Every business unit needs skilled hands to support the business and the bigger the organization the greater the number of managers. A manager means a person who manages the business affairs and in the present time one has to know about the technology which the world is using and that can help him and his organization in many ways. There are several reasons one should learn digital marketing.

14 • As a professional he has to write several mails each day so in order to be in contact with his client or customers off line and on line. Sometimes it is possible to send a few thousand mails to different companies, clients, media and co-workers and such mails go in bulk with the help of advance software technology only.

28 • Now a day’s mostly everyone is using socializing site like face book, twitter, linked in etc, very regularly and professional people are getting friends on social media platform. And important things are shared and discussed there only due to busy schedules.


311 •There are several websites which are offering regular helping tips to grow your business and management skills.

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41 • Nowadays every company has a website and as a manager of the company you may need the help of media for sending press release or something else. Those kinds of important things walk in every day of your life.

51 • In today’s world everyone is switching from one job to another for better growth and web portal gives such information and keeps you updated.

61 • There are several courses available online that can help you to grow in the future, like MBA, digital marketing etc.


71 • Nowadays there are web portals that ask you to share your experience on net. There are companies who look for content writing, freelancer editors, proof readers, which can be also a side income for some professionals.

81 • If you are a sales manager then you have no place if you are not friendly with digital marketing because Google surveys keywords of the users and finds that people searching for insurance buyer book buyer, medical help etc. use Google search a lot.


91 • Advertising world is just based on digital marketing. Socializing sites like face book are full of such things. Earlier managers had to wait long to see their ads in newspaper but now they can see ads on net after a couple of minutes and calculate its effect soon.

101 • Money market news keeps coming on face book. Every now and then as a manager you can manage your money perfectly.
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