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Links matter a lot!


The content of pages and the links pointing at that content are the two most important elements Google looks at when deciding on the organic search positions of your pages and so, it matters.

But link building is difficult; yet not impossible as you need to get links from trusted and trustworthy domains particularly within your own niche.

Here, the post includes 10 of the best, tried and true ideas for link building that you can use every day:

 1#The Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique lists a few needed steps; finding/creating great content comes first.

The idea is to pick popular pages, improve upon them, and then reach out to sites that linked to those lower-quality pages and get them to link to you.

It’s a great strategy. Know here the steps incorporated:

  • Step 1: Find link-worthy content

The first step in it is to find some relevant pages with lots of backlinks. Use your top key phrases; if not knowing do some keyword research. This will bring you the first content ideas to toy with.

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Now, you need to know which of these pages have highest number of backlinks; you need here some backlink research tools. Look through the information found and you’ll quickly spot the page with biggest number of backlinks. Check pages for backlinks in these tools.

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  • Make it even better

Now, you should take an audit of the content, performing the best. This will help you improve your own content by understanding what exactly makes up a top-performing post.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Make Your Content Longer and More In-Depth
  • Add Images, Videos, and Other Rich Content
  • Dig Deeper Into the Topic
  • Think More Strategically

Proceed to create superior content on your own site as these efforts to your process of revamping the content could make the difference.

  • Reach out to right people  to ask for links

The third step of the skyscraper technique is a bit difficult. You need to find ways to get people to link to your content. There are a lot of methods that involve social media promotions, cold-pitching via email.

Now it’s just a matter of giving your qualified prospects a friendly heads up about your clearly superior content.

 2#Building links from broken links

You’ve likely read a lot about using broken links to get backlinks. However, you need to know how to find broken links that could bring link building opportunities and also, how to convince website owners to change the broken links on their websites to yours.

When you happen to find a site with one or additional broken links, and if your content is a worthy replacement, try & reach out to the webmaster in an email. Some of the tools you’ll need to use for the broken link building strategies.

Significantly, they’ll put the link you’ve provided as no site owner wishes to lead visitors to a 404 page or a business that is no longer operational.

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 3#Write a testimonial on a company’s site

A convenient way to get backlink is by leaving a customer testimonial on a company’s website.

Make a list of brands/companies, analyze their websites and check to see if they use testimonials or not. Work with ones which have testimonials on their websites. Connect with them and ask them for to add you.

When you are a customer using offered product/service, there’s a higher possibility you can get a link in exchange for a testimonial.

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 4#Backlinks through infographic

Infographics work as irreplaceable and quality content for your followers and to design it, there are many resources out there to help you create your own with drag-and-drop tools.

Now, let’s talk about the next big thing i.e. how to share it with the world. Make an HTML code snippet for embedding the infographic on a web page, making the image link to your site. Now, go ahead offering the infographic to bloggers in your niche.

Also, you can submit it to infographic sharing websites. These pieces will accompany an introduction text, or even you’ll be paying websites to host the infographic. Free tools to create infographics with ease.

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 5#Link Reclamation

Find your brand online mentions and examine if they have links attached to them. If the founded content piece seems to go better with a link to your site, find your way to email. There’s an increased probability that you will find the opportunity to acquire a backlink when requesting webmasters to place in links within your brand mentions.

This method is workable in case of both no link and broken link. Tools for tracking your brand mentions.

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6#Backlinks from guest posts

The benefits of guest blogging are numerous; one is landing backlinks from authority sites. First you need to build a list of guest post targets, preceded by building your content portfolio. Consider looking forward to get some good links, taking care of page rank and domain authority. With sites accepting guest posts, submit your perfect piece of content including perfect Author Bio for conversions & link building.

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 7#Interview or get interviewed

You can acquire backlinks through interviewing and being interviewed by others. The strategy goes in two ways:

  • When you are the interviewer:

When interviewing interesting people in your niche, ask your subjects to provide a link back to your post on their website.

  • When you are the interviewee:

Getting interviewed on podcasts, news sites, blogs, and in other publications is a simple way to build natural backlinks. When the interviewer posts the write-up (or video) on his blog, he’ll naturally include a link back to your website, scoring you some more backlinks.


8#Give your product/service for Blogger Reviews

Reaching out to reviewers is a simple way to get backlinks for your website. There are several bloggers making their living by writing reviews for the products or services offered. Once you have found them, send them emails with a mention that you want to offer the blogger your product, service or subscription for free.

Asking for reviews and links in return for things is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, so avoid making direct statements and let them figure out the way to do it.

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 9#Ask for links in return of favors

Build links while building relationships.

You simply need to put your skills to good use when anybody needs your assistance. Just doing a favor instead can serve your purpose of creating links as well. Once the job is done, you can simply ask your client for the credit.

 10#Offer your content for a link round-up

How the heck can you still acquire strong, authoritative links in today’s world?

Reaching out and getting placed on link roundups.

There are blogs/bloggers publishing regular blog posts with links to the recent articles of their fellow bloggers/niche blogs. You simply need to get featured in the post.

Though it’s up to the blogger to decide whether or not they link to your content, you may increase the probability by writing a worthy piece and then, letting them know about it.

Once you have created content, contact the site doing link round-ups in your niche through email. Tell them about the article and your wish to get featured in. Else, you can make a link-roundup yourself and ask individuals featured to link to it on their own website/blog.

Update your checklist with these 10 link building methods and use them right away.

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