure that the SEO consultant you are going to hire won’t guarantee you for page one rank. Even, Google itself says that no one can guarantee you a number one ranking on Google. They advise you to be cautious of anyone charging you extra for a priority submit.
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Ensure that they are adhere to the Google webmaster guidelines

seo 4 A successful SEO professional is the one who knows how to bring the results at the same time adhering to the Google webmaster guidelines. They are fully aware with the updates and the changes that are being made by the search engines.

Reviews your website’s structure and content

seo 5 An efficient SEO consultant will meticulously evaluate details about your website and let you know what part of the site is not on the track, what is that which is working fine, remove something if defective or harmful and so on.

The case studies of their previous work

seo 6 In addition to the client references, you must go through the case study of their previous work to know what they did and why. Like a good SEO consultant does, they should be happy to show you that and should have a good number of sites to show you the examples of their work.

Have a reliable system of communication

seo 7 For any concern you should be able to reach them easily and get call backs punctually. Make sure that they are informing you well about what’s being done and why and should not treat you as if you don’t know anything about what SEO and how is it is performed. Rather they should keep you informed about everything that goes on.

They follow “White Hat” SEO

seo 8 No matter what is being promised to you always stay away from using grey or black hat SEO as it could be disastrous for your website ranking especially after the panda and penguin algorithm updates by Google. Make sure the SEO consultant have a strong set of ethics and every technique they implement is legitimate and complies with search engine guidelines. Google does not accept loopholes or tricks and hence the SEO consultant must operate with above-board, accepted business methods.

Concept of all three phases of SEO must be clear among them

seo 9 There are three phase of SEO, first one being the technical aspects of your site decides on how accessible is your content and its structure to the search engine. The second thing is your on-page SEO that talks about keyword density, alt tags and internal & external linking. The third phase of your SEO is off-page search engine optimization, which includes backlinks submission, social media networking and article distribution. They should be well-versed with it.

Should have a good know-how in marketing

seo 10 Being the SEO consultant for your website they will help you improve the marketing strength of the content that you have on your website and will also let you know about writing a content that will lead to sales. Not just that a good SEO consultant helps you do it in a way that will make your website more attractive, helpful and able to keep the targeted traffic engaged.

Well! These were a few very important things that you must consider while hiring any SEO consultant. You are going to pay somebody to carry out SEO for your website you must know where your money is going and if that is giving you any result or not.

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