The marathon 9-phase voting is over in the country and the time has come when you will finally know how the next Lok Sabha is going to look like. Everyone with their fingers crossed must be waiting to know who is going to represent their country at the union as the election results will be declared today.

The year 2014 Lok Sabha elections have recorded the highest voter turnout ever at 66.4%, but let’s see what majority of citizens of the world’s biggest democracy actually want. Although, many surveys and studies in the past revealed that majority of Indian want BJP or say Narendra Modi to be their representative at the union but nothing can be said until we get the final results.

Anyway, talking about Narendra Modi, there are so many things we have learnt from him, whether it is about management, marketing or just anything else. He has proved to be the true inhabitant of this digital world by leveraging various digital platforms to generate awareness about him and his party. He actually connects to all the section of the country irrespective of their age, gender etc.

Let’s have a look to a few marketing lessons that we have learnt from Narendra Modi

NaMo Identified with the target audience

110 India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. It is expected that, in 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years, which signifies that a majority of Indian population is youth. This is what BJP identified and instead of overlooking this bigger part of the population they tried connecting to them wherever they were. So, NaMo, was not only successful in putting across his message to the older generation but also the younger generation.

NaMo choose the right platform

210 Although, social media is not just popular among the youth but it is a fact that majority of social media users are youth. This is what NaMo, identified with and planned to leverage all those social media platform where he could easily connect with the majority of Indians as he was anyway able to connect with the rest of population through rallies and other social gatherings arranged by his party BJP.

NaMo went digital


103 It is high time and that you cannot overlook the role of digital in any marketing communication. The sooner your brand gets on to a digital media, the better it is. NaMo is leveraging various digital media platforms since long. In fact, his online mention is said to have increased by 126 per cent since January 2013. With around 2,263,674 followers on micro-blogging site Twitter and over 3,598,400 likes on his Facebook page, Modi is the first Indian politician to have such a great presence on social media. Last year, he also launched apps for iPad and iPhone that lead to his blogs, speeches, books and images. His website is said to be one of the most organized political web properties. It gives us a lesson that we must choose our media wisely. Social media, one of the most effective platforms for communication with the masses, is relatively the cheapest communication vehicle and that leveraging it will not only help you reach your audience but you will have the true value for your money.

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NaMo embraced Technology


48 If we really want to grow our business we cannot overlook the technology and have to match the pace with it as it can really help us reach our audiences effectively. And, if you don’t doesn’t mean your competitors don’t as well. NaMo identified with this need of the hour and embraced technology to augment his reach. So, if a 63 year old politician can do this, you and I certainly must.

NaMo made it more interactive

56 We have talked about and it will remain important that interaction with your consumer really works. Gone are those days when you customer would entertain your interruptive marketing messages. They now care more about the relationship and trust that you have build with them that can be easily accomplished by interacting with them. Make them to talk, listen to them and let them feel that their views actually matters when it comes to anything and everything. This is what NaMo did by launching various campaigns on social media sites meant to make people talk such as the ‘Chai pe Charcha’ campaign that made people to give their views on how to rebuild India. This effort covered even that part of the society that was unable to be a part of political rallies and even TV interviews.

NaMo focused on subtle branding

66 You must have heard ‘slow and steady’ wins the race. I know it’s not easy and that you would always want to build your brand as fast as possible, which is not bad although. But if you focus on giving value to your audiences by educating them , helping them on issues they are going through, it will help you build trust and a better relationship with your consumers and eventually will help you build your brand that would never last if you continue to do so. Don’t just try to deliberately push your message to your audiences thinking it would build your brand very soon. It may take time but subtle branding would last long.

NaMo integrated various communication channels


77 There are various channels for communication such as TV, radio, social media, email marketing and so on which are all beneficial in their own ways but you cannot achieve your marketing goals just by leveraging any one channel or leveraging them individually. You need to integrate various communication channels to get the most out of your efforts. Just like the way, NaMo’s ‘Chai pe Charcha’ campaign integrated various channel to get maximum impact. It took the advantage of on ground kiosks to gather people in the offline world, connected them to party leaders and people from other towns with the help of digital media, which was further promoted through TV, radio and print media to further increase the reach and visibility.

NaMo linked his party with things that matter for people

86 Various businesses do this, they associate their brand with things people already care about. For instance, Dairy Milk tried to associate with the phrase’ kuchh mitha ho jaaye’ Coca cola with the word ‘thanda’ and so on. This is how companies have tried associating them with something people are already familiar with. NaMo’s ‘chai pe charcha’ campaign illustrates the same as to how to relate brand with things that people can relate to.

NaMo made it more engaging and interesting for the people


94 Talk about something that people will love to talk about just like the way NaMo do in his campaigns. It could be anything a discussion on how your product or services can be made better or how your product and service can make your consumer’s life better and so on. Take their views, respond to them and let them know how you are going to enact upon their views.

NaMo reached his audience proactively

38 Instead waiting for the masses to come and know more about the party and workers, NaMo, proactively tried reaching them. Although Q&A is not a politician’s cup of tea but still NaMo went ahead and started conversation with the audience asking their views on various matters in order to engage them and augment the party’s reach. Not everybody reads newspaper or watch speeches on YouTube, so it is actually a good idea to initiate an interesting conversation on platform they are if you really want to reach you audiences.

Hopefully you must be implementing these lessons to gain better ROI and uplift your business. If you know some more lessons do let us know in comments. We would love to hear from you.

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