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If you have a business you can’t overlook the information that appears online about you or your company.

And, it’s important to monitor your online reputation. Gaining the trust of clients will make or break your company.

Online reputation management can help you create or maintain the image that you want for your business. Just make sure you have the right methods and tools to use for a more precise and appropriate way of getting the results.

Here a list of important tools to help you monitor your Online Reputation Management (ORM):

#1 Naymz

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Naymz is a useful tool that can help you track and manage your social influence, which is closely connected to your online reputation. The higher your influence, the more positive your reputation will be.

The most interesting feature is a RepScore that rates your influence across different social networks.

Peer calculations tell you how trustworthy and respectable your brand appears, and then gives you management tools to strengthen your online presence.

Price: Free/ Subscription

#2 Brandseye

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BrandsEye is a tool for brand monitoring and management. It provides near real-time feedback about online discussions involving your company name, brands, campaigns and employees.

It offers all the basics of reputation management but has a refined algorithm that analyzes and reads data. One thing about this tool is that several people in your office can have access to working with it.

It is also used for competitive analysis plus checking out what’s going on with your competitors.

Price: Free/ Subscription

#3 Trackur

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Trackur is a social media monitoring tool designed to assist companies and PR professionals in tracking what is said about brands on the Internet.

It monitors hundreds of millions of websites including social media channels, blogs, forums, news sites and media sharing sites.

It offers you a no. of features like the ‘Executive Insights’ feature allows you to quickly see the no. of new results.

Price: Free/ Subscription

#4 ReviewPush

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ReviewPush is an online-based, subscription solution for both single and multiple locations that promise to simplify review management for the purposes of uplifting brand reputation.

It also offers customer review request tools and monitors social media and consumer review sites, such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, and YellowPages.

#5 Brandwatch

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Brandwatch is one of the leading tools for social media monitoring in the world, allowing your business to analyze and utilize business conversations from across the social web.

It helps you monitor specific keywords and brand mentions on different social media networks. It has engagement, monitoring, as well as workflow features.

Price: Free Demo/ Subscription

#6 Socialdraft

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Socialdraft sends real-time notifications when a business is mentioned on the web or in social media.

Companies are able to monitor review sites, social networks and blogs in addition to mainstream media with this tool.  This platform is ready to manage your teams, organize your accounts, and ensure permissions are correctly line up.

They also monitor a ton or restaurant, hospitality, medical, attorney and real estate review sites.

Price: Free/ Subscription

#7 Chatmeter

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Chatmeter is the leader in local search marketing and reputation management. It offers local brand monitoring for chains and franchises. The platform provides reviews, social media, listing accuracy and search rankings.

It comes with location-based analytics and competitive benchmarking so merchants can see how their brand compares with their competitors on the national, regional or store location level.

Price: Free/ Subscription

#8 Reputation.com

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Reputation.com provides simple, location-based and social site integration solution for the business reputation and also improves the online presence by online review management.

It includes social media management, engagement tools for posting, a reputation score, and a physical kiosk for obtaining in-store reviews.

It also offers the ability to learn what customers are saying about each individual location, and companies can get insights into what customers are saying about their competition.

Price: Free/ Subscription

#9 Rankur

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Rankur lets you, monitor, track your social media presence and analyze your online reputation – as well as that of your competitors.

It also helps you see your online reviews, monitor competitors, and has a team workflow feature. Plus, it’s available in many different languages.

Price: Free/ Subscription

#10 Radian6

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Radian6 is an in-depth tool for managing online reputation on the social media space and also to engage with audiences across platforms.

It gives you real-time insights about your customers, competitors and influencers. It also offers comprehensive coverage including millions of blogs, comments, Facebook API, Twitter and discussions on the social web.

Price: Free/ Subscription


Using above-mentioned tools is one phase of managing your reputation online. Creating a positive image and hence better reviews through these tools is an effective way to start your online reputation management.

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