It’s no secret that video content is viewed as an impactful approach in marketing & branding and this has led the medium ‘YouTube’ to become the second largest search engine on web.

Before we move ahead to learn how to drive more & more subscribers for your YouTube channel, let’s rove around few amazing stats that this platform has secretly earned & is holding:

  • Video views on YouTube per day: 4 billion
  • 1 hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.
  • Average time spent on YouTube per individual: 40 minutes
  • Hours of video watched per month on YouTube: 6 billion
  • YouTube covers 95% of Internet Marketing Population

With these crazy stats, a marketer cannot even think to skip the platform; in circumstances where these numbers are about to get bigger.

The opportunity is indeed great, yet you need to follow a few strategic ways to tap into and gain maximum out of it. Here we have brought 10 smart ways to help you boost your YouTube subscribers count.

1) Pick your title/description wisely

Writing a good title vastly moves your video’s click-through from both YouTube and non-video SERPs. From an SEO standpoint, the title works as the most important piece of content on-page. YouTube generates HTML Meta tags for each of the video view pages in view of different elements. The title of the video turns into the title tag; the description becomes the Meta description tag and gets increased click-through on being impressive and planned.

  • Keep a check over the title characters, Google trims page titles someplace around the 66 characters mark
  • Be descriptive, as it let viewers know what the video is about.
  • Include the word ‘Video’, it increases your view page relevancy
  • Keep it simple
  • Put some interest


2) Embed the video onto your website

If you have a site that is getting traffic, this can work as a great opportunity to leverage your existing visitors and lean towards to become subscribers to your YouTube channel. This can be done by embedding your YouTube videos on your blog, working as an easy way to get more subscribers. You can also promote the video to your social media audience.

This is important because Google algorithms need to know how frequently a video on YouTube has been viewed, calculating for video views as well as the site’s page views.


3) Clear Call to Action

Call-to-action drives click to your videos as providing direction to viewers.  These really work for pointing out visitors’ interests, getting them over to other channels, or taking them subscribe to yours for updates whenever you put on new clips.

You can be a little creative with the aspect:

  • Ask a question
  • Free trial/subscription
  • Sign Up
  • Fill out a short form
  • End Cards
  • Channel Greetings


4) Be Appealing

With the key element, you put forth your energy in a qualified way forming your brand’s identity. You should create videos with a purpose to address your audience needs and so, you need to become useful, compelling and valuable. You can customize & improve the design, profile, imagery, content, etc. to leverage upon the visitors reaching on to your site.


5) Use Annotations

Annotations are a sort of sticky notes (of any size/shape/color) that can be placed all over your videos once being uploaded on YouTube. You can strategically place these annotations as these bring differences in outcomes received against your marketing efforts. This is achieved as viewers see these and get prompted to take actions such as to move ahead for subscription, etc.

For increasing your subscribers, there are few effective uses to choose upon:

Click-to-action annotation: For example, You can add an image, graphic or button written with ‘Subscribe’ to the video and ask your viewers to click on it.

Call-to-action annotation: “Speech Bubble” works in a way.


6) Interact Consistently

Upload new videos consistently and ideally on a schedule. YouTube is a community and you start to see much more results when maintaining your presence with consistency. The prior reason someone hits the subscribe button is because they appreciate the work of the publisher and love to get notification from them on a regular basis.

For example: If your group of the audience comes to anticipate a new video every Wednesday, they’ll look forward to Wednesdays! And, when you upload a new video, viewers who have subscribed to your channel will receive a notification and it will help you trigger new views.


7) Make a good intro

Take a moment to understand the aspect that why it is of much significance to bring a good trailer for your channel. Trailers are a great example to get your audience pumped for the publication.  Your creativity allows you to tell the world about the great information/content/facts you have; they might be missing out.

What makes it?
  • A warm introduction
  • Get your point across
  • Tell your audience what to expect


8) Keyword Research your videos

There is a lot of planning behind a good and engagement producing video and keyword research is one of the important elements to look upon. You will miss a good scope of high-quality traffic, if your video doesn’t have the rich keywords. Your purpose should be to find the keywords that have YouTube results on the main page of Google as this will increase your chance of ranking in search.


9) Create a Payoff

You can take up the section as a strategy to attract new subscribers on your YouTube Channel. Pick something unique, fun or different and share this with the world, embraced with your goals. When you do this, people actually arrive to support you and help you achieve your objectives. For example, post a crazy dance video of yours or a challenge and you will see how many hits actually you have earned through the attempt.


10) Reply to Comments

Engagement is a huge buzz word and by noting comments on your videos, you essentially show the consideration of your specialty. The more queries you answer from your audience, the more likely they’ll return for additional insights from you. To grow the list of your subscribers, it is equally important to help spur quality talks around your videos and the comments your viewers leave for.


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