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The market of Facebook has expanded greatly in recent years. Marketers found the platform quite useful for reaching their sales target through the ad platform.

But, ideally, Facebook is more popular as social platform amongst users when compared to sales task. This is because most people find the platform more helpful for the conversation over advertising.

A factual report from Aaronzakoswki confirms that Facebook users regularly update their status, their clicks, send personal messages and much more. Find this in below graph:



What does this graph says, are people on Facebook not keen on buying things or you can’t sell your products or services on Facebook?

Yes, you can achieve your targets, but, you need to warm up your cold audiences before you sell anything to them.

How would you do this?

The answer is Facebook Sales Funnel.

What is Facebook Sales Funnel?

Facebook Sales Funnel

Steps for creating Facebook Sales Funnel

Step 1- Create Varied Content

To begin, you need to have a few different forms of content at your disposal.

You have to come up with different forms of content for warming your cold audiences. This may include a blog, eBook, video, slideshow or anything else.

You shouldn’t bother about the path when you’re keeping high quality, ample engagement and relevancy to your product you’re advertising.

Ensure such content is on your website as this will help you later on while retargeting leads and work them further down your funnel.

Multiple forms of content help you in satisfying your varied range of consumers. Remember, a one-size-fits-all approach would not work here as many of the consumers would be cold and won’t show much interest in buying and some may be enough warm and immediately ready to buy your product.

So, bringing different kinds of engaging content will make sure that you’ve got something for all of the valued consumers.

And once, you’ve got their attention towards your content, they’re in your funnel.

Step 2 – Make Content to Catch Your “Warm Audience”

In the next step, focus on promoting content to “Warm Audience” of yours. By, warm audience, it means those users or customers who have already been exposed to your brand and shown some level of interest.

Warm audience may be existing Facebook fans, followers as well as website retargeting list.

Now, you’ve to keep eyes on engagement levels of your posts and find which content has been most visited by your warm audiences. This can be video, blog or anything else.

Analyzing your data will help you in taking your cold audience in the funnel as well.

Step 3 – Target “Lookalike Audiences”

Create and target Facebook “lookalike audiences. These are the customers “who look similar to your existing customers or Facebook fans”.

What is noticeable with them is that they similar interests and behaviors like your current audience. Lookalike audience can help you in boosting your sales outreach in one time as you’ll target two different sections of consumers at the same time.

So, who could be your “lookalike audience”?

You can pick any demographic of your cold audience which has not been targeted yet.

So, go for targeting them.

For creating “Lookalike Audience”, go to Audiences of Facebook ads. Then click on “Create a Lookalike Audience.”

Lookalike Audiences 1

See the next page-

LookAlike Audiences 2

Now, what you’ve to do here, choose your source that “can be a Custom Audience rather than created with pixel data, data partner or any other resources”.

Whatever fits the most?

Now, here you’ve to choose the location and audience size ranging anywhere from 1 to 10 percent of the total population of the country.

Remember, the smaller is your audience size percentage, more probability of the lookalike audience to match your current audience.

Now, click on “Create Audience”.

LookAlike 3

Step 4 – Show Your Best Performing Content

Now it’s turn to promote your best content, so what does it mean? It means the content which has got most engagement now needs to be distributed to your cold audience.

Again that content can be anything like blog post or webinar. Thus, you’ll able to transfer your cold audience in your Facebook sales funnel and turning them into warm ones.

They’ll be now aware of your brand and would show some interest in making a purchase.

Step 5 – Apply Remarketing techniques that Work Efficiently

In the fifth step, you need to do remarketing that would prove to be effective.


You can’t expect of sudden boom i.e. your cold audiences turning in to warm audiences in no time. Remarketing techniques will help your brand to be exposed to your cold audience in a fruitful way.

Facebook proves to be a premier network for such activity.

Step 6 – Use Facebook Pixel

Use Facebook pixel for enlarging your sales funnel.

How to Create Facebook Pixel and its Working Methodology?

Click on “Tools” and then click on “Create a Pixel”.

Facebook Pixel

Now click on “Next”.

Now, you’ll be asked for Integration or Tag Manager or do you want to copy and paste the code.

Now the platform will create pixel base code for you.


How Does It Work?
  • You created a Facebook pixel.
  • Now, you need to add the pixel to your website code.
  • Now, remarket it and try to get your visitors back to finish a purchase.

Step 7- Use Video Remarketing Technique 

You came to know about Facebook pixel for remarketing purpose. Now it’s the turn of videos to create impact and turn the cold audience into warm ones.

Explore the videos which are exposed to your audience and have been making marks.

Use these videos to develop connections with your cold audience and motivate them to visit the landing pages.

Now, add some interesting lines to your video like “thanks for watching my videos, but you can find more exciting information on our landing page”.

This would be a simple encouragement to bring cold audiences to your desk.

Steps for Facebook Video Remarketing-

Facebook Video Remarketing 1

Facebook Video Remarketing 2

Facebook Video Remarketing 3

Facebook Video Remarketing 4

At this point, you’re going to make some conversions. But of course, not everyone is going to convert.

Step 8 – Remarketing Yet Again

So what to do?

From there, you’ve got them on your email list, so you can keep warming them up until they’re eventually ready to buy.

Did a lot of remarketing and yet not completed. This may be possible that videos and pixel remarketing would not have accumulated all the audiences and you can’t afford them to leave.

In this remarketing procedure, create another ad for those audiences and encourage them to subscribe.

Subscribing to your product or service not only make them regular consumer but also your solid offer will make them move to purchase your product finally.

Step 9 – More Warming of Leads

Now, you’re on a stage where you’ve encouraged the majority of your audience to connect with you.

But, is it really the case?

You may have motivated 20 or 25 or 30% audience who could open your emails, but still, 70% of them may not be funneled.

Make an ad that displays the full benefits of the product or service to clear their doubts about the particulars.

You can apply all sensible and feasible hacks in the ad to convince your remaining consumers to get motivated for the purchase of product or service.

Step 10 – Final Call for the Sell

This is the last yet the most important step of the Facebook sales funnel.

Till this step where your audiences have gone through your content, products, services, and everything promoted, but never went to the final checkout page.

Now, what to do for the hard sell, create a personalized video ad saying that “Thanks for watching our video, but for some reason, you didn’t make a final purchase of product or service”.

Now offer them a sales message stating them a reason to purchase.

At this point, all of your leads should be familiar with your brand and warmed up about as much as they’re going to be.

Till here, all of your audiences have gone familiar with your products.

They’re now ready to buy.


Facebook even being a social platform provides ample opportunity for sales and business.

You need to do that understand the techniques that can help you turn cold audiences into warm ones.

Here are the steps of Facebook Sales funnel that will help you in achieving your sales target.

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