Businesses and brands are using social media platforms to promote their products and increase customer base. Not any company wants to remain in the dark side of the social media. Thus companies from each and every sector are promoting their products and services through social media. Then what could be the platform better than YouTube for video promotion of a brand.

DC Shoes topped YouTube’s list of most popular video ads in August 2015, earning 18 million views for its Robbie Maddison’s “Pipe Dream” position. The No. 2 position was also taken by a brand-new entry to the list. ROC by Monster’s video ad featuring soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo won 11 million views.

The theme for August’s top video ads appeared to be professional athletes, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Blake Griffin, Rafael Nadal, J.J. Watt and the Manning brothers all making appearances on the top 10 list.

Following are the 10 most watched ads so far on YouTube in August 2015:

10) Friskies “Dear Kitten: Regarding Friendship”
Views: 2,874,380
Uploaded: Aug 7, 2015

9) Gatorade “Sweat It to Get It – High Knees Ft. Peyton and Eli Manning”
Views: 3,264,512
Uploaded: Aug 18, 2015

8) Tommy Hilfiger “It All Comes Off”
Views: 3,912,925
Uploaded: Aug 24, 2015

7) Gatorade “Sweat It to Get It – Tip Ft. JJ Watt”
Views: 4,270,745
Uploaded: Aug 18, 2015

6) Quaker “The Recital”
Views: 8,349,917
Uploaded: Aug 14, 2015

5) Old Spice “And So It Begins”
Views: 8,529,493
Uploaded: Aug 6, 2015

4) Jordan Brand “The Dunk to End All Dunks”
Views: 9,075,081
Uploaded: Aug 4, 2015

3) Lexus “The Lexus Hoverboard”
Views: 10,096,174
Uploaded: Aug 4, 2015

2) ROC by Monster “Cristiano Ronaldo in Disguise”
Views: 11,199,884
Uploaded: Aug 3, 2015

1) DC Shoes “Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream”
Views: 18,573,996
Uploaded: Aug 2, 2015

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