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Increasing traffic to your website is good enough but not the highest, especially when the aim of your site is to convert visitors into customers. If you are successful to attract visitors to your website then, you need those to turn into customers for developing. Otherwise, your efforts are just like a bucket with a hole – draining away your money and time.

This may sound simple to the others but you know how difficult achieving this goal is. Here, we have gathered 10 little-known secrets for you, so that you can get the ball rolling and turn your popular website into a profitable one.

1# Have an Exciting Landing Page

A creative landing page that speaks volume about your brand in fewer words is very appealing to the viewers. The unique copy and compelling call-to-action buttons are necessary for convincing the visitors instantly. An effective copy guides them towards your CTA and prompts them to take an action.


2# Know what your Competitors are up to and Upgrade

Always keep a check what your competitors are doing to keep ahead in the competition. You need to keep learning and upgrading your marketing skills for achieving better conversion rates. Visit their sites and know what seems to make them better and make changes accordingly.


3# Offer them a Free Trial Period

You need to offer a free trial to give your visitors the confidence to become the customers. A free trial clear all the doubts by demonstrating the confidence you have in your product; you can make them your potential customers. And to keep the users engaged, offer extended trials and also ask them for feedback.


4# Live Chat Integrations

Implementing live chat option on your website helps you to improve customer service. Most of the consumers prefer live chat as they can get the answers to their questions instantly. It works as an excellent and affordable tool for turning visitors as it allows you to intervene before an unsure customer abandons the purchase.


5# Chase your Visitors with Retargeting and Remarketing

Remarketing is an effective technique to bring highest return on Investments (ROI). For example, you browsed some item on a site but didn’t buy it. And, wherever you go you see an advertisement of that product.

This is simply referred to as Retargeting and Remarketing. The more your visitors are reminded of the product they browsed, the more likely they are to buy it.


6# Highlight Key Elements on your Site

Highlighting the key elements on the website by using contrasting colors is very effective, when it comes to conversions. Use CTA buttons, Pop-ups and catchy headlines to improve conversion. Make use of animations, arrows and lines for directing the viewers’ attention in the right direction.


7# Provide a Free Subscription

There are very rare chances that anyone who lands on your site for the first time will make a purchase. You need to offer a free subscription on your website to your blog, podcast and newsletter, so that you can stay in touch with them by sending them free advices and samples in mails. Hence, building a list of people who have opted to receive your free subscriptions has better chances of conversion.


8# Spike Conversions by Creating Urgency

Use urgency and scarcity statements in order to drive more people towards your website. Because the way you present your content in front of the viewer on your website is the key to conversion. You need to create a sense of urgency by adding statements like sales expires today, this way you can attract more customers towards your campaign and prompt them to buy stuff.


9# Implement Testimonials in your Website

Testimonials work as an excellent form for social proof to increase your conversions. This not only lets you showcase your product, but also highlights the wonderful reviews of other people about it. A testimonial from a well-known face can do wonders for your site, as it leaves a positive impact on the visitor and prompts them to convert.


10# Always Treat your Visitor as a Customer rather than a Prospect

Treating your visitor the right way is essential for improving existing conversions. To persuade people to spend money in your services and products, you need to give them a VIP treatment. Delight your visitors by talking to them as a customer, not a prospect.

There are end numbers of possibilities that tend to convert your visitors into customers. You just need to focus on conversion optimization for hacking your way to growth. So, get creative with these less known secrets which help you in increasing the conversion rate of your website.

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