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Mobile marketing continues to be the medium of focus for marketers due to its increasing demand. So, there is no doubt that 2017 will be the year of mobile as it has continued to be from last couple of years.

Mobile has officially surpassed desktop by becoming the top source of web traffic across the world. According to a research in October 2016, 51.3% of internet usage came from mobile devices while only 48.7% came from desktop access.

This rapid shift to the mobile marketing is no surprise as this has been predicted over past few years. So, here we have gathered 10 mobile marketing trends in this article on which a marketer should keep eyes in 2017.

1) Messaging Apps will Benefit Mobile Marketers

In 2016, Facebook introduced automated messenger bots for providing better marketing service to the users. The messaging apps are gradually evolving into full-fledged marketing and commerce platforms. Mobile messaging platforms are likely to have long-lasting effect on customer engagement and transactions. Marketers should jump into these platforms to earn huge benefits.

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2) Mobile Market will Become Self-Sufficient and Independent of Counterparts

Ad platforms offer self-serve decisions and solutions to the marketers like it lets them create video ads, creative promos without even having hardcore Photoshop knowledge. Online economy, including mobile has provided lots of small business owners with the self-sufficient and independent marketing methods. Marketers who would like to promote their products on their own should add this trend in their mobile marketing strategy.

3) There will be more Location-based Technologies and Services

Location-based data will become increasingly important to engage more customers with the brand. Small businesses will focus more on such services like their own mobile applications, payments and ads based on the location as their demand is estimated to increase at a fast pace. In 2016, 78% of marketers will spend more on location-based marketing.

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4) Augmented Reality will be Used with Utility Apps

Augmented reality sounds like a futuristic concept but it has been around for years and its growth is likely to increase in this New Year. Augmented reality apps will be integrated with utility apps, so as to become the most engaging applications for the users. These applications will provide huge benefits to the businesses by boosting customer engagement.

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5) Platform-agnostic Decisions will Gain Focus

The minor borderline which exists between applications and web experience is likely to get erased this year. Platform-agnostic decisions like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Progressive Web App (PWA) and instant apps will enhance mobile users’ experience. This trend is not known but holds great for mobile marketers as the users prefer the platform-agnostic experience.

6) Videos will Continue to Grow 

Videos are preferable by the users as it increases brand awareness and engagement. Video ads and live streaming videos both are expected to grow in 2017. Over the period of 2014-2016, mobile video increased up to 28%, so the response is overwhelming. Mobile advertisers should not forget to add this trend in their mobile marketing strategy to increase lead generation.

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7) Artificial Intelligence Will Gain More Importance

Artificial Intelligence is thought to be embedded with applications by marketers. A mobile commerce app that shops for you on the basis of what you like can do wonders for both the mobile marketers and buyers. This technology is expected to be the groundbreaking trend this year.

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8) Mobile Security will be a Priority

Mobile security matters a lot and it will be a top priority for mobile app developers. Security and privacy will be a major concern for mobile marketing as mobile phones continue to evolve into wallets and purses. Mobile security is likely to be on the top of the priority list of developers.

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9) Social Mobile Shopping to go Big

E-commerce is going to see a big change in 2017. Marketers will be able to share, tweet, pin or snap all the offers they are promoting and will also be able to put the sales offers directly into the visitors’ newsfeed. People can shop directly from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. For example, if the visitor likes what they are seeing on Pinterest then they can directly buy it with Pinterest’s ‘Buy It’ option.

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10) Native Advertising will Keep on Expanding

Native advertising will continue to be on the rise as viewers are tired of seeing such ads which are trying to sell their products hard. Native advertising is the solution of this problem as it does not look like ads; it just appears as a post in the newsfeed. Mobile Native ads will double up the Click Through Rates (CTR) of display ads as they don’t cause customer distraction.

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So, kick-start your new year with the 10 above listed trends to stay ahead of your competitors. If you are looking forward to grow your business then you should get on board by following these mobile marketing trends.

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