One of the basics of marketing is that it revolves around communicating the value to your prospects and understanding their needs. Well, Arvind Kejriwal has proved once again that the basics never change.

Here are 10 marketing lessons we all can learn from Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP

1- Your customers aren’t morons

Father of advertising, Mr. David Ogilvy quoted “The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife”. Brands often underestimate their customers in terms of experience.

The other traditional parties like Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party assumed that the masses will not go for a newcomer when it comes to choosing their leader, and in the end Mr. David Ogilvy was right once again


2- You need not have hefty marketing budget to beat your competitors

Aam Aadmi Party backed with a mere funding of INR 20 crores, mobilized thousands of people to volunteer for them and people happily participated in the event. This was possible only because of the correct communication strategy used by AAP.

Think of ideas which are easy to execute and provide better Return On Investment (ROI)


3- Create an effective social media strategy

AAP kept a close watch on the voter sentiments through social media & other means & continuously modified their campaign tactics & strategy. Thereby running a very cost effective campaign against well-funded campaigns of the BJP.


4- Explore different advertising channels

As stated in the point above, AAP did excessive campaigns on social media. But, that was not the end of the story, the part also reached out to masses through print advertising, radio advertising and meeting people to understand their problems.

Thus, brands should be aware that even though traditional marketing is far for being non-effecting, bundling up with online means of advertising will provide you those impeccable results you always dreamt of.


5- Always believe in collecting feedbacks and be ready for criticism

Arvind Kejriwal, the front man of AAP, made it clear in every communication that if they find their team members indulging in corruption they would straight away cancel his/her election ticket. And, such incidents did happen when people reported to AAP authorities that some of their candidates are corrupt, and in the response, AAP cancelled their assembly tickets


6- Being Transparent Helps

A brand which shares every possible detail with its target market always gets rewarded for its honest policies and fair treatment. This ensures customer loyalty and trust.

The website of Aam Aadmi Party clearly highlights details of every funding they receive, doesn’t matter how small the amount is. This level of transparency and honesty helped AAP in winning the trust of people.

DSIM has been transparent in its approach since the beginning. No wonder, in a span of 4 years DSIM has delivered 2900+ smiles. See images of all batches here


7- Speak the language of your customers

It is very important for brands to understand that unless they do not get what their customers are saying, the whole communication plan will be of no use.

Arvind Kejriwal, from the very beginning clearly understood the pain points of the masses and his every communication comprised of these qualities


8- Don’t underestimate the power of Mobile marketing

With an exceptional rise in the number of smartphone users in India, AAP realized the true potential of advertising on mobile platforms and did excessive mobile marketing.


9- Accept your mistakes and quickly learn from them

Kejriwal was quick to accept his mistake in resigning, thereby, taking the wind out of the BJP & Congress’s line of attack.


10- If you fail once, do not give up

Even though the last time when Mr. Arvind Kejriwal got the prestigious chief minister’s seat, his reign lasted for 49 days only. However, he came back with fervor and his victory proves that – “Failures are a part of success”

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