Wondering how to get effective results from Twitter marketing?

You just need to manage your analytics, that’s it.


Here are the 10 top Twitter Analytics tools that will help you achieve your goals-

1) AgoraPulse


AgoraPulse is a complete social media management tool that allows you to monitor several accounts at one time.

With AgroaPulse, you can manage several Twitter accounts as well. In order to deliver impactful Twitter marketing campaign, go for purchasing a few thousand Twitter followers from a recognized provider.

Those few thousand Twitter followers will help you influencing organic users and widen your reach.


AgoraPulse has different paid plans.

2) Sprout Social


Social Sprout, apart from being a media management platform, it also comes forward as a strong Twitter analytics tool.

Report generation is quite easy and you can do it a number of times from custom time ranges with a few clicks.

This Twitter analytics tool helps in analysis of content performance, for instance, you can view overall report.

With Sent Messages Report, you can see how each Tweet performed, down to the last click.

The Twitter Keyboard report offered by Sprout Social allows you to view “who and what is most often mentioned with your brand”.

This report facility will be extremely helpful in identifying influencers and monitoring marketing campaigns.


Starts at $99 per user/month with a 30-day free trial or request a demo.

3) Keyhole


Keyhole is chiefly made for analytics-only service and that does great for Twitter as it tracks Tweets in real-time.

Keyhole has lots of advantages, i.e. without signing up; you can use its free Twitter analytics tool.

The tool includes “a live tracker for hashtags, accounts, keywords, and URLs.

Keyhole lets the brands track their marketing campaigns and live chatter surrounding their company.


Starts at $179/month with a free 3-day trial.

4) Simply Measured


Simply Measured focuses extremely on social analytics.

The service offers you insights on “how your Tweets are contributing to your marketing funnel”.

The competitor comparison report service allows you to analyze the strategies being followed by your competitors.

You can also merge the performance of Tweets for web conversions to your website traffic details.

Simply Measured also offers analytics tools from Twitter.


You can request a demo to Simply Measured to show the advantages of Twitter Analytics tool.

 5) Union Metrics


Union Metrics is another multi-metric social media service provider and its Twitter analytics is one of them.

Union Metrics is dedicated towards analytics and its Twitter analytics includes hashtag tracking, real-time monitoring of campaigns, and identifying influencers.

The Twitter Snapshot Report is another major product of the company that has paid features used to generate the report.

The audit report generated by the tool gives you an idea of how your brand is doing on Twitter.

The Twitter Assistant, another significant tool provides you with customized recommendations for your accounts like “which is the best time to tweet and which hashtags had the most engagement.


Starts at $23/month

6) Mentionmapp


If you’re looking for confined Twitter analytics, then Mentionmapp is different from what you’ve seen on this list.

The reason is its more real-time mapping. It is so because it analyzes accounts, hashtags, and Tweets which are worth paying attention to.

The tool includes “filters for mentions and a retweet cloud with colored sentiments”.

This tool is equally vital for journalists and companies that look for trending topics and drawing connections between accounts.


The tool offers a free account with limited access, and also paid accounts that start at $9/month.

7) Quintly


It is an amazing tool and with aid of this, one can connect seven social networks in one go and so can data be centralized.

This tool could be best used for watching out for your competitor’s profile.

Also, one can easily keep a track of their response time.  The Twitter reports generated by this tool gives an inside view of Tweet level.

You can maintain the dashboard absolutely customized in terms of metrics which is prime for you.


$129/month, 14 days free trial available.

8) Tweet Binder


It enables you to work with Twitter and Instagram both at one time. One can create customized analytics reports with the use of it.

This tool avails you with event services, one can create social media wall for the marketing campaign.

It also helps in identifying the influencer accounts and so connects you well with that. With the simple usage of this, one can filter out the content of their choices.


Free plan available, but for seven days; Paid plans start at 150€ ($184)/month;

9) Klear


If you are looking for influencer marketing, then Klear is must go solution for you.  One can find, monitor as well as manage influencers from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

It has both a free tool and paid plan. With paid plan, one can obtain conversations and account demographics.

The free tool offers you a preview of companies offer and so the research job becomes easy.

Its free influencer tools give you a good preview of what the company can offer.

This helps you find the top influencers in each market and give you instant research on any account.


You can request for a demo.

10) Native Twitter Analytics 


In case you’re financial expenses are not allowing you to get premium service from Twitter, you can opt for Twitter’s native analytics dashboard.

With the use of this, one can get the valuable information such as top tweets, engagement with any group or discussion as well as mentions too.

Also, the most attractive offer is the availability of demographic data.

So, plan out your Twitter calendar with this free service and manage your connections as per their income, interests, profession and so on.


Free/ You can request for a demo.


Twitter rewards you with a high-scaled social media profile. To know the count of followers from a particular location, in a particular time and much more, Twitter analytics comes to the fore.

If you want to analyze and manage your Twitter analytics in an effective way, you can use above-mentioned tools.

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