Does your blog post get pretty decent traffic but you fail to turn these visitors into customers?

We use Content marketing to build business results. These results signified by some form of conversion- generally an email subscriber, but sometimes a lead or a customer as well.

So, here is a question how to maximize the results from these kinds of posts?? Because generating leads from your blog is not an easy task.

Here are some strategies for maximizing conversions from any blog posts-

1. Create a slide-in CTA

When you reach a certain point on a blog page, the slide-in CTA appears.

This is the way to help your blog post readers convert on your blog posts.

It won’t disrupt the reading experience of blog readers.

Here’s an example from DSIM:


2. Use a light box pop-up

Lightbox popups are most commonly used for capturing email addresses.

You either love them or tolerate them. But they are every effective, according to the stats, using them could get you up to 1,375% more subscribers.

Here’s an example of how DSIM uses them on their blog:


3. Implement call-to-action (CTA) in top bar

These Top bars CTA appears very top of your page.

According to stats, around 90% of visitors who look at the headline on your landing page also take a look at your CTA copy.

This CTA help you to grab a reader’s attention.  If you have an interesting offer, this is a great way to promote it without being too loud.

Here is an example: Jeff Bullas uses them on his blog-


4. Develop content upgrade

A content upgrade is a lead magnet created definitely for a particular blog post or page.

It is a simple strategy that suddenly increased my conversion rate from .54% to 4.82%, reported by Brian Dean that is a 785% increase.


You can get as innovative as you want with your content upgrades by using PDF blog post, video or audio recording or making cheat sheet and many more ways.


5. Put CTA box in the end of a blog post

You don’t always need a top bar offers. Sometimes just a simple email subscription form will do the trick to increase your conversion rate.

You can place CTA at end of your blog post to compel your readers to get subscribe to your blog.


6. Modify your design based on heat maps

Heatmaps combine user interactions (touch/tap, swipes, pinches, and scroll) with your product.

It will show you where your readers are spending most of their time on your site. So, you can provide great insight into any blog changes you need to make.


7. Increase your load speed

Blog load speed can intensely impact your website ranking and conversion. It is an indirect factor.

If your blog loads very slowly, you’ll definitely lose your readers before ever land on your page.

8. Publish blog posts at a different time

If you want to get notice, pick an off-time to publish. By this, you can grab the attention of people when all the other online noise has settled. You’ll have a great chance for conversion.

9. Nail readers in with content

A recent post area at the bottom of your blog page is a great way to keep readers engaged.

Note: Use compelling headlines and images, so you could keep readers hooked for much longer time to your website.

Again DSIM does a good job of this:


10. Put Tweetables to increase social shares

If you want to increase your social share conversions, it is required to make it easy for your readers to share your content.

The Click to Tweet tool creates sharing easier than ever. It’s a responsive way to tell people to post, while creating the real sharing process amazingly easy.

Here’s an example from CoSchedule:


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