YouTube influencers help you achieve your business goals more quickly and more easily.

This doesn’t mean you should go only with influencer marketing, but do consider it as an important part of your marketing strategies.

Now, you would be looking to search them out, then take the help of the following tools-

1) Scrunch

YouTube 1

Scrunch is on the top position in YouTube Influencer tool list.

This tool is completely user-friendly and data-focused that help businesses to find suitable and relevant influencers.

Sign up will take you to categories of influencers where you can select an influencer from desired industry. Additionally, you can slim down your search to micro, macro and power influencers.

You can have “Starter” at $0 for forever, $99/month for Pro and $299/month for Power packages.

2) FameBit


The next on the list is FameBit, the first self-service influencer marketing platform including numbers of YouTube influencers.

Here social media influencers register themselves so that brands can interact with them to develop content for their campaigns.

You need to sign up first and then create a campaign by filling all details of promotion to search out influencers for your business.

Once submitted the campaign, you’ll start receiving proposals from prospective creators.

For Creators, sign up is free with 10% service charge and for Brands listing is free with 10% service charge.

3) Influicity


The third one in the list is Influicity, a subscription-based influencer marketing platform helping you to create and manage your own network of influencers.

The platform has YouTube and other social media influencers to get engaged and partnered with. You can choose the best influencer among 1.6 billion social profiles and make their selection on the basis of the target audience, location, and behavioral characters.

Influicity comes up with a free basic plan in which there will be one client account, one user, and up to 10 influencers can be added to your master list.

There is a paid version of the tool as well.

4) Upfluence


The fourth one is Upfluence and, it’s another self-serve platform and good for small and medium level businesses, although Microsoft and PayPal are also its users.

Upfluence recently introduced it influencer relationship management system, Publishr.

Publishr offers tools for businesses to manage each influencer relation. Users will be able to create lists of suitable influencers for particular campaigns.

Users can track their influencer campaigns and interact on content.

5) Revfluence


If you’re eyeing to find Instagram and YouTube Influencers at the same time, then Revfluence is the place.

The platform has 150,000 influencers and anyone can meet them by signing up.

Revfluence is great place influencers who want to communicate with brands and see their proposals and campaigns.

With Tinder-like “Quickmatch” search engine, it acts as a solid means for brands and influencers to meet.

6) BrandBacker


BrandBacker is not only for users but also a platform for influencers. The categories available are beauty, mommy, women’s fashion, food, lifestyle, and travel.

It’s a huge network of social media influencers with 20,000 already signed up.

Influencers find their opportunities as free samples, discounts, paid posts and early to access things. Here, influencers are able to apply to campaigns that interest them.

Once a brand agrees to hire the influencer, that individual creates content and submit for brand approval.

After approval, the influencer publishes the content share among its audiences.

7) Exposely


Exposely connects brands with highly engaged YouTube influencers. The influencers as well as brands, both have great opportunities to scale up their business.

Exposely has proved to a great influencer marketing platform for small and medium level business which can sign up, allot a budget, find relevant influencers and then carry out campaigns.

Exposely account can be started at $100 only.

8) Grapevine Logic


When you’re looking for an active and high-performing influencer marketing platform, you can find it in Grapevine Logic.

The platform has influential YouTube creators that can meet different brands to promote their campaigns.

The platform has a Recommendation Engine which comes with proper suggestions to brands to choose the right influencer.

The results are refined and improved when brands operate campaigns and this makes clear that which influencer is the best for a certain brand.

9) Blogmint


Being Asia’s largest influencer marketing platform, Blogmint says that influencer marketing impacts global businesses.

There are more than 40,000 influencers on this platform.

Connecting with influencer on Blogmint is easy as brands create campaigns and post them here. Then interested influencer applies for the same and thereafter brands hire them on the basis of the genre of BlogScore.

Once the influencer is hired, brands can run their campaigns on influencer’s blog or vlog.

10) IZEA


IZEA has a lot to offer and being a SaaS platform, it actively does that. It associates agencies and brands, automating influencer and content marketing programs, all.

IZEA now covers all aspect of content development and distribute them with the help of influencers on their blogs and their social accounts.


YouTube influencer marketing is quite an effective technique to build a strong image of the brand.

Searching them manually is quite difficult, so you should try the above-mentioned tools for the same which are effective, time-saving and high performing.

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